Create a documentary of education killing imagination?

mr. Frybeard (@highjacob) 8 years, 10 months ago

I’ve been thinking lately about how as a child you have such a bright imagination and can make fun out of anything. One example of this is right now in winter. As i drive by the elementary school on my way to my school, i always see a bunch of kids playing on just a big pile of snow. Thats pretty incredible that a pile of snow can be made into something that fun. Now as those kids grow older they become more “mature” and “better behaving”, until by the time that they are in high school they have the fun drained out of them by the process of our educational system. We have to obey the strictest guidelines in our schools and are taught certain systems of thought that we must follow to a tee.
What im proposing is that i create a film of 2 people, one kindergartner (or from that age group) and one high schooler. On the spot ill give them a subject that will disobey laws of rational thinking and they will have a couple minutes to create a story off of that. (I say to one of them “Once there was an octopus named Joe who lived in Italy, or something like that).
What im thinking will occur, and what i want to occur, is that the younger of the two will create a story that is imaginitive and creative, while the older will stumble along trying to create a story that will most likely be boring. Do you all think this would be a good indicator of education killing imagination, or believe this is a good idea? Give me your thoughts or offer other suggestions and thanks for your time.

January 31, 2013 at 9:56 pm
Joel (40) (@jp907) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

I feel like there are too many uncontrolled factors when you’re dealing with two people with such a significant age gap. A better way to do this might be to select a person who has been homeschooled their entire lives and a recent high school grad, or track two children through school, puberty etc. over a long period of time.

Also watch “Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity”

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