Consciousness in dreams

 LunarLightyear (@ARMONDAPONTE)6 years, 8 months ago

I was thinking the other night and these questions came to me. Why aren’t we completely conscious in our dreams? Why do we have to practice lucid dreaming in order to achieve total consciousness in dreams? Why isn’t it a given standard to be conscious? All these questions seemed a little sketchy like what is our dream world hiding from us while we fall into dreams we have no control over. Are we bending the rules by being conscious in our dreams?

January 27, 2015 at 1:59 pm
Ellie (1,363)M (@tangledupinplaid21) 6 years, 8 months ago ago

Why aren’t we completely conscious in our waking life unless we practice becoming so? that’s what I would compare practicing lucid dreaming to.
It’s not a given standard to be conscious while we’re awake because we’re constantly being bombarded with ideas of how things are and having our minds hijacked, and I think this carries over into the dream world unless we make an effort to change it.

Martijn Schirp (112,780)A (@martijn) 6 years, 8 months ago ago

I think it has to do with our culture and the intensity of daily technological experience. Compare this to having a band of 30 people living in nature.

There is this tribe in Malaysia that experience their dreams as more real than daily life. They meet each other in their dreams as well. (Check out the book Original Wisdom for more.)

Alex (0) (@Chozo) 6 years, 7 months ago ago

Been wanting to read that book.

Alex (0) (@Chozo) 6 years, 7 months ago ago

Your Subconscious takes over your mind and begins it’s nightly tango with the Unconscious, and our Conscious(Will) is not invited to take part of this wonderful dance unless we acquire the skill necessary to participate in this lovely daily night ball. They move in all directions, visit your past, present and at rare times show you glimpses of your future(personal experience), they free your fears, your daily activities are replayed as an amusement and the sceneries that appear before you are reshaped to their pleasure and You? You are simply a witness. A bystander of the dream parade. Held against it’s own will and not even realizing it? Isn’t this comical? It’s our own dream and we SHOULD have control of it, shouldn’t we? No. Why though? Because we are not born with great physical strength, but instead we are given a body which if by our dedication of strength training we then acquire a great physique and an increase in strength. We are not born with vast amount of knowledge but are given a brain that is more than capable to help us search and find all that we want to know, but again some effort is needed. Effort. Ever try moving a small rock without touching it? You can’t, unless you possess super powers and even then that requires some mental effort. How much time during the day can you say for sure that you are conscious moment to moment? Aren’t thoughts roaming on your mind daily? What about those daydreams of worries and pleasure that dwell within? Ever tried to be present in the Now? It’s almost impossible and if we did try to focus in our Now we would be bombarded with thoughts within seconds or minutes. It’s difficult being fully aware of our present moment, we are conscious but not in the reality of the world but the ”reality” of our mind. Lost deep within and when we awaken and go on with our daily activities all our conscious attention is put into those things, but where is the time for our conscious selves to fully appreciate the taste of our food, the colors of our surroundings, the good feelings felt at their purest and so on? If we can’t even be 100% conscious in our daily lives what luck are we gonna have when we dwell into another reality? We need that heightened awareness that increases our perception to this reality. We need to work on questioning our present moment from time to time. We need to live more in the NOW and realize in what state of reality we are in, whether it be the dream, the reality state or any other altered state for that matter. But until we make the effort of being more aware in our waking hours the Subconscious and Unconscious will continue reigning our dreaming states.

“Signs and Symbols rule the world, not words nor law”

Your dream is the theater where everything that is desired and undesired is safely displayed. It is the source for both your strength and weakness, the source of imagination and dullness, the source of your fears and pleasures, keeping in mind that when you awaken it is still deeply hidden in your mind. Your dreams show you what is it that you are running from or looking for in your waking state. The dream gladly shows you, but in a secret language called Symbolism. It’s secret because even though we see it, we don’t understand it. All that roams in the dream state is in the form of symbols, be animals, places, things, etc. It doesn’t speak your native language, because it’s not in it’s nature to do so. It has it’s own language and that is the one you must learn. When we were born we were not born knowing how to speak, our parents thought us. We had vision, we saw patterns and shapes(which make up signs and symbols) and as we grew those patterns and shapes became sounds which we call words. But words to the dream are useless, it prefers symbolism, it’s its essence. Now, what are these dreams hiding from us? Great ideas and fearful truths that we don’t want light to shine upon. Horrors that chase us down in our sleep because in reality we have some way of avoiding them.(Nightmares) Pleasures that we only fantasied and know we will never bring to fruition.(Wet dreams, unlimited wealth) Inspiration for our next painting or music project. The list goes on and on. And we are not bending any ”rules” by being conscious in our dreams, but the ”dream rules” ARE modifying our awareness to Its Will since we can’t Will our own selves to do so in that state. I find dreams to be very interesting and is something I’ve been searching a lot as of lately. The gateway to the inner self as some might call it.

“Are you controlling the dream, or is the dream controlling you?”.

Jinay Shah (4) (@Jinay-Shah) 6 years, 7 months ago ago

this can be one way of analyzing….you are not conscious in your dream because your brain doesnt want you to…..dreams have specific purpose which helps our brain consolidate what we have recently experienced. the brain doesnt want you to interfere that process thats why you aren’t spontaneously lucid in your dreams. let me know your thoughts on this theory.

landisian (7) (@landisian) 6 years, 7 months ago ago

One is barely conscious now. We live our lives doing are daily routines with little to no thought at all. You don’t think about driving your car when you are on the road doing it. We are little more than mindless zombies who first need to accept their conscious mind and awaken it. The same can be said about dreams.

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