Does Anybody Here Have A Sense Of Humor: Share something funny

 i4c1m2b (@i4CiM2B) 7 years, 8 months ago

On rare occasion I’ll come across a post or reply that hints a bit of sarcastic humor. I’m sure there’s people here with a sense of humor. Now and then there’s a bit of unintended humor that stems from some utterly ridiculous post or reply. But other than that things are way to serious. So if you have a repressed sense of humor then share something funny, a personal experience, a funny video clip, a good joke (hopefully not too offensive)
any thing for a brief mood change will do. Here a joke I heard a while ago. I thought it was funny, Make me laugh!

So there’s this guy and he’s drivin’ through the desert in the American southwest on his way to California. In the middle of nowhere, he see’s this huge billboard ad for a saloon that reads: MAKE MY DONKEY LAUGH AND WIN $10,000 Next exit. So the guy figures, what the hell. It’s worth a try. He exits and a few miles down the road he comes to this huge saloon with nothing else for miles around, but there’s a lot of cars in the parking lot. He goes inside and the place is packed with people all drinkin’ singin’ and dancin’ to a live band. He makes his way over to the bar and yells to the barkeep that he wants to try to win the ten grand. The barkeep reaches back and starts ringing this really loud dinner bell. All of a sudden the place gets really quiet as every body stops what they’re doin’ and just stare at the guy. The owner of the saloon emerges from his office and tells the guy its $50.00 to try. The guy pays him, wondering if he just got scammed. People quietly laugh and mumbled about another sucker.. The dance floor clears and a curtain at the far end opens to reveal a stable and a mangy old donkey standing there, The guy gets up close to the beast, leans in and whispers something in it’s ear. Everyone in the place is stunned in disbelief as the donkey loudly starts hee hawing with uncontrolled laughter. The dumbstruck owner hands over the prize and the guy heads out as the crowd erupts, cheering him on. Anyway, The guy completes his trip and a couple weeks later He on his way back home. When he gets to the billboard, it now reads: MAKE MY DONKEY CRY WIN $10,000 next exit. Once again the guy figures , why not? Soon, He’s back at the saloon. this time as he’s walkin up to the bar, the same crowd starts quieting down and start whispering to one another when they see him. He tells the barkeep, he wants to try for the prize, the bell is rung and the owner comes out shakes his head and says it’s a hundred dollars this time. He smiles knowing that nobody could ever make his donkey cry. The guy pays the fee and as he approaches the curtain’ he can hear people snickering at him. The donkey recognizes the guy and starts to quietly laugh The guy gets up close to the donkey and appears to be adjusting the belt around his waist for some reason. A moment later, tears start flowing from the donkey’s eyes as it begins to weep .The crowd is awestruck, jaws drop in amazement. Once again, the disbelieving owner forks over the prize money and as the guy turns to leave the owner stops him and says “fella, for 20 G’s I just gotta know what you said to that jackass” The guy gets close and whispers in his ear, “To make him laugh, I told him my pecker was bigger than his and to make him cry…..I showed him:)

January 29, 2014 at 3:44 pm
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i4c1m2b (70) (@i4CiM2B) 7 years, 8 months ago ago

That was nuts, but it made me laugh, thanks:)

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