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daniel (@dany) 8 years, 1 month ago

It’s easy to get caught in the complexity of the human expression.We are all different,different perspectives.It’s highly unlikely that you can find two people with the exact same values on this blue thingy. Subjectivity arises from our posibility of chosing between two or more possibilities.however what i’m trying to propose is that there are things that all humans have in common(well,almost all),things that you can’t chose(if you want to live).

I’m trying to see if we can find those things that we have in common and also,more important, to see if most of us can agree on them.

First of all,let’s consider that the goal of life it’s not to die,that all of us want to live.I know that there are people who don’t want to live anymore,but before all the crap that society has put in their heads,they wanted to live,the basic animal instinct,the survival instinct. I haven’t heard of an animal to commit suicide,maybe there are,but i haven’t heard of them.If we can’t agree on this basic principle than i guess that the rest is pointless.

If all of us want to live then this is the most basic thing that we have in common.In order to be alive we have the basic needs of all human beings,food,shelter,safety.These are also common to all human beings(almost all,apparently there are people who don’t need food or water).They are not subject to debate,you can’t choose between to eat and not to eat,if you want to live.As i said,any healthy human in mind and body wants to live.

These are the obvious ones.What is the next level where we can find common traits of humans?Since we are all feed and sheltered we can perform different actions,interact with each other.So,what are the basic drives that quide us in our human experience? well,we want to be happy,money, love… all the other stuff that we think will offer us a better life. Every action that we take is meant to move us a step closer to happines.. for lack of a better word(whatever we think that means),even if that’s not the case,even if it proves to be something we don’t want,at that moment,it seemed like a good ideea.This is what moves every single human being,the possibility of better for them,not worse.So.. continuous search of a better situation for us.

Change,we want something new all the time,we don’t like to be robots.

So, we all want to live,we all need food,shelter,safety.The drive that moves us is the perspective of a better situation.We all want something new all the time.

I think that all healthy in mind and body humans have these traits in common.Probably these are not the only ones,but that’s enough for now.

So,i’m asking you,do you agree with this?

I think it is important for people to recognize and accept what they have in common,their common goals.The most basic lines on which societies are build should mirror the common needs and goals of all human beings.

October 25, 2013 at 5:05 pm
Anonymous (2,654) (@) 8 years, 1 month ago ago

@dany, I agree.

Why do we have to be somewhere we don’t want to be to realize we should be doing something else?

daniel (24) (@dany) 8 years, 1 month ago ago

People always crave for change in their life,for something new.If they would already know exactly how would the new thing that they want to experience would feel,all the implications that would have in their life, then that would not be that much of a new experience would it? you would already know if you want to do that think even before you actually experience it. I think there is a reason people don’t work this way,why they don’t have all the variables,all the time. If we would work this way,and be able to accurately predict every step of our life,after a while.. we would get desensitized to human emotion, happiness especially,we would lose the reference point provided by experiences that we don’t want.

So, i think that being somewhere we don’t want is necessary for us,it gives incentive,perspective,a more.. complex experience of life.

Of course,since life experiences are a matter of perspective,bad experience doesn’t necessarly mean sadness and depression,they can also be translated into a better understanding, a better perspective of what we actually want.

inna (95) (@paintedbeings) 8 years, 1 month ago ago

@dany, well I think what it sounded like you were trying to describe is maslows hierarchy of needs. I agree about the society part. However, its naive to think all people want love because there are some that don’t experience that emotion the same way most people do (psychopath/sociopaths -totally different things happen in the brain regards common human empathy, remorse, relationships).

Anonymous (2,654) (@) 8 years, 1 month ago ago

@dany, “If we would work this way,and be able to accurately predict every step of our life,after a while.. we would get desensitized to human emotion, happiness especially,we would lose the reference point provided by experiences that we don’t want.”

Desensitization doesn’t mean losing your emotions. It’s only a spring you hold on tightly to get desensitized from the negative emotions until it shoots you off of it. There are also perks of being desensitized from temporary pleasures. Like being patient with happiness.

daniel (24) (@dany) 8 years, 1 month ago ago

Yes,i agree,and i tried to emphasize that it is not available for all people, “however what i’m trying to propose is that there are things that all humans have in common(well,almost all)” .

If i failed to point that these traits do not apply to every single human,is my mistake, i am well aware of the cases that you are presenting,however,the majority of people are quided by these principels.The people who want a better world are quided by these needs,this are the people i’m interested in and and i would argue that beneath the social conditioning everybody wants better not worse.

I’m not sure what makes a sociopath or a psychopat but from my observation of the world so far(i’m 23) i believe that the main causes are enviromental,not genetical.My intuition and observation of society tells me that sociopaths and psychopaths are made,not born.If somebody knows of a study who proves otherwise,please share.I’m well aware that i can be wrong regarding this fact.Don’t get me wrong,i’m always willing to change my opinion on the base of provable facts.

I have not heard of the “maslows hierarchy of needs”,but now that you mention,i will look into it.

We get lost in talking about things that we don’t really understand,at least on this website who deals with very unconventional subjects,subjects that the common fellow of the 21 century doesn’t pay that much atention.I would argue that every single user of this site has a different definition of consciousness,ego,philosophy.. concepts like this.

Difference is easy to spot in human beings,i’m saying that common goals are harder to see,because nobody wants to be common,they want to be different,smarter,succesfull,wiser than the rest,this appears to be an unconscious need.

You can’t begin building a house with the roof,you have to start with the base.Every single person on here wants a better world but we will never do it alone. New age phylosophy says we are one.That is a bunch of hypothetical crap.Everybody has a different definition of the “we are one” part.Even if it’s true that we are one,whatever that means,if we can’t really understand what that means and how we can, in a practical way translate that principle into our day to day life,all we are left with is an ideea that gives us hope for a future that we can’t really understand.We need to start understanding common traits of humans,practical,that can be applied,not only hypothethical,and apply them into the basic idea of future societies that people around here want to build.It’s easy to spot common needs of humans,but it’s harder to fully understandand and accept that they apply to all humans.

daniel (24) (@dany) 8 years, 1 month ago ago

@beyond, yes,but most people don’t work that way,at least for now,they don’t have that kind of patience.

For example,my perspective of bad moments in my life is not that they are bad,is that they are experiences from wich i can learn.This is a practical,proved way of aproching life since i adopted this view.

I don’t think that negative experiences are necessary for me right now in order to fully experience life,however that was not the case in my past,if i wouldn’t have negative experiences in the past i don’t think i would have reached this… comfortable way of aproaching life.

yes, there are perks of being patient with happiness,but only if you realise that.if not,you will be angry as hell.

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