Drama Is A Good Thing

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First, if you’ve read about the genre called Drama, you’ll know that you learn everything about life from it. It teaches you in the worst way how to express yourself, react in difficult situations, love. But it’s not the only genre in existence. We love it, because it teaches what reality is. We can’t survive if we’re not in reality which is telling us that we’re only consumers.
As useful as it is like any drug:
There is good and bad drama. Good drama contains a happy ending and a terrible ending. A bad drama provokes the "what the…, are you serious?". A good comedy contains a funny content. A bad comedy makes you want to hurt people.
Let’s get back to awesome drama with sincere elements. How was drama created? From the lack of love? NO. It was created from the lack of laughter, which provokes good feelings. As complicated as it may seem, it’s not. It’s serious. But it’s simple.
Do you have a cuckoo ideologist friend who gets inspired by the dumbest thing? Of course you do. :)
A post like this is dry without links.

March 2, 2012 at 1:37 pm
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Feel free to share who are your Kings Of Drama. Not to be confused with the Drama Queens who are just bitches.

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You Want some crack?

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