Feet moving

 Paperst (@Paperst)6 years ago

My father constantly moving his feet if I watch TV with him. he sticks them up on the table and waves them around like a taunt I asked him to stop and he says it’s “something he does” I don’t know if this guys fucking with me or not but he intensifies it when I’m not looking in his direction. This is like some strange sexual thing.

September 20, 2015 at 3:16 pm
jasoSwan (2) (@jasoSwan) 6 years ago ago

That’s a little more than creepy…

Paperst (0) (@Paperst) 6 years ago ago

Pretty sure my family is evil, possibly Jewish (I don’t think Jews are evil) anyone have experience with this? My brother does this too I went to his house and he’s like in my point of view moving his feet around and it makes me pass gas, like allot of gas. I’ve confronted them before and they just play dumb, i can tell they are not sincere though. I’m not even fucking joking this is creeping me out. If someone has experienced this before please respond.

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