Corporate sponsored "Depression"

Bryan (@Substratum) 6 years, 1 month ago

Is depression an illness? I suppose it can be, in rare instances, when it is endogenous or present since birth. Otherwise, it is not an “illness”. It is a symptom. It has a cause. Obviously, depression is mediated through neurochemistry. That is how it “shows up” as a physical reality. It requires a narrow, hyper-focused perspective however to then conclude that it is physical in origin…to regard alterations in brain chemistry which are associated with the experience of depression as the CAUSE of depression since it begs the question, “What CAUSED the alteration in brain chemistry?” There are endless possible answers to that question and I’ve heard them all…such as “You need to eat more protein or certain amino acids because the brain uses them to manufacture neurotransmitters”…which is similar to the prescribed anti-depressant drugs treatment…justified by the idea that brain chemistry is the CAUSE of depression and therefore treating the CAUSE means correcting the brain chemistry. This is “SO not-right that it isn’t even wrong”. It’s blind to the very thing it is claiming to “see”. The vast majority of people who experience depression are NOT suffering from mental illness. They are normal people and they are suffering. It “shows up” in brain chemistry in a way IDENTICAL to the way ALL human experience “shows up” in brain chemistry. The “crazy” quality of falling in love is NOT called “mental illness”. It is a normal human response to a particular human experience. Why aren’t the extreme alterations in brain chemistry and hormones and behavior regarded as an “illness”? Why doesn’t anyone believe that a person fell in love FIRST and THEN met the person they fell in love with? Why WOULD anyone believe that your brain created the chemistry associated with depression FIRST and THEN found things to BE depressed about? THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE SELLING YOU…AND ME. I bought this LIE for so long…and now I see it for the scam that it IS…Depression has a REAL CAUSE and a REAL TREATMENT…but the real “treatment” cannot be mass-produced and sold for huge profits. It’s amazing that corporations regard human reality as a resource…in the same way that they destroy the planet for profit…they are also willing and able to destroy human reality …( this part of what I want to say is very difficult to articulate, but I think it’s a very serious and important issue that needs to be recognized and “viralized” ie get the word out!) Depression is real and has serious consequences to individuals and families, communities and the world we all live in. Corporations have taken control of what we ALL think it is…they have done this by using “content” which is true and accurate about brain chemistry…and wrapped it in a “context” which is entirely false…anyone who “buys” their context is logically forced into buying their “treatment”…which is pharmaceutical drugs. So they have changed the “reality” for everyone who experiences or works to solve the problem of depression. If the problem is CAUSED by brain chemistry, then they have the product which will fix the problem. If depression is called a “mental illness”, then insurance will PAY for the drugs used to treat it. It’s ALL a scam…the truth is that depression is pain, it is normal, and it is caused by experiences which are painful for human-beings…human-beings evolved to be naturally “happy”…the way you feel when you “feel good” for no particular reason is just normal, and very likely is how people felt throughout history, their whole lives, except for periods of inevitable grief over loss or temporary anxiety in response to immediate threat or danger. Depression cannot be a “disease”. It’s a response…it’s what human-beings feel when they are unable to satisfy their needs, urges, impulses…if it is a disease, then it is a social disease. Recognizing that it is NOT a personal illness is the first step in identifying the true cause and thereby being empowered to KNOW what, really, IS effective therapy and how to cure disabling depression.

September 2, 2016 at 10:54 pm
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