Coolest dream character you ever met?

 Amanda (@antu)6 years, 5 months ago

Who was the coolest character you ever met in your dreams?

Once I met a Buddhist monk. I was walking by a park I grew up around. He had myself and several friends sit around him in front of someone’s house, on a patch of grass beneath a tree, between the sidewalk and city street. I asked him if we should really sit there, because it was in front of someone’s home. They might ask us to leave. He said, “Look at the birds. Does anyone ask them to leave?” Then I asked, “What if they call the cops?” and he answered, “The police are only slaves to the people. If I were a slave, I would do as I was told as well.”

I haven’t seen him in my dreams since, but I hope I do soon.

May 18, 2012 at 10:33 pm
Anonymous (6) (@) 6 years ago ago

I always talk to my best friend in my dreams, only lucid dreams though. When i realize im dreaming ill go tell him “Dude, this is a dream.” and he always has the same reply. “yeah…i know” like i was supposed to know already xD then sometimes he finds me in the dream and tells me its a dream, and i become lucid. Weird part is the same thing happens to him sometimes.

amethystdraqon (0) (@amethystdraqon) 3 years, 3 months ago ago

That’s awesome! :D

I can’t remember the coolest, so I’m just going to respond with my dream last night. Well, I have multiple dreams, never one, so I’ll write about my three dreams.

In my first one, I was being told by my grandmother that she was angry at me because I got a job and was doing stuff for her because she was comfortable with the amount of money she had. I was very confused, and she continued to complain to me. (This is weird, considering who wouldn’t want extra money with no strings attached?) Then a black widow landed on me and she seemed not to care. I was freaked out, and tried to get it off of me. I succeeeded and then it fell on me again. I could feel the spiderwebs and I was really scared. I’m not actually afraid of spiders in real life, and I try not to kill them instead to trap them, so it’s not like a phobia of them was bothering me. But it freaked me out so much, and then I woke up in the middle of the night and made a sound. Usually I never wake up so abruptly. I didn’t sit up but it felt like I did, and I made a scared whimpering sound when I woke up. Then I fell back asleep and had two more dreams.

In my second one, I was evil (odd, I’m never evil in my dreams usually) or at least I think I was, I was trying to summon demons and gain powerful artifacts with some other guy. I remember I gained this staff of fire or something, but anyway. I remember being told that every time I tried to summon a demon, another demon would be summoned somewhere else in the world, so if I summoned too many it would overrun the world. I randomly gained a child in the end of the dream, and I remember going to this place where no one was and ordering (somehow, even though no one was there) this extremely expensive drink, like $10 for one, but it was the only thing that would quiet the child.

Then it skipped to my third dream. I was in a gorgeous place, and there was a man made pond there, super shallow. There was also huge square “stairs” in the middle of the pond, making a shape that looked like an L flipped to the right. It would go higher and higher until it was at the top block, where you could stand and everyone nearby could see you like a stage. I said aloud that I wanted to swim in the pond, so, not caring, I walked in full clothing into the water and floated on my back. I can even remember how it smelled in the dream. You know how it smells if you go to a playground on a hot day–like sweat and B.O. everywhere? That’s how it smelled. There were a bunch of kids around 12-14 years and they started splashing in the water like me and I remember seeing one guy there that was my age, maybe a year older. Normally if I had a crush on someone I would act shy and nervous, not approaching, but even though I liked this guy I was totally comfortable and we got along great. He was caucasian, with black hair that fell in front of his face. I can’t remember his eye color, but he was super cute. Anyways, we got along good, and then my mom was being harassed by the kids that were at the pool and I went to visit her and he came with and she thought he was going to bother her too, but I assured her he never was being mean like the kids and I was with him the whole time. I remember feeling awkward at that time for some reason. Then the dream ended and I woke up, this time in the morning.

I just really want to meet that guy with the black hair again for some reason, I feel like I want to ask him out or something but I know I probably won’t meet him again as I don’t have recurring dream characters. I don’t even know his name. :(

Anyone know what these dreams mean?

Jessica (0) (@Jessica-Kost) 1 year, 10 months ago ago

So not a character I have met but something I saw in a dream. It was in a dream that I was dreaming living out a life as was and then I felt connected to something and went with the connect let go of the fear within the life I was living. As I did the feeling like than of a panning seen brought me to a forest glade where I now stood out of the world the dream and saw different goddesses connected to trees by vines as if the colors and beauty of themselves were in a status and their dreams were the infinite worlds one could all live in imbued with the essence of the young goddesses mind. I felt exalted to look upon them then again I felt alone not daring to wake them and disrupt the worlds they were creating.

deepblue (0) (@deepblue) 3 years, 3 months ago ago

Wow… you should sell that script to Hollywood. That would be a really cool movie.

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