Foundations of Astral Projection for the Curious Traveller

hey all, Tine just asked me in his thread to make a sort of guide to astral projection detailing with the process of doing so and techniques that help with it.

quick note before I begin: this is a process that requires full submission and dedication, if you aren’t willng to do so, you may end up unsatisfied with the results you get. also keep an "astral journal" so after each session, write down how everything that happened durin these trips inward and outward. it’s a good practice

so here goes.

Beginner’s section
1.) the 2 most crucial parts of the astral projection eperience is that you allow yourself to enter a deep meditative trance and have the energy o sustain an astral projection, the latter of which can be achieved by the raising of the kundalini, choosing to astral project during a time of the day that you are fully awake, aware and energized. this is the foundation, if one of the two are missing, the chances of a conscious astral projection become rather low.

2.) after you’ve raised your energy and entered the state of relaxation you must take great care in not moving, even the slightest twitch of the finger is enough to make you leave that hypnotic state you’d been working toward entering. I find that internally chanting affirmative mantras e.g. "my focus will be sharper than obsidian" helps you stay grounded in this state, as well as keeping other thoughts at bay, and once you feel you can let your mind be at ease, you can now begin step 3

3.) for your protection in the astral plane, picture yourself sheathed in a radiant, white light that emanates from within, so that any entities interested in your physical body may no access it

4.) you must begin to "feel" your astral body and accept that it is separate from your physical one, though it rests inside of you. at this point, you can begin to remove your astral body, which is done in a few ways
a. you can try to make your astral body float out, which takes practice but is arguably the quickest way to get out
b. there is the "astral rope" trick, where you imagine that a roe hangs over your body, just in (astral) arms reach, you now imagine your astral arms reaching out and grabbing said rope, climbing hand over hand, slowly hauling your astral self out
c. rolling out. as stated you ierally roll out of your body, slowly at first, making sure you are calm and relaxed, which is to be said for all exiting techniques, as the strain you put on yourself to get out can lead to frustrations that will quickly kick you out of your trance.
d. imagine that your astral body is slowly ballooning in size, until it is simply too "big" to be contained by your physical body, at which point you shift in either direction until you are no longer attached, at which point you can shrink your astral body accordingly.
e. the possibilities to exiting your body are only limited to your imagination, so if you fin something else that works for you, that isn’t one of these 4, that’s great and I’d love to hear your methods.

5.) at this point, you want to stay "in your room" and begin looking around, do you see clearly, is eveything foggy and somewhat indistinct to you? if so begin focusing on clearing your astral vision, again slowly, allowing yourself the time so that you stay relaxed. once you feel things have cleared up for you, begin looking at your physical body, as a sort of check that you are completely out, and not hanging on by a pinky, next you should check to see if you have remembered to keep yourself by the white light, if not, do so now, it IS important. that means both your astral and physical bodies

6.) begin exploring this room now for changes, are there things there that weren’t before? are there things missing? are there any entities in there with you? if so, do not interact with them at this point as it is hard to judge intent if you are just starting out.

7.) ifyou have just started astral projection now or recently, this is probably a good place to stop, return to your physical body and reflect on the experience.
a. what worked?
b. what didn’t work?
c. what do you need to work on next time?
d. and most imprtantly, how did you feel?

Intermediate’s section

so you’ve been practicing astral projection pretty consistently now for about 2 months, or about 50 times, you’ve probably hit a few rough patches where something goes wrong or doesn’t go at all.
common "slip ups” include
a. you forgot to protect yourself in a white light and got snapped back into your physical body in response to a disturbance
b. you rushed it…nuff said, you’ll know when this happens
c. you ended up falling asleep and began dreaming instead
d. (which is the proverbial "doozy") you got WAY too overzealous in your belief of your abilities to do so, so you may have skipped steps or half assed them due to impatience

remember, even seasoned astral projectors fall into these mistakes from time to time, but you must follow the process for the good of your experience, as a rule, you should probably expect to to spend ~ an hour doing preparation for the actual astral projection, including, 30 minutes of meditative trance/self hypnosis, 15 minutes to clear your thoughts, and another 15 for gathering your energy from within to power this. and finally that white light of protection

^ that is your day’s serving of fruits and vegetables, don’t skimp on it

so, back to the point, now that you’ve become acquainted with the process of bringing yourself into a deep trance, separating from your physical body, clearing your vision so that you can see well and you’ve probably made the bold step out into the astral world

1.) traveling to other places. you may already be aware of this by this point, but ther are two ways to travel in the astral plane. the slow way, and the fast way, the slow way being just flying there at a seed of your choosing, or instant travel. but the only stipulations of these things is that
a. you go to a place you know, e.g. your school
b. you have permission to go there, so no inappropriate spying or going to restricted areas, the same rules apply in the astral plane .

and not to beat a dead horse, but as you travel, be mindful of your relaxatio, don’t overexert yourself if you don’t have to, this might trigger that "snapback reflex", but going on…
2.) (will add to this later, I’ve outlined the basics above, feel free to ask clarifying questions, which I will try to answer to the best of my knowledge but otherwise there will be more)

March 15, 2012 at 4:39 pm
Annie (116) (@amtayl4) 9 years ago ago

I feel as though I’ve been unconsciously astral projecting for a long time. I’ve always had extremely vivid dreams, ever since I can remember. The past few years I’ve started developing my lucid dreaming and I enjoy exploring the dream world for all it has to offer. Just recently I had a conscious astral projection, but it was by accident. I woke up from a lucid dream, completely aware, but I was in sleep paralysis. My (astral) body took over, as if I had no control, and I just fell right through my bed. I fell for years it felt like, until I was completely engulfed in darkness. I was scared because I had no clue what was going on or where I was. Next thing I know, I’m on the floor in my room looking up at my bed with me sleeping in it, and then I got a really creepy feeling because it was so dark and I went back into my body almost immediately. I knew when I woke up that I had just had an astral projection, and it was strange that it had felt oddly familiar but totally eye opening at the same time. I’ve been trying to develop my conscious astral projection skills, and my exits are all going well, usually I have no trouble getting out of my body. I’ve done the roll over technique, and I learned how to push myself through my bed without going through the floor. It’s crazy how there are no boundaries in the astral realm. It’s pure imagination, so whatever you think about is what is going to happen. My only trouble is that most of the time, once I do exit my body, I cannot see anything. It’s blurry, like I read about previously in this thread, and sometimes I even open my real eyes while trying to open my astral eyes. I was wondering if anyone has any advice for this setback? And also any positive mantras anyone uses, because I hate when I get a bad vibe from a place and I immediately just wake up. I want to keep exploring, but it’s like my mind won’t let me.

Vivek Hashfire (18) (@vivekhash345) 8 years, 5 months ago ago


I’ve been attempting astral projection for some years now, and I’ve been making a breakthrough recently. Usually, I use sleep paralysis to induce it early in the morning, but I’m really trying to combine it with meditation, which I’ve been doing since I was like 14.

The thing is that when I meditate, I don’t really get into a trance so much as an ecstatic calm. Its like being extremely awake. However, I’ve been realizing that astral projection is more about becoming extremely relaxed and conscious. Early this morning, I experienced sleep paralysis where I willed myself out of my body and I think left, but everything was dark and hazy. I willed myself to this specific location, but I think that I began lucid dreaming at this point and returned to my body.

Is there any way to do this wide awake. You mention accessing the Kundalini energy at the beginning of this thread, so what posture is ideal? Is it possible to make separation while sitting in an asana?


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