First Time Molly

A friend and I about 2 weeks ago bought and did what we would assume was “molly”, only having tabs known as white and pink “peace signs” as my basis to go off of I was highly disappointed in the effect the molly had on me. It had almost no effect until I tried to go to sleep and even then it was mostly the occasional toss and turn, rather than the sheer caffeinated awareness I had with the peace signs. My friend on the other hand, absorbed in the music she was playing, was enjoying herself. She told me I should have taken more my “first time” with molly. I think it wouldn’t have mattered how much I took, it had no powerful effect that I was so hyped up for. So I’m writing with these questions in mind:
1. Does smoking weed enhance or take away from a roll?
2. Do you really have to take molly more than once for the affects to really take hold?
3. What are peace signs cut with?(If this one doesn’t get answered, no worries, just curious.)

I have a true feeling that it wasn’t actually molly and it wouldn’t surprise me if that was true and I’m hoping to avoid anything bad again.

November 13, 2014 at 8:11 pm
josephm (772) (@josephm) 7 years ago ago

tabs> you mean like, a pressed pill?

tossing and turning after a “molly” trip means its probably cut with amphetamine/methamphetamine. you want MDMA. fuck molly. fuck calling it molly.

cesar (4) (@cesarmeed) 7 years ago ago

I dont think that matters if it was your first time, that doesnt happen with molly.
Probably it was a bad product .

MattyP123# (0) (@UniverseJourneyman) 7 years ago ago

(1) I always likes to smoke weed while rolling with molly, I find that it enhances many of the positives of both drugs. If you are rolling and high on mdma, then the effects of weed will be negligible in comparison to the roll, just a rush of dopamine through the body. I always smoke weed as I am coming up, I find that the onsetting effects become more noticable.

(2) I have never been as high on mdma as my first time. The effect of the drug is not as extreme as many people who have never indulged may conceive. I think the caps you took were cut with something, and it was impure mdma.

(3) Could have been cut with ephedrine, speed, or a variety of other stimulants. Lord only knows, the signs on caps don’t mean as much any more.

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