Foundations of Astral Projection for the Curious Traveller

hey all, Tine just asked me in his thread to make a sort of guide to astral projection detailing with the process of doing so and techniques that help with it.

quick note before I begin: this is a process that requires full submission and dedication, if you aren’t willng to do so, you may end up unsatisfied with the results you get. also keep an "astral journal" so after each session, write down how everything that happened durin these trips inward and outward. it’s a good practice

so here goes.

Beginner’s section
1.) the 2 most crucial parts of the astral projection eperience is that you allow yourself to enter a deep meditative trance and have the energy o sustain an astral projection, the latter of which can be achieved by the raising of the kundalini, choosing to astral project during a time of the day that you are fully awake, aware and energized. this is the foundation, if one of the two are missing, the chances of a conscious astral projection become rather low.

2.) after you’ve raised your energy and entered the state of relaxation you must take great care in not moving, even the slightest twitch of the finger is enough to make you leave that hypnotic state you’d been working toward entering. I find that internally chanting affirmative mantras e.g. "my focus will be sharper than obsidian" helps you stay grounded in this state, as well as keeping other thoughts at bay, and once you feel you can let your mind be at ease, you can now begin step 3

3.) for your protection in the astral plane, picture yourself sheathed in a radiant, white light that emanates from within, so that any entities interested in your physical body may no access it

4.) you must begin to "feel" your astral body and accept that it is separate from your physical one, though it rests inside of you. at this point, you can begin to remove your astral body, which is done in a few ways
a. you can try to make your astral body float out, which takes practice but is arguably the quickest way to get out
b. there is the "astral rope" trick, where you imagine that a roe hangs over your body, just in (astral) arms reach, you now imagine your astral arms reaching out and grabbing said rope, climbing hand over hand, slowly hauling your astral self out
c. rolling out. as stated you ierally roll out of your body, slowly at first, making sure you are calm and relaxed, which is to be said for all exiting techniques, as the strain you put on yourself to get out can lead to frustrations that will quickly kick you out of your trance.
d. imagine that your astral body is slowly ballooning in size, until it is simply too "big" to be contained by your physical body, at which point you shift in either direction until you are no longer attached, at which point you can shrink your astral body accordingly.
e. the possibilities to exiting your body are only limited to your imagination, so if you fin something else that works for you, that isn’t one of these 4, that’s great and I’d love to hear your methods.

5.) at this point, you want to stay "in your room" and begin looking around, do you see clearly, is eveything foggy and somewhat indistinct to you? if so begin focusing on clearing your astral vision, again slowly, allowing yourself the time so that you stay relaxed. once you feel things have cleared up for you, begin looking at your physical body, as a sort of check that you are completely out, and not hanging on by a pinky, next you should check to see if you have remembered to keep yourself by the white light, if not, do so now, it IS important. that means both your astral and physical bodies

6.) begin exploring this room now for changes, are there things there that weren’t before? are there things missing? are there any entities in there with you? if so, do not interact with them at this point as it is hard to judge intent if you are just starting out.

7.) ifyou have just started astral projection now or recently, this is probably a good place to stop, return to your physical body and reflect on the experience.
a. what worked?
b. what didn’t work?
c. what do you need to work on next time?
d. and most imprtantly, how did you feel?

Intermediate’s section

so you’ve been practicing astral projection pretty consistently now for about 2 months, or about 50 times, you’ve probably hit a few rough patches where something goes wrong or doesn’t go at all.
common "slip ups” include
a. you forgot to protect yourself in a white light and got snapped back into your physical body in response to a disturbance
b. you rushed it…nuff said, you’ll know when this happens
c. you ended up falling asleep and began dreaming instead
d. (which is the proverbial "doozy") you got WAY too overzealous in your belief of your abilities to do so, so you may have skipped steps or half assed them due to impatience

remember, even seasoned astral projectors fall into these mistakes from time to time, but you must follow the process for the good of your experience, as a rule, you should probably expect to to spend ~ an hour doing preparation for the actual astral projection, including, 30 minutes of meditative trance/self hypnosis, 15 minutes to clear your thoughts, and another 15 for gathering your energy from within to power this. and finally that white light of protection

^ that is your day’s serving of fruits and vegetables, don’t skimp on it

so, back to the point, now that you’ve become acquainted with the process of bringing yourself into a deep trance, separating from your physical body, clearing your vision so that you can see well and you’ve probably made the bold step out into the astral world

1.) traveling to other places. you may already be aware of this by this point, but ther are two ways to travel in the astral plane. the slow way, and the fast way, the slow way being just flying there at a seed of your choosing, or instant travel. but the only stipulations of these things is that
a. you go to a place you know, e.g. your school
b. you have permission to go there, so no inappropriate spying or going to restricted areas, the same rules apply in the astral plane .

and not to beat a dead horse, but as you travel, be mindful of your relaxatio, don’t overexert yourself if you don’t have to, this might trigger that "snapback reflex", but going on…
2.) (will add to this later, I’ve outlined the basics above, feel free to ask clarifying questions, which I will try to answer to the best of my knowledge but otherwise there will be more)

March 15, 2012 at 4:39 pm
Brandon P’naantan Pinkney (321) (@hlalhabattu) 10 years, 3 months ago ago

@aneris this may sound totally crazy or counterproductive but, as you are lying down, try singing to yourself, whatever words or sounds come to you at that moment, whether they be intelligible or strange jibberish, just do it, the first time I did it, after about 10 minutes I was completely relaxed and my mind was quieted so I could focus all of my attention inward

also, when you are lying there (not to jump to conclusions), you must turn all of your attention,, at first to feeling the energies that both surround you and that are within you, if you skip this step, you’ll 9 times out of 10 fall asleep instead

Iris (4,800) (@aneris) 10 years, 3 months ago ago

@hlalhabattu, thanks for the advice!
i tried the singing part but the annoying thing of it is when you want to clear your mind you have the song stuck in your head :P
i went close to falling asleep, even falling half asleep, but then focused on my energy. my body was heavy and tingling but now i was to aware (the opposite of my usually sleepy state of being) so i couldn’t even go further. after trying anything for about an hour i stopped trying…

Pure Reality [Logan] (3) (@xlogan) 10 years, 3 months ago ago

Lucid dreaming is actually very similar to astral projecting… what many people don’t realize is that during astral projection you don’t actually leave your body, you are only discovering what your sub-conscious has created of the reality you see…

If anyone is getting into astral projection and the alike, and wants some history about it as well I would suggest reading the book called Soul Flight by Donald Tyson.

Brandon P’naantan Pinkney (321) (@hlalhabattu) 10 years, 3 months ago ago

@aneris that is good, it’s best to do this kind of thing in stages, after my first time I think I waited like a week before I tried again, but just remember the less stress and pressure you put on yourself, the easier it becomes to “get out” and when I choose to go about right before, so even if I don’t actually AP it sets up a pretty awesome opportunity to lucid dream and I can go straight from the energy work into sleep because of how relaxed I am. that’s also something you can try

Iris (4,800) (@aneris) 10 years, 2 months ago ago

I’ve been trying to astral project for about a year now but i do not seem to get passed the first 3 steps you mentioned.
my steps look like this:
i lay down in bed on my back, practice my breathing exercises until my mind is totally relaxed and feel my body falling asleep.
my muscles give the little thumbs like they always do during falling asleep.
i keep my mind awake sometimes by listening to nothing/ not thinking at all and other times thinking or singing.
now i can feel my body getting heavy and feel a vibration all over my body.
sometimes it feels like i’m in a coat of energy.
this is where i seem to be unable to proceed.
i’ve tried multiple things and even tried not trying. but after (usually) 2 hours i either give up and wake up or fall asleep.
is there anything i’m doing wrong? any tips on how to go on?
i’ve been reading on the subject for a few years but i think i don’t have the same way of going astral as others…

Eric (1,819)M (@blankey) 10 years, 1 month ago ago

So I had a lucid dream this morning after my mom waking me up and then falling back asleep. As I became lucid, I sat down in some grass, closed my eyes, and said out-loud, “I would like to leave my body now.” When I did this I felt the presence of my room around me, but instead of feeling my body, I felt something begin to move away from me, I felt myself briefly break away from my body. As I broke away, the sensation was the most intense thing I have ever felt and therefore resisted. Sadly, I barely got out of my body and was immediately slammed back into my skin bag.

Soon my friends, soon…


CHECK-IN: how are peoples’ practices going? have you stagnated, having issues/frustrations? feel confused about something? ask away and I’ll answer to the best of my abilities.

also, feel free to share notable experiences

Tine (366) (@tine) 10 years ago ago

Glad to see this post again, about to attempt it shortly, I am having trouble leaving my body

Rob (75) (@facets) 10 years ago ago

“According to Bob Bruce of the Queensland Skeptics Association, astral projection is “just imagining”, or “a dream state”. Although there is rigorous mathematical support for parallel universes[65], Bruce writes that the existence of an astral plane is contrary to the limits of science. “We know how many possibilities there are for dimensions and we know what the dimensions do. None of it correlates with things like astral projection.” Bruce attributes astral experiences such as “meetings” alleged by practitioners to confirmation bias and coincidences.”

Is anyone as skeptical of this as I am?


@tine, give it time, with practice you’ll find it easier to leave. care to elaborate what problems you are having?

@facets, his quote is fine and dandy, but what do you believe? if it is only imagining, then it is some damn good stuff. so that said have you even attempted it, because even if you quantify everything and chock it up to confirmation bias, dreams or imagination, I question whether you could deny its “magic” after having one such experience. its really a “don’t knock it before you try it” kinda thing, man

and if you do decide to try, use this as a resource

Rob (75) (@facets) 10 years ago ago

@hlalhabattu, I really don’t know. I naturally feel some initial skepticism, but I am still going to give it my best try. I don’t mean to knock it, just wanted to see how my fellow HEthens felt about the skeptic’s perspective.
But no worries, I will definitely try my best to achieve a projection :)


@facets, good on you for not letting your skepticism totally shut you off from trying it. if you ever need help, give me a shout :) and like I said before to a couple people, even if you don’t fully leave your body if at all, the energy buildup beforehand is still worth it

Eric (1,819)M (@blankey) 10 years ago ago

@xlogan, There are many documented accounts of people visiting people and in one case specifically I remember, a dude was put under hypnosis and then was told to leave his body, he did. He then visited his girlfriend whom which they were in a fight at the time. He saw her writing a note to him. The therapist told him to read it aloud and then he wrote down what he said. Sure enough the next day the dude got the letter and it was the same words besides for a few key phrases.

If this isn’t proof enough that you literally are entering the “real” world with your astral body, then I don’t know what is.

Dnonymous (18) (@udntnome) 10 years ago ago

@blankey, that’s not proof to me

@hlalhabattu, What experiences have you personally had that have convinced you that you’re actually leaving your body but staying in objective reality? I’ve had both waking and sleeping obe’s but I’ve never been able to verify that I’m experiencing something other than a subconscious simulation of sorts. Most of my exploration has been through lucid dreaming but there have been times when it started in my bedroom and everything was exactly where I left it and I would have sworn I wasn’t dreaming but then I went outside and still had the dreamlike ability to manifest my thoughts. Do you still have lucid-dream-like abilities while you are projecting? I do, and this has me convinced that we can travel further and further from our bodies but never farther than our brains


@udntnome, I’d say the feeling of the separation itself speaks loud enough to me, feeling your “physical body” slowly drift into paralysis as your “astral body” reaches out and literally removes itself, either all at once or bit by bit (feeling your arms stretch out and push against you to hoist the rest out is a very interesting sensation). as for the case of remaining lucid during this process, it’s a given that you’ve got complete control over your actions while AP-ing, so the only limit is that of your degree of lucidity while projecting, as you may drift back or only get partially out, etc.

Dnonymous (18) (@udntnome) 10 years ago ago

@hlalhabattu, Are your eye’s open when you project? are they open when you come back to the body? And when I’m talking about manifesting thoughts I’m talking more about making objects appear out of nowhere or morphing things that you encounter; more or less altering the fabric of your dreamscape. I’ve had luck with direct as well as indirect techniques but even the time’s when I was entering from a waking state, my eyes were closed and when I swung out of my body I was definitely still in my own mind.

Dnonymous (18) (@udntnome) 10 years ago ago

@vizznou, That’s the text that I read two years ago when I got started with this. To this date it has been the most helpful and educational book that I’ve read on the matter. It is simplified so that even people with english as their second or third language should have no problem understanding the main points. There are diagrams for visual learners and on the website there is even a video for the laziest of learners. Here’s a link to the pdf for those who missed or ignored it last time. IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE WITH LUCID DREAMING OR ASTRAL PROJECTION, OR YOU JUST WISH TO TUNE IN YOUR SKILLS….. YOU MUST READ THIS DOCUMENT. SERIOUSLY, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. EVEN TEN MINUTES A DAY, DOOOO IT.


@udntnome, the eyes remain closed throughout opening when you return and come to, as for manifestation of ideas, I’ve never actually tried to say, make a bus appear, but I’d assume it works, since you can go to where you think of going in an instant

Dnonymous (18) (@udntnome) 10 years ago ago

@hlalhabattu, I don’t understand what makes you believe that the astral plane is anything other than a conscious and subconscious interpretation of what a realistic astral plane would be. I guess what I’m looking for is any experience that you’ve had that connects you to either another person or an actual place, but in real time.


@udntnome, unfortunately (not a cop out, but the honest truth) I haven’t had any real-time experience connecting me with another person or place, as I know no one near me who practices, whom I could “test the waters with” so to speak, and I haven’t say gone to a friend’s house on the astral plane for any reason, because that would feel like voyeurism. so I’m sorry I can’t give you that piece of validation, I can tell you however that astral projection is less a means of adventure for me and more a spiritual practice, and it is spent accordingly, so you’d just have to find out yourself whether this astral plane truly is a construct or a legit different plane of existence.

so, that said, I’m sorry I can’t really help you in that regard, but this, like many things, is best learned independently, so keep searching, man.

Dnonymous (18) (@udntnome) 10 years ago ago

@hlalhabattu, I have tried and failed many a time at validating that my travel is actually out of my body; I was just curious as to your experiences. What do you usually do when you project? While I am under the strong impression that the astral plane is a subjectively experienced reality mostly subconsciously fabricated from memory and creativity; with my worldview that doesn’t make it any less of a viable medium for communication with “the source” “god” “oversoul” “universal unconscious” or whatever else you want to call it


@udntnome, I meditate mostly, either that or do “internal energy work” to make sure I’m ok I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t care either way if it’s real or not, I just allow my experiences to speak for themselves, each is different and special in its own way, and that’s all the validation I need for right now. but a quick word of advice, next time, try separate your mental feelings from the sensations the rest of your body is subject to, before the projection itself, this may help you

Dnonymous (18) (@udntnome) 10 years ago ago

@hlalhabattu, I will take that into consideration next time. Recently I’ve only been entering through lucid dreaming, I’m just too busy as lame as that sounds

D^Antognan (3) (@vibez) 10 years ago ago

@udntnome, Great PDF; extreme detail, exactly what I was looking for, THaNK YOU! :)
I ‘ll come and see you this morning to thank you personally if I manage! :D

D^Antognan (3) (@vibez) 10 years ago ago

Hmm.. Didn’t make it! :( Would it be bad if I tried it everyday?

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