First time taking LSD, good, bad, maybe both?

NSD (@CLAMPY) 8 years, 2 months ago

So I took my first ever tab of LSD last night, I’m 16 y/o. I had organised earlier this week with my mate (N) to eat a tab so we sussed it all out, but when i met my mate at Maccas he’s other mate was there (H) who I don’t really get along with but he’s alright. H never planned on eating a tab only myself & N did. We then departed to go to a spot to eat it, we decided to go to a shack we built near school which I don;t think was too ideal to trip at for the first time but anyway, we ate the tab around 8:30pm. (I read previously somewhere the tab is supposed to be tasteless or a mild taste, the tab we ate tasted aweful, is that a good/bad thing? or completely normal?) anyway after an hour i begin to feel the feeling of a come up, slight euphoria, slight visuals etc. After an hour half – 2 hours it started to hit me a bit more. it felt sweet as but through out the next couple hours consisting of sitting there with 1 mate tripping and another bloke sober, I begun to feel although it was going sour. from about 10ish to about 11ish it was on and off but i just thought if I was going to have a bad trip it would just happen not be mildly good, great than shitty all of a sudden, rinse an repeat. At around 11 we begun walking to Maccas, but every time we stopped walking I would feel ill in the stomach… only when I was standing still. Anyway we got to Maccas I sat down in a booth all sweet, tripping pretty hard mind you. Then all of a sudden I saw someone I knew and immediately pazzed out and just half legged it/ power walked to the car pack to smoke a cig. then when we were outside my mate who was tripping just explained it “Man, it’s all a different state of mind, look at us. Just standing having a ciggy try and disregard all this uneasiness of being in public an relax…” So I did i just sorta embraced it (not that i wasn’t initially it was just more overwhelming than anything else) Then it was weird felt like my mind wasn’t mind but it was… im sure 90% of the readers will understand but ye. Then we went to my mates house where it was super chilled and i believe i should of stayed throughout the duration of the WHOLE trip. Anyway… was jus wondering what the feeling of feeling shit and thinking i was gonna have a bad trip then convincing myself it’s gonna be sweet. Why the acid tasted like shit!? (Metal like…) Anyway, was just keen to get the experience off my chest, thanks!


July 19, 2014 at 8:45 am
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