Career change–24 y old in America

lastunicorn (@lastunicorn) 5 years, 2 months ago

Dear all, I am considering making a career move and am interested in all opportunities that might come to mind. Nothing is too outrageous or out of left field. I am particularly interested in remote work that would allow me to have control of my own time. I would like to avoid a 9-5 office cubicle lifestyle.

I am a psychology major with 10 years of experience with children. Currently I am a behavior therapist but I don’t like my job much. Especially when I have to deal with screams from children. 

Goals: I am not afraid of work,but I want to control my own time so I can take mini-vacations (one or two months somewhere once in a while), maybe take time off to become a black belt in taekwondo, write a creative fiction book for children. I am currently illustrating and writing my own book but I find when I come back from a full day of work I am exhausted and too stressed out to draw. I’ve tried. Today I’m taking a sick day off work.

Please let me know if anything comes to mind,

(This post is inspired by the book Four Hour Work Week)

July 27, 2017 at 8:18 pm
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