Dreaming Soul Theory

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The following is a short paper I wrote about a month ago to better describe my Dreaming Soul Theory. The main goal I have for releasing this to the public is to get new ideas and perspectives on it. Replies to this post are welecomed and wanted!

[Short Essay on Reality and Dreams, date: 3-16-13]

Ideas in this paper originated from my “Dreaming Soul Theory” which asks “Is human existence nothing more than a soul’s dream?”

What are dreams? What is reality? How do you know your not sleeping right now? I have been thinking about these question for quite sometime and have gone over many thought experiments trying to get to the bases of them. For the time being, I have come up with enough information that I wish to organize and explain my thoughts on the matter. If I ever release this to anyone other than myself, this will hopefully give clarity or atleast a starting point for anyone who has wondered the same things.

To understand reality and dreams, you must first understand that everything is an experience. These experiences are what make up your existence. Both reality and dreams are nothing more than experiences that your consciousness is having. The key difference between reality experiences and dream experiences is the amount of time you have been consciously having them. You call your normal waking life “reality” because you have consciously spent the most time there. Most of the time when you have dreams, you only have them during portions of the night. Sometimes you consciously remember having a dream and other times you dont. Compared to dreams, you remember more of your waking life.

So, I have come up with the following definitions of reality and a dream that I will use:

Definition of Reality: The place or existence in which you are most conscious.

Definition of a Dream: An experience that happens outside of your reality.

You may be thinking you call your waking life “reality” because your reality is real and your dreams are not, but what is real? As morpheus said in the matrix “How do you define real”? When you are dreaming you have no idea that the experience you are having during the dream isn’t “real”. Most of the time, during the dream you dont even think of it as not being “real”. Its not until you wake up, back to your reality, that you realize that you were just having a dream. In other words, it isn’t until you compare the expereinces of dreaming to the experiences of your waking life, that you know you were just dreaming. In the context of reality being real, you are associating real with the existence you’ve spent the most time in. You remember more of your waking life than you do your dreams, but to say your reality is “real” with just the evidence of time isn’t enough to justify a “real” existence, just a more familiar one.

Sometimes when you are dreaming, you become aware that the experience you’re having isn’t your normal, everyday experience. During the dream you realize, by comparing the experience you are having to the experiences you remember, that you are in fact dreaming. This phenomenon is known as lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is very powerful. Once you realize that you are dreaming, almost anything becomes possible. Almost anything becomes possible because you realize that you are existing in a place other than that of your normal reality. Its almost like going to sleep in your bed, then waking up on the other side of the world. When you would wake up you would realize that this isn’t your bed, nor your house. A dream is completely different in the regard that it isn’t the other side of the world, its a whole other existence. Once you realize that this isn’t your reality, the laws that you were abidding by get pushed to the side a little. Once you realize your dreaming, once your realize that your existing in another existence, which is so abstract and abnormal in itself, you begin to wonder what else is possible. Is there anything you can do in this existence that you couldn’t do in your reality? With this knowledge you are not bound by the limitations of someone who doesn’t have this knowledge.

Now begins a more in depth discussion, one that will soon lead to a “soul” as being plausible. Reality is the place or existence in which you are most conscious. A Dream is an experience that happens outside of your reality. If a soul were having an experience while it was sleeping, would that experience not be a dream? For instance, how do you know your not sleeping right now? In which how do you know your reality isn’t a dream? Reality is the place or existence in which you are most conscious, but how do you know the existence you call reality, really is the existence that you have been conscious in the longest? Until you wake up from a dream back to your reality, you kinda think that the dream is reality. In which you dont remember your waking life during the dream. Is the reason we call this existence reality because we cant remember the existence from where we came, in which we were more conscious? Wouldn’t that existence be reality and this reality be a dream? And if you think about it even more, on a deeper level, this could go on indefinately. Every existence you would experience, you could question whether or not it is reality or just another dream because can we ever really know whether or not the existence we call reality isn’t just another dream? Is there an absolute beginning reality or an infinite nesting of dreams?

From this way of thinking, I can deduce or reasonably consider the existence of a soul. This existence that I call life could really just be a soul dreaming. Reincarnation becomes plausible too. When I dream at night, I dont have the same dream every night. Sometimes I do, but most of the time I don’t. Most of the time its a new dream and I am a completely new person, even though I am really myself. When a soul goes to sleep, would it have the same dream, or would it not have different dreams like I do? Reincarnation perhaps?

What else can I conclude from my own experiences of dreaming, that I could apply to a soul if it where dreaming? I have lucid dreams sometimes, so can a soul have lucid dreams too? What if, and really think about this, a person were to actually realize that their life really is a soul’s dream? In which they would kind of be having a lucid life? Insane. If a lucid dream makes many more things become possible from the knowledge of knowing that one is dreaming, what becomes possible of a person who realizes that they really are a soul dreaming? Is this where spiritual and energetic phenomenon such as channeling, esp, seeing ghost, controlling chi energy, astral projection, and many other spiritual abilities come from? People who do these kinds of things, maybe not obviously, but on some level might consciously realize that there is more to this reality or “dream” then the obvious laws by which most of us live our lives by.

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stonedragon (143) (@stonedragon21) 6 years, 8 months ago ago

i was gonna just say watch waking life… it really is worth it as it explains exactly what you are talking about here. i  like the idea that our life can be lucid . then our dreams are also lucid and we are almost enlightened!! living each moment to the fullest. day and nite. sleep or wake. just being….  i guess animals do this! 

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