Does she deserve a second chance from me?

 Rami (@cyberdream) 7 years, 9 months ago

i’m sorry for this lame topic , but i just need to read some opinions because i’m kinda confused and cant decide what to do yet

The girl i love left me couple of months ago , like 8 months ago
Probably for someone else , She came back to me 2weeks ago , saying that shes sorry and she really love me and all that sweet talk .. we met each other again few days ago and she was being really sweet and honest with me .. Shes saying she want me to be her’s again . but this time forever

To be honest , i still love her..
But i think the guy she left me for , left her
so shes feeling the same way i felt when she left me

I feel that she still love him , but she wants me back cause she knows that i love her , And she learnt a lesson .
shes seeking for someone who love her , not someone she loves

What to do ? is it wrong.. should i let her go and move on

January 10, 2014 at 4:42 pm
Thought depths (4) (@jiggaboo) 7 years, 9 months ago ago

“we live in a generation of not being in love”

Ray Butler (1,423)M (@trek79) 7 years, 9 months ago ago

The author of Twilight wrote Bella and Edward as love, but old people like me think it is a combination of angst, loneliness and infatuation that passes for love.

Dude, if you enjoy each others company, laugh, have fun and not make a big drama about everything, not adding stress to each other, but actually decreasing each others stress, then a relationship is worth it. If you can get over this “loyalty” crap that everyone gets hung up on and just appreciate life with each other, then you are golden.

There are some factors; you do not want to be put in danger of STD’s or an unplanned pregnancy, especially if it is some other dudes, so you need a certain trust for a partner to be considerate of you in those respects, but otherwise it isn’t about owning each other.

But as you say; it seems it is more about her needing someone to love her rather than her needing someone to love, but hell I’m not a fan of needing anyone for any reason, appreciate when people are there for you but do not depend on validation from external sources because they may not always be there.

Some people never grow out of that and be needy their entire lives, you seem to be a lot more grounded than her because even though you admit you love her, you are still asking this question, you are asking if that is healthy behaviour by her, no it isn’t, but you could throw her to the wolves who don’t give a crap, and she will be torn apart or you can try and nurture her yourself, either way she will learn and it will shape who she becomes in the future.

Benny W (0) (@BrokenBenny) 7 years, 9 months ago ago

I always try to be optimistic and want for things to work out personally. The sad thing is they don’t always. You said yourself that you think she left you for “someone else”. This is something that you really have to work on yourself. If you think that she is just using you as a crying shoulder or a safe harbor when the sea’s get stormy then I would move on. I recently completely fell head over heals for a girl, everything was going great, we we’re texting and confiding deep feelings to each other, then the responses become delayed, then non-existent. About 4 days after my last text to her, I see a picture of her and another guy kissing. My whole life is based around being the second line or option. I will not compete with someone else. Although I am heartbroken, I am still doing very well mentally. People are going to hurt you, you just have to decide whether or not they deserve a second chance. I will not let someone use me though, If you don’t feel that the feelings you have are not reciprocated then if I were in your position I would move on. Heartbreaks a bitch but don’t overlook someone who truly loves you by clinging to a gypsy heart.

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