Genuine inequality

Manimal (@manimal) 8 years, 10 months ago

Since the mods don’t do mod-stuff on this site, I’ve taken matters into my own hands and cleaned up a thread gone bad.


1. This post uses harsh words, politically incorrect observations, and no-bullshit depictions of certain demographics.
If you can’t handle this, read no further.

2. If you feel that it hits a nerve, be a mature person and don’t rage.

3. If all you’re gonna post is irrelevant hate or ass-kissing, don’t post.

4. Opinions and feelings presented in this post are not necessarily mine or something that I agree with.

5. An intelligent, open mided person wouldn’t need a disclaimer like this to keep their shit together.

Now then, let’s dive in!

This is gonna be a bit of a long read, so how about some music


We’ve been lied to, we’ve been used, betrayed and exploited.
At the end of high school, we were told that we should study further at a university or why not get a job? “Just follow your dreams and the money will come to you in due time!”
Later when we finally graduated with a completely fucking useless piece of paper in our hands they said “What? What did you think? Do you expect that everything in life will just be served to you on a silver platter? We all have to work hard, that’s life.”

Some of us barely made it into a labour market that’s completely messed up. Instead of the explicit and obvious functional hierarchy, where YOU know YOUR place in the organization, where YOU know exacatly what’s expected and demanded of YOU, where YOU can advance by being efficient and proving yourself worthy, where it’s all about doing your job… we were met by the implicit, feminized hierarchy where it’s all about getting along, not stepping on anyone’s toes, not being offensive, always work for consensus and be a people pleaser.
And as we all know, this is not a hospitable environment for a man, it’s not efficient, and it sucks your mind dry.

As we got older we found out more about the grownup life in “modern society” and the bastardized laws and norms that stalk our every move -like a totalitarian dictatorship revolving around political correctness- where the lion’s share of redistribution of wealth goes from men to women, and from hardworking individuals to lazy scumbags from the darkest nooks and crannies of the fucking land.

A society where YOU are supposed to work hard for a shitty salary that barely makes a difference. In a society where YOU are supposed to pay for their “needs,” just because they’d rather live like pigs and get all sorts of diseases and injuries, or commit crimes or simply just sit on their asses. They’re the reason tax rates are so high, because they don’t fucking take care of themselves we’re supposed to clean up their mess.
A society where YOU must work hard so that some goofball can make a living by force-feeding you cant and flourish and telling you how billions of our tax money will be spent on parasites who aren’t satisfied with free food, licenses and phones. Not only do they legally get these things for free, a lot of them steal and commit other crimes.
(I’m not being a racist or anything, these kinds of people are everywhere, of every race and ethnicity)

A society where YOU must work hard to pay for some single mom who’s only single because she cheated on her man, and who’d rather “embrace her life as a single” sucking random dicks in toilet stalls, than take care of her kids and let them grow up in a decent environment, or find a decent man to help her with it.
And it’s not just the cheating ones either, most divorces are filed by women, they put themselves in that situation, yet we have to pay for it.

The bill is sent to us, the men.
And despite you having done all those things, serving your people and your country, it’s still YOU who has to pay when the politicians decide that we need some new privilege for women or immigrants or some other self-induced minority and people whose IQ is seemingly roughly the same as that of a seagull.
Or some feminazi with six terms of “gender science” to her name.

We’re in this shit together, and we’ve been forced to to help the biggest shitheads of society, the ones with the power, we’ve saved the economy and the single mothers and the rotten stanky goo at the lowest tier of society.
Meanwhile, they’ve all been punishing the men who would be, and have been, the most productive and helpful.

We’re not welcome on the labour market, due to new “equality standards”… yet we’re expected to pay for EVERYTHING.


The women, who in our culture have become the most decadent and repulsive fucking hags since the fall of the Roman empire. They spend the best years of their lives doing nothing of value, just shopping, lunching, binge drinking, getting fucked by scumbags. Like flies to the shit, they seek out the criminal, intelligence-devoid shitheads who fuck them like animals and pass them around between eachother like a bong.
Then they cry and whine about it, as if it was any surprise that the douchebags just fucked them and left them, as if they didn’t choose it themselves.

At the same time they despise, harass, and shun the men who would treat them with love, respect and honour.
They’re attention whores, uploading nearly naked pictures, writing post after attention seeking post on Facebook and Twitter, while some sociopath lowlife who wouldn’t have had the slightest chance of procreating in the good old functional western society, can actually get laid as a “thanks for all the clicking of the like button and giving me 15 minutes of internet fame and telling me that I’m so hot.”

The result?
We’ve got the nastiest, vilest, most shallow and fake bitches in the history of civilization, and they all think they’re hot stuff.

When they get a little bit older, and their bodies and minds are crumbling prematurely due to their fucked up lifestyle, the badboys lose interest, and the cock carousel stops spinning, YOU are expected to marry them.
That’s right, put on your big boy panties and marry those hussies! That’s the message we men get shoved down our throats since before we can even say a proper sentence.

Because it’s YOUR fault that the women have become like dogs with no focus, fucking around, never showing any interest in anything outside of what the media tells them to think, not taking care of themselves, showing no respect for the men in their lives, AT ALL.
So some of you marry them, and a few years later they file a divorce, taking all that you own. Meanwhile some of you are living in the dark, sadly unaware that your “love child” is in fact the result of some adventure with a criminal swine, whose bastard child you’ve spent your life, soul and fortune on. And if you dodged that bullet, other men might have to pay for the child, if she ends up like the rest of the single mothers.

Some of you meet a woman who seems real nice, cool and right… only to suddenly be charged with rape, despite never having done such a thing. And she makes a fortune out of it, while you get locked up and branded. You suffer for her greed, and she gets away with a fat check.

Just ask Julian Assange…

And then THEY whine about victims being blamed…

Music’s over? Here’s some more

A young promiscuous woman with a skirt that looks more like a belt, and a transparent tube top that looks more like an eye patch, logs out of some “discussion” about the joys of “equality” and heads for the club. She takes a shortcut through a dark park in the bad neighbourhood and gets gang raped and hammered in holes she didn’t know existed, by a horde of “poor helpless refugees” (organized criminals that she and her peers voted to be let through the borders, despite being warned.)
And if you’d even get close to mentioning some of the factors behind it, they’d accuse you of putting blame on the victim. And YOU, who’s worked hard and done what’s right, been responsible and mature, and treating women and your surroundings with respect, get harassed and spat on.

“STRONG WOMAN” – What complete fucking drivel!

The media’s message is more retarded than ever. Today we have blogger girls making a fortune misleading the youth into degeneration. They’re seen on all the talk shows, and are drenched with epithets like “strong, independent, role model” when in reality “gravely narcissistic sociopath with a lacking intellect” would be a more accurate description.

Girls are taught to be histrionic drama queens, cry over bullshit, magnify non-issues, get upset over trifles, take offence where nothing offensive can be found.
These days even the hogs and toads think they’re perfect 10s, who can strut around like primadonnas acting like they’re the shit.
But being an insolent bitch and acting like a rude primadonna when nobody can punch you in the mouth for it… IS NOT STRENGTH. But once again, our culture SALUTES this!


Some of you have heard some “mr big ole misogynous racist” tell old stories about there actually being a time when there were decent, honourable men of the people leading the sports teams and rockbands and even politics. Men who weren’t complete assholes, who didn’t treat their fellow men like shit, who didn’t throw tantrums when they didn’t get what they wanted. And who weren’t just picked because they were part of some minority, in an attempt to give off an impression of “equality.”
For the younger readers this probably sounds like an old myth from some fucking 50s movie.

It’s completely true!! It’s been the norm in our society for the major part of our history. It’s only now that it’s completely perverted, following this strange bastardized, feminized version of “the jungle laws.”

Look around you, do you see a single thing that was created by a “strong woman” or some scumbag on welfare? Hmm.
Damn right, you don’t. Despite this fact, we the honourable intelligent men are blamed for all the misery in the world. Everything is our fault, they say.
Pretty damn sick, isn’t it? Fucking damn right it is!!
And it’s not just the shit in our own backyard, all the suffering in the world is apparently our fault. We’re accused for the poverty in underdeveloped nations, despite the fact that it was just as bad or even worse before we found them, the people were living in huts made out of twigs, never even considering inventing useful stuff or cooperating with anyone outside the family. And they still do in many cases, but that’s not our fault in any way.
Yet we’re “monsters” if we don’t send them our money (What money? All our earnings went to taxes and shit.) And if some of them make it to our countries, we’re expected to pay their way, or we’re “racists.” And even though we pay for their living, they didn’t get it one bit better, their ghettos are just as bad as whatever hellhole they came from.
Society isn’t helping these people, they’re using them to redistribute money (for their own gain.)
Not only that, but when they refuse to abandon their barbaric traditions, reverting the order to arabic 7th century standards, no heed is paid to the fact that children will be mutilated, or the fact that they demand that the meat they eat was cut from an animal that was slowly and painfully killed and left to bleed out, or demanding respect for devoting their lives to some fictional paedophile who supposedly lived 1400 years ago, etc. (Islam is just one of MANY such cultural influences they force us to embrace.)
Oh no, disregard that, what’s important here is the white man’s close-minded racist values. Right?
Oh media, you so crazy.

And every week some new goofball pops out of nowhere into the media, for having found something vaguely “racist” in an old comic book or some candy bar mascot, and wanting to outlaw words and symbols that have been part of our culture since way before they set foot here.

White men are the only ones you can legally discriminate these days.
And it’s not just legal, it’s fucking ENCOURAGED and SALUTED!


The worried media people are right about one thing, there’s a huge ever-growing mass of young men who are getting fed up. Very, very fucking sick of it.
Men with soul and character, but what are we supposed to do in today’s world?

Give up, marry the whores and become a part of the downfall?
Or let it become a productive force that will bring us back on track, take us to a new and functional golden age we’ve been striving for since the dawn of civilization?
With practical, functional leadership and structure, true organization and sane values?

Isn’t it worth it to do whatever it takes, to rectify the errors and get out of this distorted, mangled, sick, feminzied, patriarchal gynocracy?
Don’t you see that this emphasis on the “feminine values” has only brought chaos and misery to our society? Everything we’ve built is crumbling because masculine values are outlawed.

Sure, the ranks of enlightened men are growing, but the question is if it’s happening fast enough to avoid a total collapse?
Something must be done but of course it takes a lot more than just voting every couple of years in a fixed election.

Do you feel me, do you recognize yourself in this situation? It’s hard to be a man these days… This society hates men.

The question is WHAT can we do? Is enough really being done to change things for the better? What do you think? Opinions and reflections?

Another dose of high energy music:


*jazz hands* *drum roll*

The big reversal.

Did you really think I’d start a thread just to whine and point fingers? Hmm?
That’s not what this is about.

While the issue at hand is of course real and relevant, you all understand that, right? BUT it’s only part of the story.

It’s hard to be a man these days, yes. But it’s never been easy to be a man. It’s never been too hard either, and it still isn’t. Never will be.

It’s easy to blame the system for everything, but you know what? Blaming doesn’t solve anything. And it’s not all the system’s fault. At the very most, 50% of the blame could rightly be put on society, the rest is all YOU.

That’s right, YOU. You’re responsible.
And I’m not talking about YOU as in the masses, but YOU the individual. That’s right, to quite some degree it is your fault.
Because it’s YOU life, YOUR actions, YOUR decisions, YOUR thoughts, YOUR responsibility.

Nothing comes for free, there really are no birthrights. You want respect and a decent living, well you gotta earn it.
And I’m not talking about earning it from some self-proclaimed master who’s really just an asshat with hubris. I’m talking about REALLY earning it.

Do you believe in God, some sort of entity or game master behind everything? Maybe you believe the universe is just a reflection of the self or something like that? Maybe you believe in some universal power or whatever? Or maybe you believe in nothing, there’s just the world and us.

It doesn’t matter, the point is that you gotta earn it from this whatever it is you want to call it, not just some human hierarchy.
Ever notice how some men get their fair share of all the good the world has to offer, they enjoy an honourable life and get respect and love, it’s almost as if “the system” doesn’t exist to them.

Do you know why we live like that, while the commoners just suffer and get treated like shit?
It’s because we’ve earned it, done it the right way, the path of least resistance, the universal path, or whatever you wanna call it.
The system doesn’t exist to us because we don’t submit to it. It’s really that simple.

And that’s what it really means to be a man. If you let others define you and decide your role and destiny, you’re giving them free choice to do whatever they want with you. And so, you really have earned the shitty treatment you’re getting.

As for society, society is nothing but the sum total of all the individuals living within it. We’ve all been part of making it the way it is, we’ve all turned it into this rotten shit hole. Because we refused responsibility and sane values, traded our voice for novelties and temporary pleasures and privileges.
That’s society for ya.

It’s not a good environment for an individual, especially not for a man. Kinda makes you wanna rip your hair out and go berserk with a minigun at times.
But as much as it sucks, you did take the major part in putting yourself in that situation.

If you wanna be treated like a man, be a man.
And don’t go all “But they started it!” or “I can’t because there’s so much pressure and so many distractions” or some other lame excuse like that.

Because the ball is in your end of the field. The pre-emptive initiative is yours. And yours only, because it’s your life.
That’s what it means to be a man. Responsibility and initiative.

And that’s what’s lacking in this world. Men.
A sick society didn’t cause the lack of men, the lack of men caused a sick society.

Peace out folks

January 14, 2013 at 2:51 pm
Anonymous (46) (@) 8 years, 10 months ago ago


Manimal (2,998) (@manimal) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

@spiraltouch Haha. I implore you to reconsider.

Ray Butler (1,423)M (@trek79) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

Here we go again.

My opinion is that we each have an intuitive feeling of what makes sense to us, this could be complete in that it either does or doesn’t make sense, or it has degrees of sense to it. The lie is that we are led to believe that this intuitive sense we have is not reliable and we just have to take it on faith that others know better and we are to conform to their example.
Well there are a number of factors involved here:
1) We can research, get the full picture and then decide in the manner that makes most sense to us.
2) We can try to understand but if our judgement is not confident that our understanding is sufficient enough to be reasonably accurate, we then ask if someone else is better for the possition in comparison, do you truely trust that someone else can actually do a better job or are you just unwilling to take responsibility?
3) Other times there is not the time option to seek an understanding, so we just take a chance, in these cases it is our intent that is most important, do we aim for the most appropriate benefit? To me, psychologically it is easier to accept aiming for the appropriate benefit and getting it wrong then to not aim for the most appropriate benefit and get it right.
We all have strengths and weakness, this is not in doubt, sometimes we can work on those weakness’ to turn them around, to make less of a weakness, even sometimes we can turn them into a strength. Other times this effort is futile, and we can waste valuable time working on a weakness when we could be capitalizing on a strength or working on a different weakness.
Our own judgement is vital, we need confidence in it, that feeling of what makes sense, because when we are confident in action we are efficient and we succeed.
When something does not make sense we are confident in questioning, where without confidence we fear appearing the fool for questioning, this is where we are exploited, but a person who asks the stupidest question never stays as stupid as a person who does not ask it for fear of looking stupid.
We make most mistakes when we follow without exhausting all possible options to finding understanding, this can be laziness, for our image, for denial of responsibility or ultimately because we choose not to have confidence in that intuitive feeling of what makes sense. Grab that confidence, there is nothing wrong with this intuitive sense you have, the only error you can possibly make with it is to not trust it.

Kayla (68) (@kayla147258) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

Still sounds like you need to calm down on your views of women. Not all of them are like what you’ve described, sweetie.

Ray Butler (1,423)M (@trek79) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

@kayla147258, Read the disclaimer, these are not nessecarily his opinion, it is good to keep in mind that his targets are people who are literally as described, not women in general, not particular people in general. (I should read the disclaimer also: “No asskissing”)

Muhammed (31) (@mehdi756) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

Money going to lazy scumbags instead of students!

Prisons cost taxpayers more than $32 billion a year. Every year that an inmate spends in prison costs $30,000. An individual sentenced to five years for a $300 theft costs the public more than $150,000. The cost of a life term averages $1.5 million.

States are spending more money on prisons than education. Over the course of the last 20 years, the amount of money spent on prisons was increased by 570% while that spent on elementary and secondary education was increased by only 33%.

Each year about 10,000 $ are spent per student a year. Students going to school from first grade to 12 get about 120,000 of tax pay.

Steven (40) (@steven) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

I would actually claim that this post ONLY contains bullshitted depictions of certain demographics. Men have it good, especially white men.

Smooth (2) (@smoothone155) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

that’s a lot of bitching and moaning but no answers…it’s too easy in this world to just complain and comment on how messed up things are and the reasons they are messed up, pick a subject, any subject and you can get the exact same sort of long-winded, opinionated, diatribe…still no solutions…
all that being said i couldn’t disagree more with your opinions…i see where you are pulling your opinions from but feel they are way off base and aimed at the wrong culprits…instead ask yourself why women feel the need to act the way you are describing them to act, why are so many in need of welfare, why do women make .75 cents for every dollar that a man makes, for the exact same job??? a lot more to it sadly then just, ‘they’re lazy’, ‘they’re stupid’, and ‘they’re lazy and stupid’…

Kayla (68) (@kayla147258) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

@smoothone155, Although I agree with you, I would have to side with @manimal, on that one. Of course he made it sound a little sexist but at the same time, 90% of those women on welfare could have been prevented. Most come from the man leaving a relationship and the woman gets stuck with the child on her own. While the man should step up and be a father, the woman shouldn’t have had sex with someone knowing the possibility of getting pregnant if she couldn’t handle it on her own financially. This is why we get to know people before we sleep with them. Not 6 months into a relationship. Anyone can fake 6 months.

Now one time, I could see, but some women take advantage of the system. They purposely have children to get money. Does it piss me off? Hell yeah it does, I’m working as a cashier and these same women come in my line and give me an attitude when MY taxes are going to them. But does this mean all or even a lot of women act this way? No. There are plenty of independent women that are not trying to screw the system or men over.

Manimal (2,998) (@manimal) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

@mehdi756, Great, an actual on-topic post. You’re totally right, dude. It’s fucked up. I sure as hell don’t want people locked up, why the fuck should I pay for it?

@kayla147258, My views of women? I love women, why should I cool down on that?
I never claimed all women are like this, I even clarified this in the disclaimer.

@smoothone155, My opinions? Haha this is a discussion, not a battle of opinions. If I wanted to discuss my opinions I’d discuss with myself.
You don’t even know what my opinion on the matter is.


But alright, I’ll answer your questions anyway.
Why a lot of women think they need to act like mental cases? Well, this is all due to their ways of thinking.
Why so many are in welfare? Because instead of being active and productive they just sit on their asses and expect things to just come to them. It’s called laziness and irresponsibility.
Why women make less money? Because that’s what society sees fit, and they choose to live under this society, that means they choose to abide by its rules. There’s many jobs that women simply can’t do nearly as well as men can, and these jobs used to be the backbone of the labour market, still are to quite some degree. Hence the lower pay.

No I don’t think it’s right that women get paid less for the same work. But it isn’t right that a woman who delivers less gets payed as much as a man or woman who delivers more gets paid either. Wages should be individual.

That’s the whole thing, these issues are not gender issues. They’re INDIVIDUAL issues.

“Women’s rights” and “men vs women” arguments are OFF-TOPIC

If you want to discuss that topic, do it in one of the threads where it belongs. Or in a pm if you want to discuss with a certain user.
Keep it together, don’t derail threads.

Ray Butler (1,423)M (@trek79) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

@manimal, My opinion is just what I see as what society could be teaching individuals to break the parasitic cycle, but instead of doing that society goes to these extraordinary lengths to accomodate people for their parasitic behaviours and it is bleeding hearts who force this “obligation”.
I said in a different discussion “Where is motivation? People do not need it, it is replaced by expectation. Why would people need to earn what is granted as a right?” When people earn what they get they not only appresiate it more but they appresiate themselves for the earning.
When we give away livings we create a debt, a debt that says we owe these people a living, and because it is owed them they do not appresiate it, they just expect it. This does not motivate people to earn, it does not give people the opportunity to appresiate earning. It does not encourage the opinion that I gave above, it only gives the option to deny the opinion I gave above.
Generally, if people were taught the opinion I gave above then generally people would avoid the situations that merit welfare, welfare would only exist in the most extenuating circumstances, not create a culture for it. I suppose the phrase the bleeding hearts must learn is “Tough Love”.
But on the counter balance, I do believe that people should at least have the opportunity to learn my opinion above and gain the tools to earn, the education and the chance to put that education to work, a failure in providing those opportunities is the real failure I see of society. But that is not always so easy because they still need the basics of survival to keep them alive while they are getting that education.

Tine (366) (@tine) 8 years, 10 months ago ago


i enjoyed reading your opinion, thank you for sharing, as always, much to consider

Manimal (2,998) (@manimal) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

@trek79, “My opinion is just what I see as what society could be teaching individuals to break the parasitic cycle, but instead of doing that society goes to these extraordinary lengths to accomodate people for their parasitic behaviours and it is bleeding hearts who force this “obligation”.”

Yes, but you can’t lull people into compliance by telling them to stand on their own, can you? And at the end of the day, that’s the only motivation for society to exist.
It’s like those tamers on the circus, the ones with the dogs and horses. You can’t make them do those tricks by force, you teach them to do it for you in exchange for rewards.

That’s how a wild creature is tamed, human or non-human alike.

“I said in a different discussion “Where is motivation? People do not need it, it is replaced by expectation. Why would people need to earn what is granted as a right?” When people earn what they get they not only appresiate it more but they appresiate themselves for the earning.”

Yes, I couldn’t agree more.
As they say, nothing worthwhile comes easy. People squander their gifts and take them for granted. Something that’s just out of reach will always be more desirable, and that which was once just out of reach but is now in our grasp, we do not take for granted because we recognize its true value since we worked for it.

“When we give away livings we create a debt, a debt that says we owe these people a living, and because it is owed them they do not appresiate it, they just expect it. This does not motivate people to earn, it does not give people the opportunity to appresiate earning. It does not encourage the opinion that I gave above, it only gives the option to deny the opinion I gave above.”

This is spot-on.
This debt is the foundation of society. Codependency, what some would call mutual exploitation.
But, while it doesn’t give people the opportunity to learn the wonders of earning, it doesn’t take it away either. It is to be found elsewhere, always was, always will be.
Whether an opinion is encouraged or discouraged shouldn’t be a factor, I know it currently is for the majority, but it really shouldn’t be.
Responsibility begins with a choice. If it was handed to you, if you were pushed into it, is it really responsibility? Isn’t it then just a mindless reaction?

“Generally, if people were taught the opinion I gave above then generally people would avoid the situations that merit welfare, welfare would only exist in the most extenuating circumstances, not create a culture for it. I suppose the phrase the bleeding hearts must learn is “Tough Love”.”

Although I wouldn’t say tough love should be learned, just that the “bleeding heart” mentality should be UNLEARNED.
I reckon truth and sanity are in most cases about subtracting, not adding.

“But on the counter balance, I do believe that people should at least have the opportunity to learn my opinion above and gain the tools to earn, the education and the chance to put that education to work, a failure in providing those opportunities is the real failure I see of society. But that is not always so easy because they still need the basics of survival to keep them alive while they are getting that education.”

I don’t think this is fully accurate. I really don’t see how it’s within the capability of the system to teach something like this, or to prevent people from learning it.
It’s one of life’s own lessons, exposure to real life is the one and only way to learn it. Whether it is encouraged or discouraged does not matter.

They need the basics of survival, but need is usually the only way to progress. By keeping them fed, you take away the incentive to solve the problem. If they can get by anyway, why would they even bother? Unless they’re greedy, it won’t happen.

An eagle mother pushes its own offspring off a branch, the baby eagle has but a brief moment to learn how to fly or it dies. Yet it’s extremely rare that a baby eagle does not succeed at this. The mother does it for the child’s sake, because life as an eagle doesn’t work if you can’t fly.
Primitive tribes send their young boys into the wild to become men, most boys succeed, the tribes would be extinct if they didn’t. Or, yknow, they’d have abandoned that tradition, it probably wouldn’t have become a tradition in the first place.

Humans are at the very top of the food chain for a reason. We’re incredibly able. There’s no need to shelter us, because we can handle most situations pretty well in our free state.

People need to stop being so negative, gotta drop the blaming, gotta realize how powerful they really are.

The only way to have a truly equal and functioning society, is to crush the codependency and envy. A chain consisting only of strong links does not break.
Cooperation will never be anywhere near optimal until people can all stand on their own.

Ray Butler (1,423)M (@trek79) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

@manimal, Obviously there has to be degrees of co-dependancy, not everyone can be an electrician, not everyone can have the exact same abilities, we do what we are good at and with that capital we earn we can buy the skills off others for the areas we are not knowledgable about, like getting an electrician to fix your wiring. So it is more about contributing to earn to pay your own way, to pay other contributers to earn their own way. Self-sufficiency in an inter-dependant web, kinda sounds contradictory.

CRG (5) (@ganeshcr) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

@manimal, You certainly know how to keep the interest piqued. Thank you for sharing the article.

Manimal (2,998) (@manimal) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

@trek79, My experience of electricians (from working alongside them for years) is that they’re mostly unnecessary haha.

Nah man, I see your point.
But I really wouldn’t call that dependency. Unless you’re a cyborg, you can’t be dependent on electronics. Electricity is not a necessity, it is luxury.
Me hiring an electrician to fix my electricity problems for me is a quick fix, it’s comfortable and it’s fast, but I could figure it out on my own. So could anyone.

If you make money, and use this money to hire other people to help you, that’s not codependency, it’s collaboration. Dependency is when you cannot live without something. Dependency is when you act out of desperation rather than reason and choice.

A lack of money is not the issue though. Money doesn’t make you rich, it can make you poorer, and the more you earn the less you get to keep (due to tax.) If you don’t know how to handle money, all the money in the world can’t make you rich. If you do know how to handle money, you can get by on almost no money while also improving your own economy.

People aren’t poor because people don’t give them money. People are poor because they’re financially illiterate, and that is something they’ve chosen, because the lesson is always available to all of those who pay attention and use some logic.

KevinSG (105) (@flyingrhino) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

Money should only exist to make life easier, not possible.

TheSkaFish (962)M (@theskafish) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

@mehdi756, I’m in full agreement here. Prisons are getting overcrowded, and our governments are then wasting even more money building more prisons, hiring more staff, etc….and private prisons are even worse…..companies actually profiting off of punishment. That’s just wrong on so many levels….it creates an incentive for punishment to be handed out MORE liberally. I feel that the only reason anyone should be in prison is for violence/endangerment or disregard for life, or sex crimes.

@manimal, I can’t speak for the other mods, but I didn’t moderate your old post because I didn’t feel much need. It didn’t really change my views of men, women, or society and it doesn’t change the solution – be the change you want to see (if you don’t like assholes then don’t be one, if you don’t like weak-willed men don’t be one, etc.) and find a way to be self-sufficient, and then you won’t have to take shit from society anymore. I mean, I guess I’m mad at society because it intentionally lies to us and fills our heads with misinformation, but now that I know that, I can disregard the lies, and society itself, once I work for myself or find a way to stop working. Then there won’t be any reason to worry about it anymore.

Manimal (2,998) (@manimal) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

@theskafish, 60% of the replies were off-topic. Half of that was also flaming. We’re talking a full 7 pages’ worth of off topic, and of those a whole 3-4 pages worth of flaming and douchebaggery (half of this latter category was posted by one single user, I’m sure you know which one)

How is that “no need for moderating?”

That’s a rhetorical question, we both know the answer, and it’s not related to the topic at hand.

Nobody HAS to take shit from society, it is a choice. And personally, the only shit they’re giving me is tax, and if things go as planned that won’t be the case for too much longer.
I’m not speaking from a position of suppression and anger, but from the position of having overcome it. That’s why I share a solution.

If I didn’t know what works, yet posted a solution, that would be projecting and LYING. You don’t know what you don’t know. Experience is the only teacher.
That’s why it’s so annoying to hear a bunch of people claiming they know what will solve economical and political problems. They have no experience, they haven’t even got it handled on the personal level, yet they claim to have it all figured out and act as if their belief-system is the end-all solution to these problems.

When in reality, it wouldn’t work at all.
If you’re not doing it, you don’t know it. People saying the economy would be better for everyone if A and B was done, and everyone would be happen if X and Y was implemented.
That’s just make-believe.

Just an ego validating itself.

That’s right, I’m talking to all you commies, feminists, buddhists, new agers, socialists, and such.
You don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s all just wishful guesswork.

If you haven’t solved a problem, you don’t know what the solution is.

Fuck ideologies. USE YOUR OWN BRAIN, PEOPLE!

Anonymous (251) (@) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

@mehdi756, You made a good point man. What I find crazy is the number of people in prisons for various drug offences, some people who’s crimes had no victims, and other people who just need rehab. Rehab would be a fraction of the cost, you wouldn’t necessarily think so, but the number of re-offenders would plummet, saving money instantly.

@manimal, The cycle needs to break. There is no motivation for anyone. Here, drug addicts are given housing, a weekly allowance, and heroin addicts are given a heroin substitute every day. I have spoken to alcoholics who have told me the system does nothing to help them. If you’re an addict and everything is being supplied why would you change?

Kids are leaving school, having kids, being given a house, weekly allowance etc etc. They don’t have to work for anything. I know people who at the same age as me, 25, have never worked a day in their life. Do I envy them? Fuck no. It looks like a miserable existence.

Once you’re in the system you’re stuck. Now I know no one is stuck in it. But some of these people try to go out and make money, and come out with less. I’m pretty sure I earn less money than a lot of these people receive. I’ve learnt to live off as little money as possible, and I’ve never been happier. This is real freedom, but people are skeptical. Even amongst my friends for instance.

I don’t know, I can’t help but feel sorry for them. They are stuck in this crazy little system bubble and know no different. I know ignorance is no excuse, and hell they’re not even all ignorant, but ultimately the system has failed them. It encourages absolutely no human improvement what so ever. And in doing so the system has failed the rest of us. It has surrounded us by humans who strive for nothing else. And that, ultimately, I think is the problem.

Nick (554) (@splashartist) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

Really, it’s all about taking your life into your hands and taking responsibility for it. I agree with most of what is said In the op as it is something I’ve observed growing up and it is pretty repulsive. Follow your true passions and don’t be a coward. The opposite of courage isn’t cowardice however, it’s conformity.

Nick (554) (@splashartist) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

If a dog takes a shit in your yard is it your fault? Maybe not, but you are now responsible to clean it up.

PsYcheDeLiC (50) (@xavv) 8 years, 10 months ago ago


epic read brah

Kayla (68) (@kayla147258) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

Maybe we need to have another tea party or some shit. Nothing will get done if we sit here and talk about it. We need to make it known that we are NOT ok with our taxes going to these lazy ass people. Our taxes could go to so much more it’s insane. We could have a much better society. So, we have to start somewhere. If only all of us could get together. :p

Manimal (2,998) (@manimal) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

@splashartist, Hah! That’s a damn good example.

@siantastic, The system hasn’t failed anyone, it’s done exactly what it’s supposed to do. The system isn’t supposed to help people improve, it’s just a way to herd humans. Some people “need” a bunch of mindless workers to get their plans through, others “need” someone to watch over them and take care of them.
This exchange, mutual exploitation, has its pros and cons. But in the long run, it’s terrible, and it sure as hell has never promoted personal growth or anything like that.

The moment you rely on someone else, you give up your freedom. No responsibility = no freedom. Full responsibility = full freedom.

Being rich doesn’t make anyone free. Avoiding money doesn’t make anyone free.
If you’re truly free, wealth and poverty don’t really matter, doesn’t mean you can’t strive for a better situation.

@kayla147258, That’s the problem. It’s one of the core reasons why nothing ever gets done, and why women didn’t break free from the opressive chauvinist societies of the past. Too much emphasis on the collective and community.

If you don’t stand on your own, you don’t really stand. Just leaning on someone else. If they move, you fall to the ground.
If you will not stand, you shall knell. If you will not kneel, you shall stand.
It’s really that simple.

If you’re not willing to face great risk for something, you don’t want it bad enough and therefor don’t deserve it.
No “buts,” no “what ifs,” no surrender, that’s the way of the free individual.

If you’d rather submit, you’re doomed to a life of servitude.

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