Does a top 2% IQ prevent you from believing in any form of religion.

Juan (@Juan-Faura) 5 years, 3 months ago

My parents have always told me that having a high IQ is a gift from god, that I should be thankful for it and to be sure, there are definitely things about having a high IQ that are in fact gifts.  But, there are also many things that you are prevented or at least that are made very difficult for you, when you have a high IQ.  One would be participating in any religion with any semblance of true faith.  I cannot tell you how many instances there have been when I wish that I could turn over my life, all the events that have happened or will happen to some benevolent force that is watching over all of us.  I see the peace that people acquire when they simply ‘put it in god’s hand’ with absolute faith.  I cannot do that, I’ve tried, but I cannot.  There are simply too many inconsistencies, man-made trappings and just plain lack of real empirical evidence to say there is in fact a god in the context most people think of one.  Oh I believe there is something that runs under everything we see, a force that weighs in and influences how and when things happen, but to me that is not a sign of god, it is a sign that our brains have a limited capacity to handle much of what goes on, truly goes on, in nature, in our interconnectivity with it and with each other.  Of that there is evidence, look at an fMRI of the brain, or delve into the realm of quantum mechanics and you begin to see what I meant, there is a lot more than we’re able to perceive and/or handle.  I just wanted to know whether someone in that IQ range has been able to make that full, blind and abolute commitment to a god, to religion, to place absolute blind faith in something that has been created and contextualized by man.

May 12, 2017 at 1:03 pm
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