Dear Introverts.

Anonymous (@) 8 years, 7 months ago

Dear Introverts.

And of course, they newly introverted.

Please. Do not lose faith in chance; Do your utmost to not stray to the dark side. Attempt to stay neutral, or above in all dealings. It feels so fucking good to live with a clear conscience, simply because once you get there, you know how hard it is for people to have got there, you really have to try at not being a dick to others, while being honest with yourself and speaking your mind.
Let yourself deal with any negative emotions, allow yourself punishment in the emotions of pain and continue your introverted journey, learn any and everything you can from it and free yourself from its shackles. Do not fret, my paradoxal friends, should you be lying to yourself, the pain will just spin back around for another hit at the usual unpleasant timing in life, you’ll know when you get it right.

Because life.
Becomes fucking baller. You can’t get enough of the shit, just want to explore and learn more and then hug the love of your life back as she basks in the joy of this awesome shit as well.

Infinite fucking possibilities. You are a collaboration of material organisms, powered by a force no different than that affecting the collection of solid material in front of you allowing you to read my thoughts from X distance away. Our predecessors have done some rather fine work leaving behind you, as their legacy. May I remind you of the moment you are in right now is the current culmination of 13.798+ billion years of cooperation and team work to produce your lazy fucking ass.
Start utilizing that brain. The cells are literally dying to be enjoyed.

Waaaahhhh, I don’t want utopia on earth because it takes too much woooooooooooork! I hear your sissy ass whinge. And I mean really? Fucking REALLY?
Reset your mind and open your senses to the legacy your organism has inherited; this fascinating age of thinking they have produced for us. And master yourself; LOVE yourself so you may love life.
What legacy do you want leave behind?

Even once you reach happiness, this question will come around for the heaviest of uppercut of loops, until you solve it.

Then you’ll be all uber happy, and be content with your answer. But then you realize that you’re faking it still and fight that for a while, but the pain of being a faker sucks, because, well, everyone knows it and hates you.

So then you forget your answer.

And then go around depressed for ages wondering what it was that did it for you.

Then you will eventually relearn it, or at least it’s next level up, a mutated version in the context of a meme.
Then the best bit, you will solve it, then have to wait X amount of years for enough lessons to connect together enough experience to level it up to the next the point of actually enjoying life guilt free, without negatively effecting anyone else’s ability to do so.

And hell, try doing all that while disguising yourself, because deep down, you know, you are a psychopath. That was I figure either hardmode, or everyone is, be curious as to the answer, but I divert; If life has taught me one thing, it is that self-hate and rage in its purest form can be dissolved through higher reasoning and understanding taught through lessons, the cost of which, is quite literally the users choice.

And I dislike pretty much everyone! Far too many idiots not utilizing what the environment they have to think about life in has to offer, not exploring all the possibilities and wonder, free euphoria going to waste.

Just stay neutral and search for what makes you happy.
It’s quite the challenge, and if you have been reading this thoroughly enough to be following this style of writings meaning, then by all means, congratulations, it’s time for you to start, so I’ll start you in the right direction, it’s what hurts the least and draws your attention most. Love, your attention, is love, think of it like a mouse cursor in a 3d game that extends behind, below, above and inside you.

You must give others their fair share of attention, or you are an attention hog and pretty much just a general all-round dick. No harm done, except maybe the pain of acknowledging you’re a dick.
But regardless, learn what you can from your lessons, don’t lie, cheat or steal. If your running your mouth off that much, it’s highly likely half of what your saying is crap anyways, it becomes highly apparent once a few strings of data are shown to be false and the source doesn’t acknowledge as false, just follows through with a back-story or fallacy, or some form of physical threat, the manipulator.

It really is for another rant, but suffices to say; two players of equal strength, the counter will win.
For pinnacle setting affect, picture the god manipulator, battling that satan manipulator.
Both have mastered their skills.
Neutral evil attacks first, their understanding of reason and love exposing them to self hate about the life they have and are living, manifested outward at a greater world they cannot comprehend.
Neutral good takes hit, reinforces, attempts to resolve without escalation.
Neutral evil reattacks.
Neutral good counters, reinforces, offers peace.
Neutral evil reattacks.
Neutral good gains defectors, counters, reinforces, offers peace.
Neutral good continues pattern.
Neutral evil continues pattern till devoured through defections.

Good is always going to win. Because love, is more manipulative then rage.

Know it, understand it, and learn it. Re-Read if you have too, but abuse it and lady karma WILL bend you over and fuck you. She’s compassionate if you screw with her story lines, but as long as you don’t think you can abuse her, you’ll be sweet.

Mind wins, but reality will persist.

Ahhh, the realm of possibilities and paradox’s, the newly introverted will be feeling a tinge of a headache start to form, just keep at it, re-read at your own pace, take in the words and their timings.

Look deeper into this website, express your deepest thoughts and conflicts without shame or embarrassment, and lets fucking evolve already.

And one last time, Don’t Panic.

TLDR: We need to be playing two-tics-for-tac to evolve.

Infinitecoin (IFC) wallet address – iBRof1MGDwfWe5JQ4JC7sxD5VK7miA46bf
If ya-can-be-fucked. If ya-catch-me-wink-kinda-drift.
But please be sure to keep some for yourself though, you wonderful storyteller you. ;-);-):-P

November 29, 2013 at 2:52 am
Moonchild (149) (@Moonchild) 8 years, 7 months ago ago

@lexovix, This is exactly what I needed to read this morning. I’ve read it 4 times already and it keeps making more sense. I admire your courage and bravery towards the hard times in life and I aspire to have the clarity that your mind possesses.

Thank you very much. Know that your words really helped somebody today..

Matheus Pinheiro (44) (@Mattgood) 8 years, 7 months ago ago

You do not need to think that life is over only because you cannot speak out loud in a crowded room! Please, life is more than that. The same way you will get family, friends and every thing. But always remember that life is the only place you can speak and feel yourself speaking. It is the only place you have the sureness for some seconds that you are really living for some reason you do not know. If you want to enjoy this, stop reading and studying how to talk in public and simply talk in public. Expand your comfort zone everyday! Peace!

Barthomeloi (16) (@hybridext) 8 years, 7 months ago ago

@lexovix, This guy is full of shit, all he’s doing is helping people train their brains the wrong way. Nothing is written in stone. This guys just a narrow minded cunt shoving his views down our throats. It’s also not as complex as he makes out.

You’re a fucking wanker Phil

lifegamer (28) (@lifegamer) 8 years, 7 months ago ago

Fun read, Phil! Rock on! :)

Anonymous (57) (@) 8 years, 7 months ago ago

@hybridext, My response to you involved roughly 1 minute 30 looking at your profile and seeing every response filled with rage at it’s root.
So in saying, no response is needed. You’ll get there champ.

Anonymous (57) (@) 8 years, 7 months ago ago

@moonchild, Glad to have achieved the desired result after only 30 minutes.
I help one person, he helps another, that’s 2, they both help another, we got 4 and so on.
Courage is quite contagious, goodness grows, evil is just opportunistic.

, Fucking aye, spot on.

, Thanks dude! Was just having a thought discussion in my own head, was getting too long to keep track of, so came inside and started typing. This was the result, plus minus a few words to be spell checked. :-)
Just keep exploring basic concepts until you link enough together to grasp a greater concept. Repeat.

, The last post wouldn’t of struck any form of accord with you, in hindsight, so just to detail. You need to give an argument or a point listing reasons as to your view when you respond to someone, or it is useless information and illogical, or in your case just self-hate manifesting.
So in the case of your post, and your hatred towards me, what in particular about my actions have offended you. What part of the underlying message in my belief structure so vividly strikes an aggressive cord in you?
I am well aware nothing is written in stone, I do believe I made mention to there being an infinite possibilities, perhaps you have not fully finished your own awareness as to what infinite really means. I am not shoving my views down a throat, they are in a rather isolated section of the internet where you have the option to exit out of reading my thoughts and go back to your own day.
Hence why I argue these things online, and not force conversation upon someone IRL and use up their time preaching my shit.
Here, it is an option.
And hell, I should hope it’s not as complex as I make out, need to use slang terminology to explain high end philosophical debates, as I believe not a high enough percentage of the general population would read it, if it was in formal format.

Just trying to catch people up, so I can discuss things that need another brain thinking of the shit i’m thinking off. Not enough working memory solo.
So basically, Barthomeloi, fuck you. Argue with logic not emotions. Be a man.

John “Avy” (57) (@Avernus) 8 years, 7 months ago ago

@lexovix, That was a pretty narrow minded post which has nothing to do with introverts, thus I find it offensive being an introvert and happy as fuck

I couldn’t even read it all, it was unstructured, rude, and I failed to gather a single point from it.Also, good will not win for the sake of being “good.” Like “love” is stronger than “hate” that’s unfortunately false.

So, what is the point here?

Anonymous (57) (@) 8 years, 7 months ago ago

@avernus, Well, I consider myself an introvert, and the post was directed at people who’s experiences have shaped them into a neutral-neutral standpoint like my I believe I am on the path to try perfect. I believe everyone naturally inclines to that point as they get older and more life experience hits them in the face.
So letter and opinions was expressing my train of thoughts on what I considered the hardest and easiest to feel depression in, would assist others in clearing them quicker. Didn’t exactly sit there and over think the negatives, some dude that fits into my profile thinks i’m a dick? Really? Just another paradox to deal with, dissolved that thought and moved onto where ever my thoughts where next. And then, got up, started typing.
Won’t really matter if you hate me for helping, the lines will still be in the subconscious to be used as a linking point in whatever hardship you face.

And as to format, the last two paragraphs of my last reply to this thread would summarize my train of thought as I was writing it. So I flowed with it.

Viner Cent (50) (@Viner-Cent) 8 years, 6 months ago ago

Really like your writing style, straight forward, right into someones face. I still dont get what its about inroverts, but the rest seemed to make great sense. Going to remember this one, thankes a lot!

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