Destiny and Free will working together?

secretagentpeter (@secretagentpeter) 9 years, 3 months ago

(I also wrote this as a reply on another post and edited it here with more description)
I’m sure when the world began things were much more simple and cause and effect were bound to happen. Maybe cause and effect are together as “one” as in meaning that causes or actions happen for the creation of the effect. meaning that the effect wouldn’t have happened without the cause and that the cause wouldn’t have happened if the effect wasn’t “meant” to happen.
Each and every action happens in order to create the next possible action which was made possible by the effect.
I think that as time has gone by the meaning of things have become more hard to understand. but that doesn’t mean that there is no meaning to things, only that we can’t understand the meanings and where they’re leading to.
If all this stuff i just thought up is true then from the beginning of existence everything up until now was meant to happen from the start.
Now the part about free will!
Maybe the free will of choice is just unconscious persuasion by what we’ve learned in life and all the elements surrounding us. So while we choose to learn and create and do what we want we are at the same time creating and working with our chosen destiny.
When we learn from our mistakes we are working with a cause and effect of what happened and we also use our own free will to choose to accept what we’ve taught from the mistake. Also when we don’t learn from our mistakes we are using free will and the cause from something that persuaded us to not listen to what the outcome of the mistake is trying to teach us.
So if this theory is true, destiny and free will work together
So maybe destiny and free will are the same thing seen by two different perspectives…
With this being said choose to take hold of your destiny of choice and choose to do what you believe is right!

June 5, 2013 at 3:36 pm
Oneiro (2) (@Oneiro) 9 years, 3 months ago ago

Consider the deterministic qualities of our universe, that everything should have a proper reaction because of the laws of cause-and-effect. Following those laws to their proper conclusion one can assume that there is no such thing as true randomness, and thus no free will. The world, reality, etc is nothing but mathematical formulas and physical laws. Free will is a myth!

But then you throw the wrench of retro-causality and chaos theory into the mix and the whole system just flies all over the freaking place. See what you want though, we’re all in jars here.

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