Experiencing Death in a Dream? Does it Scare You?

Bap (@AppleBapple) 4 years, 7 months ago

This has been driving me crazy for a long time. I’m really interested in hearing others’ experiences.

I don’t necessarily subscribe to dreams having particularly symbolic meaning, I have frequent and incerdibly vivid dreams. I always have. I often days or weeks at a time seem to pass by. I have read a theory before, that most of the things we dream about are ‘practice’ for real life. It was related to some speculation on what animals may dream of. For example, if a zebra’s nightmares about lions are an instinct passed down over time to make them more ‘experienced’ with a real encounter. Essentially inheriting dreams over generations when those dreams aided the survival of animals as we evolved.

So it makes me wonder about my vivid dreams about dying. It makes me wonder how close to the actual experience of death are these dreams of the specifics of the experience have remained the same throughout my life? I can remember my earliest death dream when I was around six years old. I was taking a walk with my grandpa and a scary dream man approached us, had an altercation and shot me. I could hear my grandpa screaming while I was dying, but I felt like I was elevating.

Also odd is that I either don’t experience, or can’t remember what happens afterward. No lights or whatever, no crazy dmt shit, the memory just ends. 

Do you think these experiences might be emulating a death or near-death experience??

The deaths I experience in dreams actually kinda fuck me up and gives me anxiety sometimes lol. It feels so vivid and detailed. Sometimes I die in a bomb explosion, or I’m shot in the head, I can feel my skin melting and my body essentially evaporating for a brief moment while watching the blast decend on us. The adrenaline rush and time seeming to slow, those last moments of a self aware being confronting the end. The denial, the anguish, the fear. 

When I get shot in a dream I can feel the last moments of horror as I cover my head with my arms and let out a wail. The wail of a life about to be extinguished. I can feel the pop of my skull, the entry wound feels hot and there’s a dull pain. Everything goes black. I can feel the weight of my body collapsing and can still hear my surroundings. All of this happens in a fraction of a second and for one last moment I’m aware that this is the end and I think of my childhood, my loved ones and everything I still wanted to experience in life. Complete dismay.

So yea it fucks with me. I’m really curious to know if anyone else experiences such violent, traumatic shit in your dreams. I don’t think my terror lies so much with being dead, it seems really focused on the anticipation and helplessness of your final moments. Fuuuuuuuuuuuckk

November 8, 2017 at 6:23 pm
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