Co-M-Petition — The Robin-Hood Gambit as Intelligence

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As far as anything goes… cash, power, intelligence… anything — the politics of conception (co-n-ception) tell »the real story. After all… they produced the people who attempt to explain all this to us.

And fail. On purpose. Madly. Generation after generation. Now, with 7 billion of us ‘competing’, we need to correct the errors in our perspective.

Now. Together.

In ‘waves’ that rise from mutual agreement, purpose and intelligence… to ‘promote’ a ‘generation’ event. Co-nativity. A reception. And… a ‘score’!

An ‘emergence’ y. As us.


~ . o : ! : 0 . ~

We are pod animals, this means that our identity is fundamentally a result of roles we ‘play’ in contexts of travel, mutuality, learning, play, awakening, problem-solving and mutual nurturance and correction.

Co n vers ation is Symphonic Symbiosis.

Conversation. The little n their stands for Nature. The first move? That belongs to nature. The next? Co-m-Petition? That m can stand (in) for… the next order or scale… context… of helper-judges that are secondary to Nature. Rings within endless rings of them in a ‘sphere’ around the entire event… outside of time, personal identity… matter (mater: mother) and space.

All mothers on all worlds in all of time.

~ . ! : 0 : ! . ~

Co M Petition : A Plea of Service Made in Awe and Wonder

Let me explain, because before we ‘compete’? We must first petition the mothers. What does petition mean? It, like ‘compete’ is in the letters. It means to become small. To ‘petite-eye-on’ to turn the child’s eye on. The little eye. Who is the angel and the agent of the mothers… all of them. In all of time. And must not be silenced, denied, lied about, stolen, enslaved, raped, or murdered by … false authorities demanding lies as dreams.

Otherwise? Snakes win. And the snakes are not sons. They are … false sons. Who will ‘bruise their mother’s heel’ which is, in fact, the ‘soul of all mothers in all of time’… their ‘walking foot’ which… is… (approximately) invitation, mating, pregnancy, and birth. In car nation. In CAR Nation. A unity of living vehicles of learning, seeing, muutal empowerment, and glory. All of them. Not just Earth. Everywhen. Everywhere. We are beings. Our every action tells time and space… what to become and what beings are.

All beings. All lives. Each act makes a star in the sky of all beings. Each act we pursue in ego or error, in rage or prosecution, in vengeance or false law… murders the angels. The agents die. In prisons.

Then storms of snakes come. From ‘above’. From ‘authority’. Because our choices… trained them, turned them, into snakes. The answer is a kind of prayer that replaces us with an ‘ancient power that charms and transforms any snake back, back, into an angel’.

~ . o : ! : 0 . ~

A Sphere is Where She Is @

One ‘Mother’ of petitioning. We become small for them to be above us. This can be seen as ‘understanding’ which is ‘to raise all others up above me’. This is the opposite of overstanding, which is to crush all others for the sake of an argument, reason, idea, false, law, slavery, lying… pretense, ‘because we can’ and so on. A purpose is a petition. A hubris is a false hero. Actually, a falsified ‘orgasm of the entire crowd as one’. We produce these false orgasms in stories, films, sports, and … particularly… politics. And they breed their children in us, for we are impregnated by all we adore.

One ‘Mother’ of petitioning. We become ever smaller for them to be above us. Petit-ion. The ‘little gap crosser’ who is at once archer and bow, arrow and space, hero and prisoner, slave and angel.

And, in our place, in our name, all beings in all of time ascend the empty throne of our heart, mind and voice. And there, in personal silence, there is universal intelligence. Wonder, power, art, and glory.

This? This is ‘religion’. Anything that does not do something like this is probably pure reproductive venom. And nothing will advertise more loudly as power, heroism, justice, truth, intelligence, skill, righteousness, and success. Nothing. In fact… as everyone knows… excellence is its own ‘holy signal’, and, most often? It is silent and refuses »all labels of membership in false crowds. Entirely.

The Secret is Deeper than Depths, it’s … Everywhere?

{ Are you beginning to suspect that there is something extremely — strange (and preternaturally provocative) hidden in plain sight in our English language that no one is willing to talk about because it cannot really be science and religion doesn’t own it yet? Good. Keep looking directly into at that. Deeply. With or without my visions of this. }

But, strangely we, even though we use this word, and know these things in our hearts and minds (I am not telling you anything you do not already silently realize is basically true here) — we have the entire affair precisely: wrong. And hugely, toweringly, ragingly, stupidly wrong. Like, that evil bastard who took over Sherwood Forest. Somehow, a snake becomes not merely the winner, but God. And the one who declares ‘what winning means and is all about’.

Serpents are Mimetic Competitors Aimed at Domination.

When this happens we have the cultural, relational, ecological, and intellectual equivalent of the Black Plague. A ‘worldwide infection’ of ‘false competition’ masquerading as… you guessed it.

Self-falsifying Authority : G over n-ment (nature-mind).

The Hand of God. In fact, it is the hand of a false god who looks a lot like a scientist crossed with a marketing expert crossed with the Vatican, crossed with the NSA and China. This then tells us ‘what winning and competition are to be and mean’. Here is their answer: murderers and rapists win. And get to blame their victims, who will be treated (along with the history of life on earth and all human history) as, effectively, ‘assets at the disposal of the gods they raised above them in just and true competition’.

We petition… effectively, the Father of All Snake Trees. (F.A.S.T). We petition ‘speed’. Which shaves off mothers and makes… well, you guessed it: arrows. Snakes. Motherless, fatherless, ‘spirit bastards’. Not that snakes are bad. They aren’t. You simply need them to be where they belong, not in the nursery, the throne room, the kitchen, and so on. They should not be flying around everywhere hitting and piercing everyone and everything in 1000 new ways per hour as ‘human progress’. Which is nothing more than reproductively charged ‘speed venom’ injecting itself in more and new ways into every possible aspect of Nature and humanity. Flying hypodermics competing to become God. Legion. Death. ‘Meteor shower that no one survived’.

Snakes are supposed to hunt »vermin. Not become humans and cultures. But all of this was forgotten, because some scientist came along with an elegant and important theory… and gave it to powerful snakes, who then adopted it as a method to promote themselves and rip the planet’s past, present and future… into most of every problem we have caused and faced as the simple repercussions of what we believe. In and out.

So let’s use some ‘poetic’ insight to get this straight. For one is for all, and all are for ONE. As in the Three Musketeers and such. The Man in the Iron Mask version.

Let me digress into modes more natural to the elucidation of such ‘matters’ (mothers). It’s not about religion, really. It is about… intelligence, nature, and watching nature with the right sort of … purpose.

*.. o .. *

You Already Won! Everything!

Intelligence is, exactly a 1 in 40 million to 1.8 billion… opportunity. I will not call it competition, and I will explain why. But, essentially…

These are soldiers or racers. They are running a course. There are no directions. They only have each other. Only one of them will be promoted. From an entire world of beings. One. Just one.

And that one? Will be raised to success »on the backs of his so-called ‘comptitors’. These are not humans. They ‘know’ how to ‘be together as a single body’ so that ‘the best of them all, from amongst the best 25, is promoted to excellence »in the name and power of those who were not.

And there is no ‘death’ here. These are «vehicles» not lives. Like racing cars, the ‘driver’ is (at least) a form of anciently evolved elemental intelligence (think lightning). We could call it a ‘soul’, but what this means is never ‘one being»… it is »always a pod-being. A group. A con-stellation. A star-group. Your mind, your hand, your body, your world, your start-groups and your minds… all share this quality.

So what you had was not competiton, in the strict sense. You are the ‘victory group’ of 1.4 billion group-formers, who competed together as a unity —in order to intelligently raise (promtion as the wave-motion of the group that forwards victors in waves to be tested (testicles) against one another) the ’best group of all time’ to a position that is empowered to consciously ( in a new dimension of new dimensions!) ‘re-start this race and purpose anew’.

That is you. You ‘won’, but the others who did not ‘win’ were not the ‘losers’. They were your wings and purpose. Your ‘whole point’ of your victorious ‘pro motion’.

You won »for them and the rememory of all past racers and all future racers and all racers now, forever, end ever incarnate in all worlds, not merely this one.

What does this mean? We had the entirely wrong idea about ‘co-m-petition’ Do you understand the word? It means ‘together, we petition the M, to decide the victor who will »carry and restore, instruct and inform, preserve, protect, nurture and develop all other con-stellation groups. As their own body. Mind. Actions. Learning. Thoughts and Dreaming.

This one is HER O. The MOTHER’S ORGASM. The ‘one of her delight’. The Robin Hood (the sacred sky-bird of the secret hood of the vagina) whose ‘arrow splits those of competitors’ and ‘hits every bullseye in all of time’ no »matter where fired or by whom!

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