derealization advice?

s (@stanpercy) 6 years, 8 months ago

I reacted bad to cannabis 6 months ago and have been in derealization/depersonalization for the last 6 months with all the visual stuff and detachment/perceptual change- 2d vision, spaced out, feel like watching body and loads of visual snow and flickering, constan brain fog and all this.
I am just wondering if any of you guys had any advice for this stuff and whether i could use any herbal remedies or food to help the brain. 

Also, I am curious about smoking chamomile tea, my friends tried it and said it was relaxing and I am interested in maybe using it sometimes to relax, and for some reason it seems fun. tell me if this is a stupid idea or could somehow make things worse (probs not), I eat pretty healthily with no processed foods and eat a good few portions of fruits and vegetables a day and dont drink or smoke. 
Any advice would be great thanks a lot, this whole thing has made me lose a lot of who i was and created depression and anxiety. Also i am going to see a psychiatrist soon

November 21, 2015 at 2:25 pm
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