SleepwalkerTexasRanger (@oyitsdave) 7 years, 10 months ago

I wrote this over the summer during a trip to see my Dad.

“Thursday. As soon as I get off the plane I’m spoiled, as usual. Wings at Hooters, Outlet shopping where my Dad dropped a stupid amount of money on clothes. I do love Nike shit, and I kind of hate myself for it. But again, I am thankful. Woke up on Friday to a round of golf. So peaceful. Really puts the mind at ease (if you’re playing well). And I was, Dads new clubs are like sex. Fucking nail drivers. The weather here is so gorgeous, couldn’t ask for anything more. Tonight we’re having filet mignon and going putt putt. These things are all so great and I am thankful beyond return. But god damn it. Do I really want this? My Dad is trying to get me into stocks. Making me a “how to” guide to stock options and all that. Heres the thing. What if I don’t want it? He told me something interesting yesterday. As we were driving to the house we saw these Guatemalan yard workers trimming bushes and cutting grass. He turns and says to me “Thats why we get a higher education. Think with your brain and not your body.” He continued to say, “but they come from a shit hole and this is all they know. They work these jobs because they are just happy to be here getting paid something for it.” He’s absolutely right. But what if I want to think with my body by choice? What if I want to get away from the normal conditioning that we have all been forced to follow since we were birthed. What if I want to help on somebody’s garden in Australia or on the other side of the US or in Europe? Why does money run our everyday operations? Why can’t we exchange goods for goods, services for services? Global community. But this world is ran by an elite few, that make all the decisions to better their pockets. Yay. What great motivation to do anything on this earth.”

So my question for anybody who reads this: Do you struggle with being comfortable with your life yet wanting something totally different? Do you like or love certain things you might have never though to stop doing or collecting or whatever, just to be free? Honestly free. Doing everything you ever could dream of, without it coming back to money? Or materials? What about family? Kids? Wife? I want all off these things. But I want to be the most free person that I imagine myself being with relying on this system that is so fucked out of proportion that it makes me lose hope for anything. Any feedback would help. Thanks HE Fam. Love.

October 21, 2014 at 2:42 am
Kris (328) (@kjbaran) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

“think with your brain and not your body” is silly. Your body is the electric record of your thinking. This is why meditation is so important, it refocuses you on your HEART, not the organ per say, but the sensation location. The HEART is where all BRAIN orders should come from. This produces balanced thinking which in turn produces a balanced body. Not just your human body but the environmental body that you perceive, ie: your LIFE. It wouldn’t surprise me to read ecstasy on the hearts of those lawn workers you passed. Find yourself and you’ll find bliss. Your Heart is the source of your genius, the source of all power. Your brain is just a projector, a computer that interprets signals. Load a sloppy program, you’ll get sloppy results. The best way to start all this is to start by doing NOTHING, and remain doing nothing until sufficient desire is accumulated. The nothing of meditation is thoughtlessness. Stay within and love yourself, you’ll KNOW exactly what to do.

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