Doing Shrooms For The First Time

Nobody F-B (@NobodyFB) 7 years, 3 months ago

A while ago when I started becoming curious about psychedelics I read somebody’s account of taking shrooms on High Existence. Yesterday I decided it was time for me to try shrooms and I thought that I might be able to give back to the HE community by writing down my own beautiful experiences to share with those who are as fascinated by this topic as I was. 

Before I start I should give a bit of background for clarity as many of the thoughts I wrote down are quite personal. There are two people in here that I will be referring to as A and M for the sake of their privacy. M was a girlfriend of mine up until about two years ago and A has been my girlfriend for the past year. The day before this experience A and I decided to break up. We still care deeply about each other and are continuing to see each other but the relationship status just wasn’t working anymore.  

Also, I created a playlist of a couple different amazing bands that I listened to during this experience and I refer to them a lot. If you want to get the full experience of what I had the pleasure of living through you can listen to the songs here. Anyway, this is what I experienced yesterday:

At 4:10 I took 2 grams of shrooms 

At 4:12 I left my house and arrived at the top of my hill at 4:22.

Only 4:37 and I still feel pretty normal. Going back and forth between feeling kind of down and then feeling spiritually uplifted 

4:41 peeing in the wind feels amazing. I’ve been drinking a ton of water so dont judge me.

4:50 my stomach and body feel a little weird and I keep having to pull my self out of thinking about A. Sometimes I’ll picture A but hear the name M in my head. I think I’ve been struggling with that for a long time. A guy walking his dog walked past me and it looked like he was going to pass by again but I think they went a different direction. It would be nice to talk to somebody. I feel kind of weak and shaky. 

4:55 I don’t think I really still have feelings for M. I think just what I’m going through with A feels so similar that a lot of the same feelings are coming up. 

5:02 time moves so slowly. Maybe I do feel kind of funny. My stomach feels weird and my heart beat is really strong. I think I am being more open that ever with my feelings of attachment towards A and that makes it seem like my feelings are growing stronger.

5:06 there was a bird chirping in the bush behind me but it took a lot of will power to turn around to look. Typing is hard. 

5:12 started singing and playing guitar. Felt so natural but hard to move. 

5:14 almost went pee and then people walked up 

5:18 I think the birds were pissed that I peed next to their bush

5:19 I started playing guitar and singing about how I thought I crushed a spider and then people walked up again. They said it was very nice haha I’m feeling pretty good 

5:21 at times it becomes very difficult to move but I feel really upbeat. Hahah I feel great. A woman that was jogging just asked to take my picture. It’s amazing how happy stuff like that makes me feel. I think that just made my day

5:24 I feel like going around and meeting new people but I have no energy 

5:27 I’m definitely feeling it now haha. I feel like I’m writing this to someone else.  Hellow all people of the future! And yes I know I wrote that wrong 

5:30 A couple just walked by living their life. I think I’m getting a pretty good idea of what true blissful happiness is 

5:36 I’m going to lay down and see where that takes me 

5:45 I feel like my body is preventing me from becoming totally relaxed. I love music 

5:49 I feel like the beach is where I belong. Life came out of the ocean and we as life want back in. 

5:52 walking around feels great. I have a very strong control over my body and I have decided to call the bench BB Bush Bench because somebody shot BBs into it and its next to a bush.

5:54 I wish I took really good care of my body. I think yoga finally makes sense haha 

5:58 My Way by BoomSnake just showed me something deeper than happiness. Less superficial. 

6:02 the clouds are beautiful. I feel like if I talked to A I would not be able to express this bigger beautiful presence that exists. I think my friend Aaron needs the song Busy by BoomSnake in his life. 

6:03 Believe by My Morning Jacket. This settles it. I am seeing them in October no question. 

6:05 I see a person walking on the other end of the trail which means he must have passed me while I was laying down with my eyes closed haha 

6:06 someone just passed me. The Nobody Knows part of this song makes a lot of sense haha I feel so fucking good I want to go live life

6:10 flies really need to relax.  6:18 just meditated for a minute. When I open my eyes everything is a shade of purple then goes back to normal. Everytime I look at the hills to the right I see something new  

6:20 I feel this presence that feels almost like a place. It’s not like there is some god. There is just this feeling, this separate dimension that can be felt and exists as if it is a place that can’t be traveled to right now be exists past the mountains. 

6:22 Get The Point by My Morning Jacket is really melancholy. So fucking sad. I have to replay this song to think about this feeling a little more

6:29 this intense sadness makes me not want to be around others. That song is such a fascinating exploration but it’s too fucking short. I need to play guitar for a minute.

6:38 this fly needs to find a different face to bug. Haha bug holy shit Thin Line by My Morning Jacket fuck 

6:41 it makes me really happy to think that at some point in time someone else will listen to this song while on shrooms. I’ve been smiling with a cloud that looked like a friendly dragon haha that’s like the definition of losing it. A small bird flew in between 

6:44 when I look at the sky it looks like hyperdrive. Watching Star Wars on shrooms would be amazing. It’s really windy and cold 

6:46 I feel the same but changed in a way. I have a lot to think over 

6:48 I just named this plant trumpets. When you hear the song Tropics by My Morning Jacket it will make sense 

6:50 thinking in German is difficult. (I was once fluent in German)

6:51 I think it’s time to walk back 

6:52 taking this pano made me realize how high I still am but damn that is beautiful 

6:55 walking back and jamming to Only Memories Remain. So beautiful. I just found a fucking snake! 

6:57 I don’t really know what to do haha. He’s like pretending to be a rattle snake by shaking his tail 

6:59 haha fucking yes. The Hillside Song while on a hillside looking at a snake that is trying to jump at me. Oh he’s leaving! Well that was awesome. Have fun with your life on the green hill side 

7:05 though it would be worth coming up here 

7:06 coming up here with I Can’t Wait playing is a good reminder not to dwell in the past. Lots of memories of M and A up here.  

7:14 ok about to get back home. Still kinda feeling it. I think I want to go see Ex Machina with my friend Will. Time Tonight by John Fruscinate playing. So beautiful 

May 10, 2015 at 10:14 pm
Jordan Bates (4,684)A (@bashfulkoala) 7 years, 2 months ago ago

really like the trip report, man. :) thanks for sharing such an intimate experience. 

the people at might appreciate it too

JonH (1,139)C (@IJesusChrist) 7 years, 2 months ago ago

I was there with you, reading this, I felt as if I was an invisible presence, watching you think, wonder, play and see. Perhaps the fly fulfilled the metaphor of ‘fly on the wall’? Simply existing, simply watching, observing.

Your trip seems to have lasted 3 hours. That is a fantastic duration. I hope one day we can find a way to incorporate psychedelics for extreme potency but shorter trips. I find myself not taking them anymore because I want to go deep, but the duration of 6+ hours for a potent trip is too tiring often times.

Thanks for sharing. Made me reminisce on such states of consciousness.

Ellie (1,363)M (@tangledupinplaid21) 7 years, 2 months ago ago

Life came out of the ocean and we as life want back in.”


JonH (1,139)C (@IJesusChrist) 7 years, 2 months ago ago

A cool concept came up recently among friends. I forget who said it first, but we’re basically just sacks of the ocean, very complicated sacs, of course. We left the ocean and are trying to bring it with us, by keeping it inside. Hence we’re 90% water, but with all kinds of random shit dissolved in it.

Sheila (0) (@Sheila-Taylor) 6 years, 5 months ago ago

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