Elder Suicide-Should They Have a Legal Option?

 Em (@emily)7 years ago

Gillian Bennett, an 85 year old woman with early stages of dementia, took her life so that she didn’t have to suffer with the progressing disease. Her husband was at her side, and her children were aware before she did it (with whiskey & pentobarbital). After her death, she posted a website saying goodbye and explaining why she did what she did. Her husband, of 60 years, mentions that he wished he could have helped her, but legally he couldn’t.

I’m a nurse & I’ve had numerous very sick people ask me to help them die. In those cases, the people were suffering badly. In Gillian’s case though, she wasn’t suffering quite yet when she chose to end her life. Do you think elders could/should have a legal option to end their lives? And do you think it makes a difference what physical state they’re in at the time?

This is an article about Gillian’s story (with a short video):

And this is Gillians posted “goodbye”:

What do you think?

September 1, 2014 at 1:31 am
josephm (772) (@josephm) 7 years ago ago

psilocybin+mdma would nourish so many elder spirits

Anonymous (328) (@) 7 years ago ago

“Do you think elders could/should have a legal option to end their lives?”
You can’t send a corpse to jail.
I’m pretty sure if you’re that old, you are entitled to it. Someone of my family passed away not too long ago. He’s old and had dementia. Always had problems with hygiene and has a generally grumpy/asshole attitude. The funny thing is he knew. The day before he died he spoke just like any normal youthful person. He was cheerful and content. And in the final moment he just said his goodbyes, fell asleep and died.

We have much to learn about mental illness. We are punching the wind trying to battle it.

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