Confronting Fear – Knowing the Unknown

 Eric (@blankey)7 years, 9 months ago

You don’t know anything.

And that’s okay. As a collective global whole the human race knows almost nothing about how everything works (or more specifically why it works), we just know that it does and what repeats we call a fact. Things change, plates shift, houses break, people die.. you will die. We all know this, and yet we pretend we don’t. What is needed is a confrontation with the unknown. Know the unknown. Play with it, laugh with it, be it.

“What blinds us, or what makes historical progress very difficult, is our lack of awareness of our ignorance.”
Terrence Mckenna

What is it that separates and duplicates everything on the cellular level, creating life as we know it? What makes particles “clump” together to create matter? What makes cells multiply and form together to then create you and other forms of life? Why is it that particles, the building blocks of our universe, all have a magnetic charge to them? Why does the universe stay together? Why are we here? How do I will myself to do anything? Do “I” even do it? Who is the “I” that refers to the “I”? Why does everything in the universe: planets, galaxies, trees, animals, rocks, everything, always come in multiple, why not just one? What is consciousness? What is this? These are all fundamental questions unanswered. Can they even be answered? It’s almost like the more we dig, the more wacky and complex everything gets like a foreverly complexifying kaleidoscope with no end (especially when you dive into the very nature of our reality, quantum mechanics). Terence Mckenna refers to the universe as a novelty producing engine. Humans have been leaving the world at higher and higher levels of complexity throughout the years. You too will do this throughout your experience here on Earth. Mckenna theorizes that the universe will reach a point of no return and humans will “step out of the boundaries of matter”. However, seeing as where are here right now, we might as will stay right here and not leap to any conclusions (which is of course all ideas, nothing concrete) and instead confront this unknown, your unknown, the unknown, and let the world spontaneously complexify in front us. Watch the art, watch the act.

I invite you to take a step back for a second from where you are now and look at everything’s entire timeline, including your own. Notice how that tree outside started out as a seed. You started as a zygote. The universe (supposedly thus far) started as a quantum fluctuating crushed point smaller than the size of a head of a pin. What is everything doing? Starting at a singular point and then growing from within itself. Complexifying and multiplying in particular areas of the whole (a tree, you, a mountain, earth, planets, galaxies, stars, etc.) until it can no longer and then transfers that energy else where in its own unique way. It all goes back. The tree is already implied with the seed. In essence, the tree is the seed and the seed is the tree.

Before the big bang everything was crunched together into a very, very small “ball”. Then BAM! The bang exploded and you, sitting here right now reading this, are a result of that. We tend to define ourselves as only that small little fragment of the entire process, and yet, billions of years of go you were a big bang. However, that bang is still in process. You are the big bang coming on as whoever you are, right now. You were implied, we were implied, all was implied in the seed of the big bang. You are the big bang, you are the universe, and the universe is you.

All of our lives we have been searching and searching for the truth in the external world. A “dead” truth that requires no further experience or searching. And yet, the only “truth” “out there” has been right here in front of you this whole time: Experience, your experience, right now. Truth keeps going and you are it. The moment, the now, is forever present and yet forever fleeting. It never leaves and yet never stays. It is gone before you can rationalize it, and once you do you are already referring to the past, not the present. Confront the unknown, know the unknown, and more importantly know yourself because you are that unknown. You are your fear and yet the two are not separate. Next time fear shows up in your life, stare into the very essence of it, fill yourself with it, embrace it. Don’t think about it, just watch it. Thinking about or judging fear or anything else during the experience of fear, is fear. Fear is the running away from what is. Thinking is a way of distracting yourself from it, hiding yourself from who you truly really are. We don’t want to know, really, at least not just yet. For now, it’s a game of hide and seek. Watch how you pretend to be something that which you are not. Notice how in order to know who you are, you have to know that which you are not so by being that which you are not, you are being who you are. Next time fear comes up in your life, listen to it, follow it, be it. Feel it and embrace it with every inch of your being. Watch it disappear, watch what happens, be what happens.

“When you see that you are a part of fear, not separate from it – that you are fear – then you cannot do anything about it; then fear comes totally to an end.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti, Freedom From the Known

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December 2, 2013 at 5:53 pm
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