Can't shake anxiety

b_a_mn (@Ballen651) 8 years, 2 months ago

Hey y’all,

So about 6 months ago, I had a really scary anxiety attack (I’ve had much less severe anxiety and anxiousness in the past). The morning after my anxiety attack, I began googling mediation centers and what not, and stumbled across this thing called Higher Brain Living. Much too long to explain what it is, but anyone who is interested in naturally and positively opening your mind to new ways of thinking/seeing, along with positively enhancing your life, I would highly suggest googling it. It’s been a really great experience for me.

Anyhoo – I refused to go to the doctor to get on any sort of FDA approved drugs for anxiety, and still do. I believe there are ways to naturally cure such ailments, if only you have the real will power to utilize the mind/over matter attitude. So, I decided to start the higher brain living program, start making attempts to meditate daily, make yoga part of my regular schedule, and so on. I was doing really great for a good while, but I seem to have fallen into a bit of a mini rutt again with the mild anxiety. I find myself regularly having an anxious faster heartbeat, shortness of breath and hard to get a full satisfying breath, etc.. and I just can’t seem to shake it with the several things that I have been doing/using for the last 6 months.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how else I could try to naturally kick the anxiety? Thanks everyone, and have an awesome journey.

July 27, 2014 at 10:24 pm
Anonymous (0) (@) 8 years, 2 months ago ago

I had anxiety myself for a while ( still do sometimes). I’ve heard a lot of different ideas. Meditation and yoga are very popular. Another good one I’ve heard is treating your anxiety like it’s a friend who’s freaking out. Calming your “anxiety friend” tends to help some people. For me, taking a deep breath and counting to ten after each breath can help sometimes.
Wish I could be of more help. Good luck!

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