End of American dollar

Conner J. (@connerj93) 8 years, 9 months ago


I heard a rumor that by March 21st will be the beginning of the state that the American dollar will not be the world reserve currency. Consequences anyone?

February 10, 2013 at 4:16 pm
Anonymous (0) (@) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

@connerj93, because this will happen countries will unload their dollars into the markets and subsequently dollar will inflate. Also US won’t be able to buy oil dirt cheap anymore and that will skyrocket prices even more. BRICS will have their rightful way. The fed or treasury will not be able to buy up their toilet paper money fast enough to stave off inflation.
Oh yeah don’t forget about riots–yeah that will happen because people already riot over sports.
Just think about what they will do when they can’t buy food anymore :)
I don’t know when these countries will drop dollar but movements in Germany Russia and china suggest it is coming.

Alex (141)M (@alexishungry) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

@connerj93, It’s bound to happen sooner or later with the reckless way our government and the fed treat the dollar.
@brandonjgroves, People were even rioting last week in Atlanta (if I remember right) because they couldn’t get their food stamps for one day.

TheSkaFish (962)M (@theskafish) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

Eh. Predicting the end of America and how we’re all going to die and everything is going to go to shit seems to be the trend these past couple of years. Oil was supposed to have run out several times by now, then there was the threat of nuclear war, then terrorism, bird flu, and so on and so forth, all of which hasn’t happened yet.

Too many countries and leaders are still friendly to or even dependent on America to let this happen. We’re still tied to the rest of the world, fucking up America will have reprecussions on the rest of the planet. Even the corporate psychopaths know this. What good is it to them if they can’t enjoy any of their wealth because world war 3 is going on? Not much. It’s in their best interests too that the show go on….without law and order, people won’t fear them anymore and without a system keeping the people in check, the elite will be the first to go.

Anonymous (0) (@) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

@alexishungry, my word. i did not here ’bout that.

see @connerj93, it is all coming to fruition, but the best thing to do is to not worry and have a level head. Also, it would be good to learn a trade. My back up trades are organic gardening, orcharding, and forestry. I want to do some carpentry though.

thedudeabides (15) (@thedudeabides) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

i agree brandon. trades are useful and the proverbial shit is gonna hit the fan be it sooner or later. i hope for later than sooner. but preparation isn’t a bad thing, obsessing is another matter altogether though, i myself am a proficient gardener, mechanic, welder, carpenter, gun smithing is handy as well. i’ve been making my hobbies things along the lines of preserving food for throughout the year and constructing my own self sufficient, solar and wind generated housing, i’m working on getting off the grid completely and i have not used a supermarket in years. i’m into my local farmer’s markets and food co operatives. to be continued i gotta run

SilverPineCone (0) (@silverpinecone) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

The United States of America is not an export country, they are a consumer country whose wealth is driven by debt and the consumption of “precious” materials, being raping from the earth, to put a price on and sell. The world is becoming more conscious about the damages this system is doing to the earth and is in that transition away from the old ways. This system we are using now is outdated and since the USA’s foundation is now dependent on this system and each system is dependent on every other system, if one goes everything goes. This doesn’t have to be doom though, We would have to collapse the old system to evolve and build a newer earth/world cooperative system. The Problem is who will decide this new path the country takes, The people or The “leaders”.

apricelessgoat (34) (@aworthlessgoat) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

HA lol. Trust me this won’t happen anytime soon. I’ve only been paying attention for maybe the past 6-8 months but the dollar was supposed to crash on january 1st. Now its march 21st. Always prepare for something like this, since an earthquake or tsunami or hurricane could happen and you’ll need to be able to survive for sometime on your own. As for the current state of the world, and the dollar crashing, and how every country is sooo dependent on us and the dollar:fear mongering. If someone can make a profit off of it, its probably bullshit on some level.

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