Depression Basics.

SD67 (@SD67) 5 years ago

Depression is our brains DEFAULT for not living in sync with nature… This is a no brainer once you have had the time to dwell. WE believe that we are so diffrent from all other living organisims on this planet. We go out of our way to poison ourself KNOWINGLY. We are so easily swayed, so easy to follow, so easily fooled….  We are pack animals so this makes some sense. We want a pecking order and guidence but what we got were lies and misinfromation to feed the power hungry WANTS of a few… I digress….. My depression was conquroed by comparing myself to my dog, my garden, the animal kingdom, etc…. Then I began to live as i thought was RIGHT for me and the ones who depended on me. I still get frustrated as i look at the world and see all of the INSANITY but I keep doing the BEST that I can do. My hope is that someday one of my seeds will grow into a forest of awake people living life in peace… You may say I am a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. i hope someday you will join us and the world can live as one…. The ending provided by John Lennon.   Nothing will ever be perfect they say. BULLSHIT! Everything is perfect in the human world… Perfectly Broken. THOUGHTS?

July 18, 2017 at 11:48 am
Pamela V (0) (@clso) 5 years ago ago

Thank you for putting into words the great dression that has come upon me. I live in the Sierra National Forest. I have watched for the past 5yrs. my beautiful “Home” being destroyed by GeoEngineering. 115million pines trees have died by the hand of the psycopathic men who think they are the owners of the earth. When people ask why I am sad, I say because I live in a “mortuary”. The earth and wildlife are dying before my eyes yet everyone continues to live their life like nothing has changed, for me everything has changed. I need nature to keep me grounded and happy. I doubt my husband will move so I am stuck here which makes it worse now it is a prison for me. I only survive by fighting back and exposing GeoEngineering to others. (That is another story though)

SD67 (5) (@SD67) 4 years, 11 months ago ago

Reply, that nature is in need of your obsevations. In Pa my heart braks at the loss of our bat population, and exploding insect population and that damn ash bore is now here and he will eat other trees besides Ash… I drove through the Siera’s in Nevada back inthe late 80’s and stayed for 2 months…..  SPECTACULAR…. 50 and married now I feel about my Pocono’s and Apalachain’s  as you do your nature…. I am minorly handicapped. I enjoy long slow walks in the woods with my dog and any family member willing to join me….  I hold HOPE! Peace

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