Eckhart Tolle's teachings vs loving yourself.

Virginiam (@Virginiam) 6 years ago

I’ve read many, many self-help books, I’ve been looking to feel good about myself for so long that I started reading all the books that I could, but it always made me feel worse because, instead of give me some relief, it only confirmed the idea that there was something wrongwith me that I needed to correct and the certanity of not making it just made me grow a big remorse. 

When I started to read Eckhart Tolle, I felt that I had found that there’s a way to find peace. I haven’t, however, felt that peace myself, but I’m fascinated by the love that he preaches. He explains how our mind work and how can we accept it, as cruel as it can be, and be patiente with it and to get to know it, to “observe it” as he says, but realizing you are not that.  You are the purity beyond the reach of mind. 

And that gave me a little rest. I’ve always be very depending on people. It’s like I’m being carried by the people I’m around or in love or close to, when they leave for whatever reason, I fall into the stones and it hurts so bad. I was thinking some days ago that, when someone decides to get away from me, I feel like I’m being erased, so I fight a lot to not lose that person (and I’m not depressed right now, I’m just trying to be very clear). I’ve always looked for that calm, that kindness with myself that let me live in peace in spite of being alone or rejected or whatever. I just need to be kind and compassionate with  myself, as if I were my best friend and much deeper than that if it’s possible.

But… here’s the problem. There are some things that I don’t understand. Eckhart Tolle doesn’t talk about a person as an individual, he says we are all the same conscious and, in that there’s no “one”, there is no “me” separate from the others, so, in that sense, looking for self love would be a mistake? 

I manage myself with this two terms: correct, incorrect; right, wrong. It seems there is no such a thing, but I do want to work with my inner self  in a way that I can find the peace that I need.

So, I would like to hear your opinions. Thank you.

July 31, 2016 at 2:46 am
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