Create an Alterego? (in social media)

 Andrés (@dinga99)5 years, 8 months ago

Hi!. Next to the college semester, and starting vacations, a void in my everyday thinking was emmerging. I started to listen some music. But that music have melancolical style. I just remembered all the problems that I have, that a lot of them are because my circle of people. I was with aaddicted attitude about productivity and having a healthy lifestyle, so i was feeling really good. But for a lot of years, i have a problem with social interactions, bescause my cirle of people like to get reunited at nights, have some beer and alcohol, and gettint to bed very late. I am not more compstible with that lifestle. So, if i’m not doing something, or had a void, i’ll start feeling lonely.
With this in context, because i feel screwed to fulfill that feelings, and i’m a very shy guy (im extrovrrt really, but with sentiments, i’m really bad to share them), i have the idea to create some social media profiles, for an Alterego. That goy, will be a parody of myself, like a fictional character, that will br posting reflections, or sentimens about everyday’s life. Some perspective, or anything else. 

What do you thing about this?

January 18, 2016 at 9:40 pm
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