-Dreaming same girl many times (Im not sure she really exists on this world)-

psychedeliced (@psychedeliced) 6 years, 10 months ago

If you are checking this topic, i want you people to know that i dreamed one girl many times. Whats extraordinary there, is that i never saw that girl in reality before. Just in my dreams. Im very confused, last dream i had was a while ago (5-6) months and still i feel like i love her, but that feeling has faded over time. It hasn’t completely faded and im sure it will never fade way permanently. She, her beautiful face, her adorable personality, her magnificent charisma is some kind of stored in my subconscious. I feel like she is part of me and im part of her. Why am i writing this post is because today, i had a some kind of flashback. I suddenly heard her beautiful voice and laugh, i know it is her, i remember how her laugh and her voice sounds like. That sound wasn’t coming from outside, i heard it echoing in my head. Im feeling confused as f*ck, i cant even describe my feelings now..We interacted many time in our dreams, and every time we do, after a certain “time” spent with her, she disappear I cant say that she runs away from me. She just misteriously fade away and then i wake up, or i start to dream some other dream. In the morning, after that dream, im feeling highly emotional. Im glad i dreamed her again but im deffected by the fact that maybe i will dream her again. I always wondered does she really exists in this world (and i hoped she do exist). I hope with my hole hearth and soul that she isn’t just part of my “subconscious imagination” I hope someone will understand me, i really wanted to tell this to someone. If you readed this, thanks alot and if you have something on your mind to tell me, i would be glad you share it with me. I dont have any mental problems or something that could bother me except this. Im completely mentally healthy. Huh, this is way to much for me, confuuuuuused as fuuuuu** daaamn. Help people please, help. 

November 16, 2015 at 5:24 am
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