Feeling WTF to do!?!

Jason Wallace (@Jason-Wallace) 6 years, 1 month ago

WTF! *#@$%)*@#)$(@#$%*@# …… (on and on it goes)

This is how I’ve been feeling as of late. I AM fully aware of who I am yet at the same time there are moments such as these past weeks that make me question myself again and again leading to circles that only wrap my mind and body into a state of shock. WTF do I do now? Move in any direction that feels good, right? I’ve been a self-taught student of life and how it unfolds since 2012 but regardless of all that I’ve learned, used, experienced and changed from I still have moments of resistence in my life I have trouble transforming. I usually take whatever is bothering me, meditate on it, and “see”/feel that issue into the positive outcome I know it to be and then it happens immeditely or within a few days. Life is beautiful and it flows flawlessly! =)

This has always worked for me but as of late I’ve had some serious issues in attempting to identify what is really bothering me. Its like someone took a whisk to my emotional body and mind leaving me in my current scrambled state of being. My overall feeling is frustration, a frustration I can’t identify or let go of. 

What do you do in moments such as this? 

What techniques or methods of thinking/feeling have you used or currently use to help you daily?

How do you come about accepting something you can’t identify?

What do you think I might be doing or not doing to hinder or obstruct my view/feeling of that which I can’t identify?

Books, audio or videos that you think might help? (I read daily, books are my kryptonite)

My current life: 32 years old, 9 month pregnant girlfriend who is my Soulmate (very very excited for this), meditate and workout daily, going to school for software developer twice a week, serving/bartending job. I don’t watch TV, occasionaly watch Game of Thrones (without commercials) and plenty of beach time at Cape Canaveral with our two dogs. Life is relatively stress free, minus never ending bills, not broke but not rich.

Any help is much appreciated

July 5, 2016 at 2:26 pm
M (0) (@lghtng) 6 years, 1 month ago ago

its because you are forcing yourself neurotically to be hedonistic about life even though life is telling you otherwise. You should not stop gaining wisdom and GOING DEEPER into the true nature of reality if you stop at a  certain philosophy then you will get fusterated and ask why am i frusterated. study buddism and everything buddhism has to offer

Alex (2) (@acommito) 6 years, 1 month ago ago

stop focusing on the problems and focus on opportunities & solutions.  this has helped me tremendously.

a creative solution doesn’t exist on the same level as the problem, so if you keep focusing on issues and things you want to change you may easily just go in endless circles.  So basically in short, just relax.  Even when it feels like that is the last thing you could ever do.

remember problems are just mind made and don’t exist outside of you, so stop struggling to find answers and just be open to recieving insight.  You gotta listen to your heart! Sounds like you are too in your head.  no judgement.. I tend to do that too.

don’t try to micromanage your life, its way more of a mysterious adventure when you embrace the unknown instead of trying to figure out every last detail.

so in short: if you keep asking what you are doing wrong, THAT is what you are doing wrong! 

be open to your problems and leave room for possibilities and answers instead of blocking yourself off.

hope this helped man!! all the best 

Sim (0) (@Sim-Darcy) 6 years, 1 month ago ago

accept life as it is !

AlessaLee (1) (@Alice-Norman) 6 years, 1 month ago ago

Life is not always beautiful and doesn’t always flow flawlessly. That is part of its charm and value – the ability to experience ALL things, not just the good and happy. It seems you’ve hit a point where you’re outgrowing the past-you somehow… old methods of getting through life aren’t working anymore. This is to be expected at such a turning point as the impending birth of … your daughter? (Let me know if I’m right, I’m trying to work on my intuition.) 

One of the ways I’ve gotten through this sort of “invisible” roadblock is to address it directly. As a part of your routine, try asking your subconscious directly, “What is frustrating me?” or “What is this frustration trying to tell me?” over and over for about ten minutes, before bed, every night. I think a part of your problem is that you believe you are fully aware of who you are … it sounds like this belief might be coming into conflict with some new parts of you that don’t quite fit into it. I don’t know that any of us ever truly know who we are. Even those among us who are enlightened. Self-discovery seems to be a perpetual aspect of this existence, and every time I have thought I had me figured out I was consistently wrong.

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