Everyone must read this masterpiece of a novel!!

 weallareone (@maestro311) 7 years, 10 months ago

As I addictively and passionately turned the pages of Gregory David Roberts’ novel, Shantaram, I understood more and more what it is like to bring true and honest meaning into one’s life. Even though the protagonist of the novel’s life is tainted with crime and violence, he writes about the human experience with a profound sense of emotion and virtue. Whilst describing the true and tragic events that he had experienced in the novel, he relates seamlessly to the outcome of every condition to the human condition, whereby he describes how every event effects the full spectrum of human emotion. His incredible portrayal of his love and loss of others is achieved through using an extensive arsenal of the beautiful imagery of the nature that surrounds us every day that is tragically overlooked by many.
It is very rare that a book or story moves me to such an extent as this one did. Maybe because I have never experienced such an array of heartbreaking string of events in my life, or because I have lived the life of a criminal. But now, after delving into this masterpiece and really understanding what it must be like to have the lifeline of a family cut from you, I have gained a profound sense of humility and compassion for everyone in all walks in life.
I urge anyone to pick this book up and lose themselves to a beautiful story of heartbreak, love and virtue, in my opinion; the three most essential elements to a story. I wish everyone well on their journey called life, and may this novel be a supplement to your expansion of consciousness.


December 3, 2013 at 5:39 pm
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