Everything is fated to occur.

 Egarim (@egarim)9 years, 2 months ago

Before you jump to conclusions as to what I mean, please take a moment to read what I mean when I say that “everything is fated to occur.” First off, a better way to restate the same idea: “Everything that occurs, is fated to occur.”

Let me explain. Probability is a concept that only comes into play BEFORE something happens. There is no probability after. When reflecting on an event, everything that happened had a hundred percent chance of happening. For instance, let’s say you are about to flip a coin. The probability that it lands either heads/tails is 50/50. You flip it and it’s tails. Now that the outcome has occurred, upon reflection you realize that it was not 50/50 but rather a 100% chance that it would land on tails.

Why? Think about it. For something to occur it must lean past 50/50. The very fact that the coin landed on tails is proof that innumerable other variables were taken into account (wind, the manner in which the coin was flipped, etc., every little factor) to push the 50% heads/ 50% tails into just tails. IF it lands on tails that means it was fated to land on tails. Unless the coin’s gonna remain suspended in the air indefinitely for all of time, eventually it would have to land either way. So the side that it lands on was the side it was “destined” to land on… not because of magic or the supernatural, but rather BECAUSE it landed on tails meant that the physics, circumstances and otherwise have decided that it would land on tails.

Another example is if you go to the local ice cream place and you can’t decide between vanilla and chocolate. You want both equally to the point that you wanna say it’s a 50/50 split… but it’s not. If it were you would never decide what flavor to get. In the end it has to 51/49 because BY DECIDING YOU BREAK THE 50/50 split. So, ultimately, everything that occurs has a 100% chance of occurring. I mean if it occurs, how the hell can the chance of it occurring be less than a hundred? You can’t say after a tornado wrecks a town that there was a 12% chance of it happening… since it happened it meant that there was 100% chance of occurring in the bigger picture or bigger point of view.

Lastly, I want to close by connecting this idea with time travel. IF time travel were possible, it would possibly mean losing our memories of time traveling. To reverse time would also reverse the firing of the psynapses in the brain that are involved in the formation of new memories. Therefore, the second you fire that time machine you not only reverse the events around you, but you reverse your own thoughts and way of thinking back to the point in time that you’re traveling to. By doing so, you forget everything that happened and live your life in exactly the same manner as you did the first time: making the same decisions and choices, because ultimately, every choice you make (not asking that girl out, making the wrong turn, bought the wrong gift, etc.) had a 100% of occurring.

Because you made those choices the first time, some thought process had to occur inside of your head that led you to make one choice over the other. Hence why everything’s eventual. You didn’t ask that girl out but you wish you did. Travel back in time.. and you still won’t ask her out for the same reasons you didn’t ask her out the first time. The lesson is, do things right the first time so you don’t need second chances.

July 16, 2012 at 10:11 pm
patience (147) (@patience) 9 years, 2 months ago ago

“everything happens for a reason”, in other words. heh. very true ain’t it

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