Ever think life would be easier if you knew less?

Sandra (@Sandra-En-El-Mundo) 6 years, 8 months ago

Ever think that life must have been “less complicated” some decades ago? I’m sure some of you could tell me so cause you actually lived it… 

My point is… as much as I love technology, specially regarding instant international communication, cause it makes me feel much less lonely and gives me access to meeting some of the best people in the world… Anyways, as much as I love those improvements I have the feeling that there’s too much information out there, accessible to anyone, sometimes I feel like I know too much, that makes me anxious and scared of the future and the world in general; I personally think I would be happier if I knew less, I know the same dangers would be out there, that the world would still be as cold but at least I wouldn’t see it, I wouldn’t feel it, I would be more naive, more happy… Do you guys ever feel that way?

PS. Excuse my English, I’m Spanish

December 4, 2015 at 7:40 am
martouk (67) (@martouk) 6 years, 8 months ago ago

I would rather know too much than be blissfully ignorant and not see things coming.

Jordan Bates (4,684)A (@bashfulkoala) 6 years, 8 months ago ago

your English is great. :)

this is a pretty classic argument — that “ignorance is bliss.” personally, i think that people who just buzz through life cheerfully, never considering anything that isn’t right in front of them, are living rather shallow lives, a pseudo-existence. are they really living, if they’ve only exposed themselves to a fraction of what life truly consists in? 

i wouldn’t trade my mind for a naive one. i would rather confront the infinitely complex and profoundly tragicomic nature of human existence, delve deeply into the dark caverns of knowledge and experience, and come out *still* affirming existence. that, to me, seems like a truly worthwhile life. i accept the challenge. i understand that it is more challenging in some ways to live in my head than in others, but i think there are corresponding rewards for persisting in my reality that others do not have access to. 

try to view yourself as an explorer, and learn to view your own mind and all of your supposed “knowledge” from a detached perspective. it’s a playground, and your openness to the world allows you to explore it on a level that most people cannot conceive. this is a blessing. play with the world; create your own reality. and don’t take any of it too seriously. this is all just a wild ride, a dream. :)

“man suffers only because he takes seriously what the gods made for fun,” Alan Watts once said. 

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