Hello everyone! I’ve been through a rough patch with my sorority and comparing the friendship with sisters. I thought they’d be my true friends, not at least for me. There are certain sisters who just hate me so much and would find a way to destroy me and my reputation while I am doing all good deeds. I’ve had the worst 2 roomates, one per year. They would find a way to pull me down and the second one was aware of my first situation. The second roomate said that she did not want anything to happen but end up hating me for the littlest reasons. I’ve found many ways to communicate and wrapped up things. She STILL won’t communicate and she is going to be my neighbor. She just still have hate for no reason but for me and my boyfriend being around….

My biggest question is… why would someone holds SO MUCH HATE for nothing. ESPECIALLY for one person. WITH A BOYFRIEND. she do have a history of hating girls with boyfriends. The point is that sisters aren’t always the truest friends. THEY JUST HAVE TO FAKE IT TO BE SISTERS. Pardon my emotions. Why do people hate and HOLD ON GRUDGE?

August 5, 2016 at 11:41 pm
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