Did acid… And realized we are all on acid.

 lohezic (@lohezic)6 years, 8 months ago

A few days ago, my best friend and I finally did acid together. We waited two years to do it again. The last time we did it together, we experienced an incredible trip that dealt a lot with God, life, living without fears, and living with love and compassion and laughter. 3 days ago, when we put the tabs in our mouths, we expected to embark on a journey once again that would turn us into new people again.

The effects started developing, and after a few hours of rambling, we realized….. We fucking hate acid. Wtf is the big deal? Why is everyone so compelled to do it? Most of all, why were WE so compelled to do it? We concluded that the first time was such a big deal to us because in a way, God revealed itself to us in the form of everything. But once we understood that, and once we knew the presence of God in everything, acid wasn’t the same. We thought, what’s the big deal? Why do people search for this big meaning in drugs? What kind of euphoria are you looking for that isn’t already in your every day lives?

Peaking on acid is seeing the sun rise on your early run. Being high on drugs is when you do your routine sudoku from the newspaper in the morning on your way to work on the smelly subway and complete the puzzle. There is beauty ALL over. Everywhere!! Everyone!! It’s all over!! Worst part of this was that acid fucks up your body. You see everything wavy and the colors of everything is constantly changing. Its physically impossible to sleep on acid. Your mind doesn’t stop thinking and your jaws and muscles are clenched. It just really sucks. If I could be on acid for like just 5 minutes and stare at kaleidoscopes and be done with it, sure. I’d do that just to see pretty shit. But damn that shit lasts HOURRRSSSS! Poor body! How is that supposed to be beautiful?! Acid is everywhere. You’re on acid every day of your life!!

Please, for whoever is reading this, don’t do drugs, dude…. Weed is cool. Thats fine. But drugs that actually fuck up your body? Nah. You’re already on drugs. Be high on life. God is everywhere. Everything is colorful enough. You wanna have a truly crazy-deep experience? Eat some organic fresh fruit. THAT is one hell of an experience. Wanna feel “some type of way”? Don’t do drugs, dude. Go sky diving. Go for a swim. Your body is a sacred temple for your divine existence. THAT is some deep shit. THAT is true wisdom. Doing a fuckload of psychedelics is really just a sad way of understanding any subject that is laid out right in front of you every single day of your life.

The clouds. Fish in the water. Human and plant growth. WOAH!!!!! THOSE ARE SOME TRULY INCREDIBLE THINGS!!! you know whats also incredible? TV!!! TV IS SO COOL! OR BOOKS!! Wanna read a really great book?
“Unteathered Soul” by michael Singer. Instead of spending money on acid, buy and read that book. it will change your life in a way that is much more lasting that drugs.

Really, don’t do drugs.
Eat a peach instead. Play with an animal. Laugh with friends. THOSE are real high’s right there.

January 10, 2015 at 12:12 am
sleeplessinny (0) (@sleeplessinny) 6 years, 8 months ago ago

Interesting read, and very relieved to know there is someone out there who survived to tell the tale (some not so fortunate, even after their first trip).

I have often wondered what these acid trips were like to experience without actually experiencing it firsthand. There have been so many conflicting reports from “I felt like I was dead” to “I felt so alive!” All too confusing for my taste. I think you have a daring and brave nature to give it a try, however, your overall message to seek an alternative elated state of being is spot on.

Ghost (9) (@ghost244) 6 years, 8 months ago ago

To preface this, I’ll just say i agree with you, “Drugs are bad, mmkay.” However, coming from someone who has done just about every well known psychoactive substance on this planet i just must say, there is a lot you can learn from every drug, yes every drug, if done in the right way.
I see where you’re coming from like Alan Watts said(regarding psychedelics) “IF you get the message, hang up the phone.” But on the other hand, i too realized after multiple experiences with both shrooms and acid that after the first experience it all seems much less profound; because you have received the message you’re looking for. So now, if you want a more profound experience, rather than looking for messages from the Universe, You, in the external, you’ll find many more answers if you sit quietly in meditation and just allow the answers to life that already exist inside you come to the surface. It’s a very different way to trip, in my opinion much less social and much more personal. I’d say, LSD or Shrooms maybe once a year or so and when taken properly, still presents a highly valuable tool for learning, regardless of experience. I like to imagine im jumping in a K hole, i try not to think and just allow.
it should also be said that when used in a safe setting LSD and Psilocybin are far from dangerous @sleeplessinny, “Unless you’re worried about dying from astonishment.”

LVX (297) (@Vovinawol) 6 years, 8 months ago ago

“The right amount… of the right thing… at the right time… can produce enlightenment”.
It’s too bad that it is normally not permanent though, hehe!

LVX (297) (@Vovinawol) 6 years, 8 months ago ago

I will add that there is no fine line between use and abuse. If you need to use a substance of any kind on a regular basis in order to feel a certain thing, then it will certainly become a crutch with no actual evolutionary benefit. It’s a hard pill to swallow indeed. We may be THE exception, or we may just be fooling ourselves. Drugs are only a peek into something that can actually be done through connection with the true existence of our higher (spiritual) self. They only need to be used at the right time in order to lift the veil, but not depended upon. We will use them till we figure something else out…. something far higher than them. *hiccup* : )

Casey-San (7) (@BambooCasey) 6 years, 8 months ago ago

Word dude. Much agreement.

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