Getting rid of anxiety via tripping and pseudo hypnosis

 NutellaRider (@globalfrenchy) 7 years, 7 months ago

Hi everyone! Sorry but this will be quite a long post, since many details have a big importance here.
I write because I seek your help. At the present moment, I have very few very close friends; and only one person within my circles that I consider close enough to be willing to trip together.
Some time ago, we experimented with hypnosis while high on marijuanna. Since neither of us is hypnotizable, we weren’t really in the state of hypnosis but all in all it was a very powefull trip. I would recommend it to anyone : the basic principle is simple : comfortably lying on a couch, close your eyse, put some deep trippy music and abandon youself to your friends voice. He/she can now take you imagination anywhere, and if his story telling is good, you are up for an incredible ride.
But my friend has a problem : having had several anxiety crises, he has a tendency to bad trip. It never happens during “party consumption” but does happen during spiritual trips. I on the other hand have never ever had such problems (I am an extremely positive person sober and high), and even when he guided me into some of his quite dark scenarios, I could easilly follow, understand his state of mind but not be overwhelmed by it.
At the beginning of one of our sessions, when I was to hypnotize him, he asked me that if I could take him far enough in his mental kingdom, I try to get him rid of his anxiety crises. I wasn’t successfull, but haven’t tried much, since it is very hard to find a way to bring the subject without bringing the bad trip.
I should also mention that he did see a professional psychologist for 6 months, without any change, so the conventional method didn’t seem to work.
Today, I would very much love to take our trips to a whole new level with much more powerfull substances but he understandably refuses; scared of his bad trips; yet appart from him, I have no companion for serious tripping which pretty much stops the adventure here (I don’t feel like tripping alone).
So here finally are my questions : I feel that there are 3 ways out of this:
1) I find another trippping buddy : pretty hard right now
2) Convincing him to try another conventional psychological treatement and hope it helps.
3) Find a way for him to realise that he can master his train of thoughs and not fall prey to his bad trips but dominate them if not suppress them.
Has anyone had similar expieriences ? Any advice ? Any ideas ? Mabye I missed on a completely different possibility ?
Anyway thanks fot the long reading and have a great day !

March 18, 2014 at 1:40 pm
Overspill (5) (@Overspill) 7 years, 7 months ago ago

This is a very interesting topic. I personally found myself in, if i understand you correctly, the same situation as your friend.
One of the things that helped me was mushrooms. Marijuana, which i experimented with for quite some time, didn’t do the trick for me. It didn’t allow me to completely surrender to my anxiety and “let go” of it. We are all different, so i can’t say what will be the best way for you and your friend to do this, but i would advise you to make your choices based on the best interest of your friend, not yourself.
There is a lot of information on the net on psychedelics and how they can help with emotional difficulties. Have your friend read some of it and get familiar with the topic.
There is also a fabulous book called The Psychedelic Explorers Guide, By a guy named James Fadiman. I´d recommend it for the purposes of the type of use we are discussing here.

Hope this is of some help.

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