Oceanica (@transcend73) 7 years ago

There are not enough people acknowledging the magnitude of the times
we are living in. We are a species whose pride and disengagement are
leading to its imminent demise. We have willingly given up our dignity
as a species for the name of comfort/convenience, imaginary ‘security’,
and infantilism. The majority of the populous does not question the
underpinnings of his or her existence, instead we depend on a false
sense of order to direct the contents of our one and only lives that we
know of. The nearly endless options of vice and diversion keep us
distracted and disengaged enough that we have been lulled asleep, deaf
and blind to the monumental changes to our habitat that are taking
place. With each passing day, we become more disempowered and our energy
needed to enact real change is diverted towards yet another “choice.”
The new iphone, the new app, the new television show, the endless food
options full of addicting flavoring, the new workout trends to cancel
out the poisoned food, the new dumbed-down movie, the new horrific song,
the continued decay of standards of conduct/decency, the increasing
narcissism to mask inner feelings of being not good enough, the Netflix,
the seemingly endless pursuit of jobs to secure a lifestyle where we
can surround ourselves with more things, the plastic, our education
(which is an indoctrination to a flawed system), the waste, the new
“cause” or new “movement” to help patch the broken system, the new car,
the sports telecast, etc… Each one of these zap our precious mental and
spiritual energy that is desperately needed for our species to reclaim
its sovereignty and dignity. Each one is a temporary and fleeting part
of a lifestyle paradigm in decay. All of these “things” didn’t matter 20
years ago and will not matter 20 years from now. Yet we give them our
divided attention and are made to feel as if they are of the utmost
importance. What is important is the pathetic state of the 21<sup>st</sup>
Century human being. It is not the human’s fault, as he or she has been
the victim of social programming that preys upon people’s biological
urges and mental pressure points. We have been conditioned into a
species that has given up what it means to be an inhabitant of the
earth, we would rather be a “member” or “part” of a man-made system that
is based in death and debt. This is a debt-based system in which the
currency that we exchange has no true value behind it, other than the
paper that it is printed on. There is simply not enough money in
circulation to pay back the worldwide debts (which is being exposed by
the collapsing global economy).

In a sad twist of irony, this system which we depend on to guide our
daily lives is in fact leading to the extinction of our species. What do
you call it when a species is observing itself destroy itself? I
suppose species suicide. Pick your method: weapons of war, environmental
collapse (honestly, how many species do you know that willingly engage
in the destruction of its habitat?), comfort/distraction. So many
choices, such an endless array of options that we even have options for
how we wish to end our species.

For so many reasons, we just cannot seem to peacefully inhabit this
earth. No matter how many ways you slice it or dice it, no matter how
fancy and advanced our analysis and science gets, the urge to destroy
ourselves never seems to go away. And with so many people on a finite
sphere of life, its likelihood is increasing by the second. We think we
are making progress in so many areas, but what we fail to see is that
these “solutions” are simply band-aids to the problems that we have
created. There is the seemingly insane idea of our species inhabiting
this planet peacefully. As much as you don’t want to believe it, we are
capable of interacting with one another and, all other forms of life,
and our earth symbiotically.

We are made to believe that we have to stay stuck. There are
sanctions for not “doing our part” of the destruction of our world. If
we are not model citizens in a system that leads to our destruction,
then we “get in trouble”. Oh no! Please, anything but that! What will
the others think of me?! Their opinions of me (which I depend on to form
my sense of self-worth) will be ruined! Not only that, we could be put
in jail!

The solution is SO SIMPLE yet we love to complicate things…


Take back your birthright of being a peaceful member of the human
species and more importantly, a loving and caring member of planet

Simply stop participating in the destruction. Stop depending on
something external that is based in debt and destruction. Why depend on
something so flawed to direct your one and only existence you know of?

Here is the catch. This approach will only work if enough people do
it. The system has gotten SO large and SO powerful, that if only a small
segment of the population drops out, there will be but a tiny blip on
the radar. But there are no other feasible options . Violence is not an
option. Finding another “cause” or “movement” to join is not an option.
The whole thing is crooked and the whole thing is leading to our
extinction. How can we justify participating in it?

September 22, 2015 at 7:17 am
Dhyan (37) (@Dhyan) 7 years ago ago

Hmm let’s go  to McDonald 

SD67 (5) (@SD67) 7 years ago ago

 NICE! Using the computer as a tool rather than a tool being used by the computer. 

Sadly the human pack animals rely on the Alpha male for their needs. Our Alpha became government which in turn turned our minds over to Advertisement Agencies and The Media. Thomas Paine predicted this right from the start. Humans have seen the collapse of many a civilization yet here they sit and watch their own? Bastardized agriculture? Seriously, this is the exact same plot as The Omen II. I am not big on any type of religious dogma but I certainly can not deny the spiritual connection I feel toward “SOMETHING” way beyond ME! Babies, puppies, NATURE? More to the picture than meets the eye and I will not pretend because it’s the new fad. I am the Alpha male of my household. I am going to fix my mistakes of materialism. I am teaching my children the TRUTH.  Still, I hold little hope for the future of mankind. We preach knowledge but ignore Wisdom. We even go as far as to not even mention HER name. “WISDOM”, the only tool that can PROPERLY guide knowledge.

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