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Martijn Schirp (@martijn) 10 years, 2 months ago

Frequently Asked Questions & How To Guide

“So just what is highexistence.com all about?”

We are a mix of conscious individuals centered around pondering, exploring and expanding this wondrous experience called life.

“How do I become a member of highexistence.com?”

Go to the join page. Choose a username, fill in your e-mail address, choose a password and type it twice (for conformation purposes) and pick a name you would like to display around the site. Then press the ‘Join HE’ button!

“How do I post a video?”

Use your mouse to hover over the videocamera on the top bar. Choose ‘Submit Video’. Go to the webpage of the video you would like to submit (YouTube.com, TED.com, Vimeo.com etc.). Copy the URL/link and paste it into the URL bar. Select the fitting category in the drop down menu under ‘Category’ and press the ‘submit’ button.

“How do I post an image?”

Use your mouse to hover over the camera on the top bar. Choose submit image. Click the button under ‘Post Image’. Navigate through your computer to find the picture you would like to submit. Type in the ‘Image Caption’ a title for your image that represents it best. Select the fitting category in the drop down menu under ‘Category’ and press the ‘submit’ button.

“How do I post a quote?”

Use your mouse to hover over the quotation marks on the top bar. Choose submit quote. Paste or write the quote you would like to share in the ‘quote’ box. Then paste or write the author of the quote in the ‘Who said this?’ box. Select the fitting category in the drop down menu under ‘Category’ and press the ‘submit’ button.

“Can I make friend requests? How do I do that?”

Yes! Search for your potential friend here. Click on his or her name to go through his or her profile. Then press the ‘Add Friend’ button to request a friendship.

How do I search for topics I’m interested in?

Simply place your mouse on the spyglass icon, designate the search criteria, then type in keywords or phrases to help find topics of interest within highexistence.com.

“How do I post a new discussion topic?”

There are several important steps necessary to insure a satisfactory discussion post or response is made.

1) Hover over the bubble quote icon at the top of the page and select “Create New”
2) Type a concise, but informative title for your post (avoid spelling and grammar mistakes in the title to insure it can be easily searched for later)

**Note: It is likely, given the amount of information on this site, that someone has posted a topic VERY similar to the one you are about to post. PLEASE USE THE AUTOMATIC “Duplicate Topic Finder” BUILT IN TO THE SITE FIRST BEFORE POSTING! Doing this will insure the site stays clean and organized.

3) Begin posting your content, keeping in mind at all times the following:

-This site is one of trust, so please do your utmost to insure the information you post is not deceptive or fraudulent.
-Topics can be very advanced for some users, so please be patient with other HEthens and be sure to thoroughly explain and give examples of your theories/perspectives/studies
-This community is one built on the concepts of love, empowerment, and a higher existence! As a result, posts failing to meet the standards aforementioned will be subject to moderator correction/deletion

4) Apply any tags you feel appropriate for searching your topic later on in the future (For instance, if your topic is about books, put “books” as a tag).
5) Select the APPROPRIATE category for your post (this is VERY important for the organization of this site)

“So who are the moderators and how does moderation work on highexistence.com?”

The head honchos of highexistence.com are @Jordan Lejuwaan & @Martijn Schirp. They are the ones with the top level of authority, especially concerning anything to do with the direction and goals of this site’s community.

Aside from those two, our current active moderators are:
and @trek79,
@tangledupinplaid21, ,

Any of these fine ladies and gentlemen will be able to assist in any issues or concerns for most cases, especially regarding abusive behavior, errors with posting, and miscellaneous other moderator tasks. Use the following thread to discuss any concerns or bring anything to our attention: https://www.highexistence.com/topic/official-ask-the-mods/

PLEASE TAKE SPECIAL NOTE: If you experience any abuse from another user, contact one of the Active moderators immediately! It is what we are here for, and we will be more than happy to resolve any conflicts that might arise.

Official topics
Official Music topic: https://www.highexistence.com/topic/the-damn-good-music-list/

Official Poetry topic: https://www.highexistence.com/topic/share-and-discuss-your-amateur-poetry-and-stories/

Official Introduce Yourself topic: https://www.highexistence.com/topic/official-introduce-yourself/

Official 30 Days of Facing Your Fears Challenge: https://www.highexistence.com/topic/official-30-days-of-fear-challenge/

Official TED talks: https://www.highexistence.com/topic/official-ted-discussion-group/

April 21, 2012 at 6:07 am
Anonymous (2,833) (@) 9 years ago ago

@madcat, You just post a direct link to the youtube video, the HTML / coding of the site automatically embeds the video.

Filip (2,818)M (@filipek) 9 years ago ago

@beyond, Thanks for your suggestions. I am happy to read your constructive feedback. As a matter of fact, you can put your words into action and help Jordan program the website if you do not like things how they are right now. Thanks for your kidness, I am happy to see the functionalities you are talking about being implemented in a smooth way (e.g. merging working as it should).

Furthermore I am not considering changing the way I moderate because you are not satisfied with it. If you have a problem with this, nobody is forcing you to stay here. I am sticking to the guidelines the moderators have and do my work the best way I can.

Looking forward to seeing you helping Jordan rather than only complaining about what you do not like.

Anonymous (2,654) (@) 9 years ago ago

@filipek, I said I am not the only one that suffers the consequences of your poor moderation. I never said anything about satisfaction, so you should probably take notes. When you close a thread, another one pops up in less than 24 hours. You have absolutely no idea what you’re doing and you didn’t even understand what merging means – to merge threads into one.

This is not moderating. What you’re doing is neglecting people that actually have something passionate to share. You on the other hand don’t contribute with a passion on a site that is supposed to inspire. You’re doing the exact opposite.

I think we all know this is not about helping @Jordan, but rather helping the 43 650 thousand members enjoy the site.

But if it would help, stop closing threads and try to talk to people if you have something to contribute. If you don’t, or if you’re biased like you always are, don’t reply at all. Shitty actions like yours kill the self-moderation of the site that worked best.

DaFunks (366)M (@Dafunks) 9 years ago ago

Ive asked this before (On here I think).

Can we get a page for all the markups and how the work?

Things like: Bold, italics, underline etc

I know some work on auto… but even them have rules attached.

Something explaining this would be great.
I would hapily do it if you told me what they all are.

If not, please make some buttons for these markups.

Filip (2,818)M (@filipek) 9 years ago ago

@beyond, I have not heard any other complaints towards me. If somebody is unhappy with my moderating actions I am always open for a dialogue.

Once again, thank you for teaching me how to moderate, I am taking your constructive feedback and suggestions into consideration. Unfortunately I do not agree with you that I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. I do understand that merging means merging, however as you may or may not know (you probably do not so it seems), the function does not always work as it should work. We are waiting for an update to get this fixed.

Considering the banning, thanks for notifying me of the spammers. I have noticed it myself as well. Unfortunately the ban function is not working properly at the moment, so I cannot help you here because I am not a programmer and cannot fix this.

“This is not moderating. What you’re doing is neglecting people that actually have something passionate to share. You on the other hand don’t contribute with a passion on a site that is supposed to inspire. You’re doing the exact opposite.”

Once again: I have not heard any other complaints apart from you. I am not neglecting users who have something passionate to share. I am certain that I make mistakes, but I am also certain that I am acting in the way I think is best.

“I think we all know this is not about helping @Jordan, but rather helping the 40 000 thousand members enjoy the site.”

Helping Jordan means helping the 40.000 thousand members of the site. I thought that connection was quite clear but I will try to explain myself in more details next time so you will be able to understand what I mean. Jordan, and we all, will be happy to see your help, so I will eagerly wait to see the programming implementations which will lead to your and other people their satisfaction.

If you really want to help, you can send me a message next time with the specific action I performed with which you are not satisfied with. These kind of general assumptions you are making (which are faulty in my opinion) are not really helping me.

Thanks, have a good night.

DaFunks (366)M (@Dafunks) 9 years ago ago

@filipek, I think your doing a fabulous job. I see so many power mad MODS on other forums try to control things to much. I also see mods ban and close threads that disagree with their points.

I see nothing but a good forum and good staff. Maybe we have dupe threads… its not the end of the world. Sometimes it is good as people do not wish to read an entire thread. a Fresh approach is good. If we keep merging threads we will end up with 20+ pages. It will kill the forum.

I do not see why dupe threads are so bad. It is not like they take up much room? if it is a boring thread… it will sink.

I just wish all mods were as good as you. Thanks for giving so much time to this site.

Filip (2,818)M (@filipek) 9 years ago ago

@Dafunks, Thanks, appreciate it. The things is, people always only see the topics that are closed, but the topics that remain open is something so normal that nobody is paying attention to that.

I try to be reasonable and act with reasonable judgment when I close duplicate threads. For example, I close topics with subjects for which we have official topics like for example the ‘offical introduce yourself topic’. Sure, all new members could post a new topic where they introduce themselves, but that would defeat the purpose of the official topics.

The other times when I close duplicate topics is when I think that a certain subject is discussed in various topics at the same time, or almost at the same time. If there is a discussion about topic X that has been discussed two days ago, I do not see the point of opening a new discussion about the same subject two days later. Of course it is different with topics that have been opened a year ago, and I am not closing these ones. If I would, you would see at least 10 closed topics every day, because obviously topics and subjects are repeating themselves again and again, and there is nothing wrong with that. Just a little bit of organization and structure is something I try to moderate towards.

Thanks for your feedback, appreciate it!

I also always try to explain my actions to the user, whether it is through private message or in the topic that I have moderated in. I think everybody deserves an explanation (almost everybody, spambots I clean and ban without explanation)

Anonymous (2,654) (@) 9 years ago ago

Filip Sent 18 seconds ago

Hi Sasho,

As I told you already before, please keep your rude behavior of the public forum. Calling people ’fucking idiots’ or ’fucking morons’ is not something I will tolerate, whether it is against me or other people. Therefore I removed your post.

If you want to talk, we can talk, but in a civilized way. From now on I will remove your posts where you are calling people ’fucking morons’ or ’fucking idiots’ without warning you anymore. I have told you about it already several times, so I believe right now you should know the policy.



As I was saying, Filip, stop lying that people haven’t complained about your behavior, and stop messaging me trying to tell me how to behave about a “policy”.

One of the people that complained about you @filipek was a person that got banned. Another one was a person that saw you’re a moderator that have a big mouth so he didn’t reply and just stopped using the site, as many other people because of you, probably. The ones that haven’t complained to you, because you closed their threads? They probably thought High Existence is for something the whole site doesn’t like, yet you close actually HE threads that would get a lot of replies. Shit, you even close threads with a lot of replies. Stop destroying the site.
And there is more. :)

Filip (2,818)M (@filipek) 9 years ago ago

@beyond, I do not see anything constructive coming out of this discussion between you and me, therefore I will refrain from replying to you in this matter.

Thanks for copying my message into the forum, because this is a general message for everyone:

Name calling and rude behavior is something I am not tolerating, because I believe it is demoralizing the site and not in line with what HE stands for. Calling people ‘fucking morons’ or ‘fucking idiots’ is something that I will remove whenever I see it.

Enough said from my side.

Anonymous (2,654) (@) 9 years ago ago

@filipek, You deleted my post that was directed to you. Not because I said “fucking morons”, because I’ve been saying that for a year and 6 months.

Stop lying.

If you delete this post too, you’re gonna have to shut up finally.

Which would be constructive by the way – You shutting the fuck up. Stop closing threads by awesome people. And probably stop cyber bullying people with your bullshit opinions.

Bryan Hellard (307)M (@xyver) 9 years ago ago

@beyond, So… What was I supposed to shed light on?

Alex (141)M (@alexishungry) 9 years ago ago

@beyond, I close threads if they are new (1 or 2 posts) and are duplicate topics (i.e. “What are some good books?”), then I direct the poster to the main thread on that topic. If I merged those into the main topic, then the main book topic would have random posts in it that are asking for book suggestions, which is exactly what the topic is about. If the new duplicate topics had a few replies with book suggestions in them, I would merge in order to get those new suggestions into the main book topic, but if not, there’s no reason not to close the topic. That said, I try to keep relatively hands off of other topics that aren’t common and don’t have an official thread. If you notice anything in the future about my moderation that you think is wrong, please let me know in a PM and I’ll get it sorted out.

Also, regarding calling people “fucking idiots” etc., we try to keep insults to other users out of the forum, regardless of who is insulting who.

Anonymous (364) (@) 9 years ago ago

Nobody has mentioned Hitler yet?

TheSkaFish (962)M (@theskafish) 9 years ago ago

personally i try to keep my modding to a minimum, only when called for like banning spambots and warnings to people who post nonsense or namecalling. other than that i try to just let things be, plus i’m getting busier in my offline life.

Anonymous (2,654) (@) 9 years ago ago

@alexishungry, Fair enough. I was pissed at Filip for closing threads that get replies. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so straightforward here, but writing a text and then seeing “Dear someone”, thread closed is annoying as hell. I do open old threads sometimes to read stuff when I need to, but closing something that could be actually beneficial could at least get a message before a direct closure. That’s it basically. I didn’t want to sound like I know better how to moderate, simple conversation is just better than driving a member away.

, About the merging of the threads. Maybe a new version of the site will make it easier to navigate? I’m all for reading awesome thought provoking stuff that’s repetitive. And well, all threads are repetitive now.

By the way, I noticed that when you create a new thread you cannot see other threads with the same names anymore.

Ray Butler (1,423)M (@trek79) 9 years ago ago

@beyond, I haven’t been able to get as involved in moderating as much as I’d like lately due to not having a computer, but I should be alright sometime in the next week.

I’ll have a look into your issues then and see what I can see and say to you and the Mod team.

Bryan Hellard (307)M (@xyver) 9 years ago ago

@beyond, I try to do the same as what’s already here. Merge threads if they have posts, close them if they are fresh and repetative.

DaJetPlane (994)M (@lytning91) 9 years ago ago

@Dafunks, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTML_element#Basic_text

This link will send you to the information you’re looking for regarding making text bold, italicized, etc.

Navigate to the “Presentation” section within “Document Body Elements” for the appropriate keystrokes.

DaJetPlane (994)M (@lytning91) 9 years ago ago

@beyond, I’ll refrain from commenting on the exchange between yourself and @filipek.

As for the user that spammed our PM Inbox, I am currently contacting @Jordan about a bug with our ability to remove users. I will take care of that as soon as I have the tool functioning again.

DaFunks (366)M (@Dafunks) 9 years ago ago

@lytning91, I used HTML code in a post before and none of it worked. When i edited the post (After seeing it not working) it was all removed.

Can I only use an amount? I think in the post I used it in I must have used 10+ markups.

Are you 100% sure these work?

DaFunks (366)M (@Dafunks) 9 years ago ago

Just to clarify. It was Bold and Italic ONLY that I used. I have only used these to

I will test them now:


EDIT. They do not work. When edited the code also disappears.

DaJetPlane (994)M (@lytning91) 9 years ago ago

@Dafunks, They used to work but now the way the site is coded, I think it is no longer allowing for those features to be triggered. I mentioned it to Jordan to see why that is and if there’s a way to change it

Anonymous (2,833) (@) 9 years ago ago

@Dafunks, yeah bolding, italicizing, they don’t work. While changing the site around, something happened. Even the blog posts are affected.

DaFunks (366)M (@Dafunks) 9 years ago ago

@lytning91, @ijesuschrist, Thanks IJC. That explains it all then.

I will just wait till its all updated then.

Anonymous (16) (@) 9 years ago ago

When will there be an Android app for this site?

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