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Now, then….

WHO says that there is something wrong with you?
I mean, even if no one said such directly too you,
is it not implied in some general sense from time to time?
“If you’re not this, then you’re not right…”
“What? You don’t have that?….”
“You did what?…..”
“How could you wear that?….”
“What did you say? Are you stupid?….”

People: pay attention to the following. If it’s ‘bs’to you, then, fine. Forget about it. If it strikes a familiar chord within you then Think about it! And get off your lazy a** and begin to make a difference in YOUR own life by YOUR own efforts and stop waiting for some outside ‘force’ or ‘entity’ to magically do it for you!

Wherever did we humans get the idea that we are not born good enough to be who we are from the get-go? Wherever did that idea come from that we are somehow ‘bad’ and unworthy from birth, and should be in a constant process of improving ourselves and making ourselves “right”? Is this not totally ridiculous, if you think about it?

And how the heck did we, as a whole, just swallow it as true and accept the credentials of those who have proposed it over the eons of time as knowing any more than we do anyhow?

It’s all just an idea. A concept.

Random House College Dictionary says that a concept is a general notion or idea. It says that a notion is a general, vague, or imperfect conception or idea. And finally, idea is defined as an opinion, view or belief or mental conception. None of that sounds like anything concrete or real, does it?

THE SKY IS PURPLE. Believe it, because I said so.

The above statement about the sky is as true an example of someone telling you that something about yourself is true (though it’s totally false) as any other statement, and insisting that you believe it, and that there is a punishment system if you don’t believe it and live by it!

THINK about it.

Just take 60-seconds and think about it. You know it’s true.

“But what has this to do with me?” you may be asking.

It has to do with everything: your happiness, sanity and peace of mind!

All that is intended in this post is to help you realize that you may have stress, anxiety, unhappiness, sadness, anger, depression and such in you – in your life – totally based on your accepting and believing, as truth, that which others have said either directly to you, through institutions or even your parent(s) (who received it all at an early age and believed it all these years and felt that they HAD to pass it on to you as truth, too – and who received it from their parents as well, etc., etc.).

I cannot free you from this. Drugs & alcohol cannot free you from this. The best college cannot free you from this. Your peers cannot free you from this. No one and no thing can free you from this.

You can only free yourself.

And you don’t have to meditate 20 minutes a day…
you don’t have to pray on your knees every morning and night…
you don’t have to say 100 ‘Hail Marys’ every day….
you don’t have to ‘DO’ anything.

There is nothing to ‘do.’

Just realize that you know exactly what this post is telling you: you KNOW inside yourself, your very being, that it is true.

But don’t even accept what this author is typing here: not even that!


Just relax and be your frickin’ self and not everyone nor anyone else’s idea of how you should be.

You ARE free.


Just wake-up to that knowledge and be it.

Be it!


January 11, 2013 at 5:57 am
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