Feeling like quitting? Remember Why You Started!

 Mubaid (@Mubaid)6 years, 9 months ago

“Being an Entrepreneur is tough, you are the Chief Executive Officer as well as Chief Plumbing Officer.”
People think being an Entrepreneur is all about earning big bucks, buying expensive items, being our own boss and living like a king. But that’s not all we are. Sometimes we are not at all sure what we are doing. Our minds are always finding ways to do something new. Always worrying about where the next paycheque is going to come from. Always thinking how to acquire new clients. Always doubting if we are really doing something meaningful. And if you are having an e-commerce venture like me, then every single day is a battle. For us, there is no Weekday or Weekend days. Only the High Sales Days and Low Sales Days.

Being an entrepreneur can get really lonely sometimes. Since you are the boss, you will not have colleagues to fool around with. You have no one to report to or no one to tell you what to do next. Everything has to be figured out on your own. Chances are you are already delaying your marriage and your parents are forcing you for the same and whenever you meet any relative, the first thing they ask is ‘When are you getting married?’

I went through such phase recently when working for my startups LazyNinja.in and ThinkIgnite. A time came when I started doubting everything. Am I really doing something great or just fooling around? When will my company become sustainable? Should I have joined a job or become a doctor or something? Sometimes I didn’t even feel like going to office. Who cares? There is no one to question me. Our sales started going down. Revenues had become half. That again made me feel worst. On top of that, whenever I opened Facebook, I felt like Facebook had turned into Marriage-Book. Everyone I know was getting married or engaged. I was just getting lazier and finding more TV series to watch. I couldn’t discuss this with my parents as it was hard enough already to convince them of leaving 6 figure corporate job and doing something of my own.

One day I was browsing through Facebook, I saw a motivational poster which reads –

Remember Why You Started !

We knew it was not easy. We knew the risks. We knew the rewards. We believed in ourselves. We had some dreams while starting up. We wanted to do something great, something of our own. We loved this life of ups and downs. We wanted to rule the world. We wanted to put a dent in the universe. I have a habit. Whenever we do something in our company, I take a pic of the same and keep it in a folder. I went through that folder. The pic of letter of company registration, a pic of our first cheque received, a pic of our first lunch as a team, a pic of our office when we moved in, a pic of invoice of our 1st sales made, a pic of our first t-shirt printed, a pic of our first appreciation email. I opened LazyNinja Facebook page and read the initial posts we did on the page about launching this company. Read the comments where people loved us and our idea. The appreciation posts people did on Twitter and Facebook. Suddenly my whole outlook changed. I knew what I was getting into. I knew I would face challenges but still I was determined while starting up. Browsing through all those pics and old Facebook posts filled me with the same energy with which I had when I started. The next day was different. I was like fully recharged to conquer the world with the same energy.
Now, here is what I do whenever I start loosing the motivation –

1. Remember Why You Started
There cannot be any greater advise for Entrepreneurs who are feeling down or feeling lack of motivation. Just Remember Why You Started. Sit quietly and imagine the energy and feeling when we first started the venture. Go through old photos, read the old Facebook posts, read some appreciation emails, read the comments where people loved your product or idea. Make a poster of this quote and stick it in front of you where you work.

2. Be Grateful for What You Have
We get so busy in working that we forget to appreciate the great things in life we got. Read about practicing gratitude. There are tons of apps for that. What I do is everyday morning on my phone I just note down 3 things I am really grateful for. Just try it for a month and it will make a great difference.

3. Stop wasting time on Facebook
Facebook is a great way to connect with friends but it can get quiet depressing also looking at friends’ pictures of onsite trips, marriage pics, honeymoon pics. Or better fix a time in a day for 15-30 min to just go through the pages you follow. Facebook has a great feature where you can just see the feed from pages you liked called PAGES FEED.

4. Have a Positive Start
The way you start your day determines how you will spend it. Never spend the early time of day reading emails. Spend the early hour reading a motivational book. Any motivational book will do. Even if you read for 15 min, its fine. Or watch a motivational video on YouTube. This will set a great tone for the whole day. The way you start your day determines how you spend the rest of the day.

So, that’s it guys. I am sure many of you might go through similar phase one time or another. Just practice these 4 steps for a week and you will see yourself recharged with full energy. This is what worked for me and I am sure will work for you as well.

Do let me know below what do you do when you start loosing the motivation?

December 27, 2014 at 12:51 pm
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