Crazy week , but I'm still surviving

 Be_Moody (@BeMoody)8 years, 2 months ago

Okay so I just need to get some shit off my chest . This whole last week has been incredibly hectic . Me and my mom had a flood in our basement apartment, and she’s on social assistance . So everything lost we have to somehow buy again . Regardless we’re alive :) anyway we stayed at my dads for two nights , and he’s relapsed. He tried to grab me at one point. So anyway he told us last night we couldn’t stay there he was having company . My aunt called my mom and said he was doing junk . So now were staying at our neighbours where there’s 3 crackheads in one room . Two other people in another room . And me my mom my uncle and my moms best friend who had a flood next door as well are all here too. I just had an argument with a girl who wants to keep playing games with me so I dropped her out of my interests last night as well . So overall we have to find a place , hope the landlord gives our rent back. Get new furniture . And get my dad to straighten the fuck out before he’s dead . He just went through surgery like 5 months ago and still recovering , he lost blood out of nowhere and his iron levels raised to an extreme level… Soooooo anyway . The moral to this story is , profoundly . I’m happy still. Smiling and making jokes . I can honestly say I still see and feel the connection of everything and how it’s all for a reason at one time . This is a huge amount of stress usually . But this time I just feel calm . And I know everything is working itself out. The source will bring to us what we need when we need it . And I have not a worry :) I know there’s anger underlying and sadness too. But I realize it only comes from my perception of the situation . So I choose to be happy and positive in hard times . And I know I’m stronger now than I was when we had a flood previously . I feel good . And everything is crisp :D this isn’t meant to depress you or make you feel bad whoever reads this . It’s more of a reading that’s you should take with you the fact that being grateful is all you can do . And accept what is so to not lose you cool over it . Acceptance is key . And things could’ve been worse . I feel that I’m on a vibration much higher than I thought

July 14, 2013 at 8:03 am
lohezic (5) (@lohezic) 8 years, 2 months ago ago

@bemoody, i wish peace, clarity, happiness and love to your family, neighbors, and friends. we are all one universal conciousness, so when you see other people that may anger you or put you in a bad mood, look at them as another form of you. care and love those who come into your life. for your dad, i hope he gets better. the human body is incredibly strong. try to get to his soft side and maybe he will accept help if you offer him any. help can be of any kind: moral, nutritional,….etc.
keep your head high. things could always be worse. things can always be better. if the person you’re living with currently has a television and Netflix, watch the movie The Secret. It may be of great convenience!!!

Be_Moody (14) (@BeMoody) 8 years, 2 months ago ago

@lohezic, appreciate your reply , I’ve actually seen and read the book as well as the movie :) I actually met bob proctor a few months ago its was inspiring . I’m still working on it though . I need to pick up the book for sure and keep it on me where I go . :) again I appreciate your kindness and I wish you as just as well ✌

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