Classroom Discussion on Origin of Slavery Mindset

TMomma (@theresamj) 7 years, 9 months ago

Who came up with the idea of selling off particular persons in their culture to others for a living? Who does this kind of thing? Who comes up with these kind of strategies for labor needs? What does it say about our culture and the beliefs held by various other cultures in the world?

I was also wondering if this kind of slavery mindset still exists in the world today? I was thinking as I look around it seems like we still all fall into this kind of shadow caste system; women, non-high school graduates, minorities, ex-convicts. Is the only difference between those in the shadow caste system and those who are not, ia simple break from an inside drifting through current systems? So are we living in a time where freedom and equality is possible but it starts with me getting out of drifting mode and developing a clear determined vision of my own lifeplan and following it doggedly? Is this stall also caused because we are not working together to support and encourage each other in the achievement of our highest possibilities?

Looking forward to your thoughts based on what we have been reading and discussing in class!

April 25, 2014 at 7:35 am
micah (11) (@mp01255) 7 years, 9 months ago ago

Class in session.

Since origin of man it has been survival of the fittest, as we progressed as humans we became more civilized. How? Natural selection preserved the genes most related to kinmanship: taking care of those most related to ourselves. The more we worked together the more we survived. First it was just our family, then our neighbors , all the way to the extent that is America today (but still has long way to go). We are naturally attracted toward those most genetically related to ourselves (who coincidentally look like us most), and as society progresses this branches out to those who are least genetically related. That is why the moral high route always wins nowadays, because it is in our genes that we must take that route to progress as much as possible for civilization to grow.

So back in the day we had these genes of caring for our kin, but those of different tribes, religions, countries, colors,etc. weren’t really considered our kin yet. So we enslaved them. Pyramids made by slaves, lotta shit made by slaves, still people living as slaves in less fortunate countries. But as time progresses people unite more and more, because we understand that’s what needs to take place to grow.

I think the key to getting out of the drift-into-your-place mode is first to be aware of it. A lot of people are raised to think they deserve a certain type of life and they don’t even realize it, so that’s all they become. How do we get people to understand the length of potential we all individually possess? Maybe that’s the ultimate goal. We have a long way to go, but I would like to think all of us who are concerned of such, taking time toward enlightening others on the topic, such as yourself, are making a difference.

Fuck the status quo.

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