Changing my beliefs and personality through thought, but who do I want to be?

 Toon Alfrink (@ToonAlfrink) 7 years, 10 months ago

‘sup! First post, just thought this was the only place that could really answer my question ;)

I believe it is possible, given (1) the right state of mind and (2) strong beliefs, for any person to achieve anything.

Let’s assume we can change our beliefs through really imagining them as true while in a receptive state. I’m sure you’ve all heard of positive affirmations and visualisation.

One night, i tried a few affirmations at a dubstep party while on drugs. I told myself, “i’m the man” and “i’m the king of the world,” for about 15 minutes. Interestingly, the next day I woke up with these beliefs being intact, my self-esteem doubled overnight!

So, I have found that these methods are 10x as effective when i’m on drugs, therefore i have a plan: take some 4FA and spend the whole trip alone, on visualisations, affirmations, meditation and the like, completing turning my worldview and beliefs around to be ultimately supporting and stimulating!

Let’s assume this works, and i can really change my inner world to be anything. I need to choose. What do i want to believe myself to be? I could adopt any personality!

Also, once i’ve chosen, exactly which thoughts will get me there? I’ve found that the thought “i’m on drugs” really helps my state, but it won’t make sense when i actually am :)

December 7, 2013 at 4:02 pm
secretagentpeter (81) (@secretagentpeter) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

I’m not sure if you can be satisfied with your changes unless you make the decisions based off of who you already are…I mean sure once you change who you are you can change what you like but I think it would be best to upgrade who you are rather than change it.
Think deeply about what you believe about things and what way of going through your life actions would help you out most.

Anonymous (57) (@) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

@toonalfrink,Try taking the line of turning ego into super ego, the merged personas of every role-model you have ever formed; then make it your own give it some well thought out life goals and try visualize all the various paths to success, and see what comes out in making the story that will be You.
Deeply recommended in advice to not take use whatever drug thought as your inspiration key to learning confidence, it quickly becomes a very steep and slippery slope to addiction.
Like, as one of my inspirations said to me in jest one day, but the opinion on the manner I in hindsight had found well thought through and had struck accord. “It’s okay to smoke, but not okay to be a stoner.”

Don’t need drugs to learn the lesson it teaches; to act with confidence, you must first learn to almost bluff, whilst you process the time ‘in the zone’ to learn what to keep on doing, and what not to do – in terms of what really ‘bounces’ back and flows with whom ever your attention is on and working out the dynamics of what keeps both of you the happiest.
Soon then becomes a pleasant down hill walk as you master learning who you want to be. And an even pleasanter twin fucking hyper-turbo nitrate jet-pack ride to the top when you find the thing called love.
Just never be afraid to relearn anything.

Aeronas (3) (@Aeronas) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

Training yourself through actions is a forced way to go about it. Not only that but you have to decide all the aspects of your life you want and what to change, then decide on a course of actions and or thought patterns that you guess will accomplish these things. When it comes down to it, every one of these decisions is based off how you believe it will make you feel being that person, and then limiting yourself to one possible reality where this becomes “real” to you.

Instead, work to calm your emotions and start to recognize on a detailed level how you like to feel and how you do not, then practice feeling the way you want to feel every day. You will find that without coming up with one set of restrictions to accomplish this goal, you now have an infinite amount of ways this can become your reality, and you will be open and receptive as everything you do leads you there all on its own.

What you feel is what you observe, don’t let what you observe dictate how you feel.

Ray Butler (1,423)M (@trek79) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

@toonalfrink, There are a number of ideals in life; you are advocating confidence, others would reject that in favour of humility, I’d say there can be a healthy balance.

Confidence risks the development of a persons “God Complex” where they will overlook things that do not conform to their own world view. On the other hand, humility avoids this but has its own risks, like a lack of assertiveness could result in a person not achieving the position or potential they are capable of.

Every wonderful mental technique will inevitably have an equivalent counter balance.

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