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well..this is a long one..and part of it is another thread I posted before, I’m just adding on to it further though.

I’m simply going to use the term God, but I want to express the idea that God is the same term for many things from many different cultures. When most people think God, they immediately personify the idea, and get an image of some guy chillen out in space, keeping a watchful eye on us. Most people also think this ‘person’ judges us and has a prize for us if we do good, and a punishment for us if we do bad. I believe people have this conception now because of misunderstood metaphors. I like how the Hindu’s handle it, they have gods as metaphors, but there is One Brahman. And Brahman means ultimate reality and/or consciousness.

“Religion is misunderstood mythology.” -Joseph Campbell. (I suggest his books, and learning what mythology actually is)

When I first started to actually give a fuck about the world around me, I turned to books. Every week I had something new to read. Philosophy, quantum mechanics, the brain, religion, etc. After a little while I realized that half of what is out there contradicts the entire other half. There is numerous ways to explain the same thing. I turned my focus to figuring out what constitutes ‘fact’ and ‘truth’ how knowledge is obtained and its validity. It made me first look at our two predominant thought processes. Intuition and Rationality. For practicalities sake we’ll look at religion as intuition based and science as rationality based (although each obviously contain both) I went back and forth trying to figure out which thought processes is ‘stronger’ only to realize they both have equal merit, with the same limitations. That limitation would be language. When we discovered atoms and particles, scientists became aware of an issue.

“We wish to say something about the atomic structure, but our language can’t conceive it” -Bohr.

Scientists are well aware that our language is insufficient to describe the way things actually are, therefore everything we actually know is but an approximation of the actual truth. You can say the earth revolves around the sun, but that is only our best approximation, the reality of it is something marginally different. The same limitations are present in the intuitive approach. Mystics train their waking consciousness to be an intuitive consciousness. Take boxing for example. You are in the fight, and a crowd is around you. You aren’t deaf nor blind so you can see them in the corner of your eye, and you can hear them but never for a second is your brain distracted by it. It ‘numbs’ your sensory inputs. That is the intuitive consciousness. This is why tai chi and boxing is a powerful form of martial arts. Another reason why I started to think that intuition was stronger than rationality, because put up the best boxer in the world vs the best karate guy, and the boxer would wreck him. Karate isn’t learned very intuitively. Anyways, the act of making your intuitive consciousness the norm for your brain is a step towards enlightenment (and not everyone will achieve this. Not everyone can be a mystic, and not everyone can be a scientist) Enlightenment is that gaze into the absolute truth, or reality of things. They describe this as completely non-intellectual. You rather ‘see’ it. And even the word ‘see’ is misleading because there is no sensory input. These mystics have the same problem, and are also aware. Our language cannot comprehend or conceive these things. There have been different methods formed on both sides to get over this hurdle. Scientists use math (but greatly struggle with verbal interpretations), Hindu’s used mythology, Buddhists used paradoxes or koans, the Chinese used calligraphy, and the Japanese used poetry, specifically haiku’s. On a side note it makes me wonder if every religious document is our attempt to put absolute truth into words. It’s only an approximation of what really is of course, but probably the best we could do. Hindu’s specifically state this. Their gods, and metaphors aren’t actually what is, but are needed to express the thought.

How do we transcend this language limitation? As the Zen Buddhist would say, “Once you speak of something, you have missed the mark.”

So I propose that all religions used to have merit, but over time we have lost the meaning behind the myths. Forgot why we created them to begin with. We really are a species with amnesia. If you think about the evolution of how humans brains have evolved mentally it makes sense. When we first started to speak, our vocal chords weren’t developed enough to talk, so every time we had something to say we would sing. Just imagining that world makes me grin a little. So then over time we developed some language and our vocal chords developed enough to be able to talk. However, we started with limited words, in fact we originally started with grunts and moans. Therefore one grunt, or word could mean many many different things. Humans therefore had a natural tendency to think metaphorically, and had an ability to decipher metaphors, and myths much better. Over time however everything turned into a very defined world. We know 1+1=2 and nothing is going to change that. We mold objects into specific items with specific meanings. Take a pawn on a chess set for example. Without the game its just that material in a unique way, you might use it as a decoration, or paperweight, but then we create the game chess, and it becomes defined as a pawn, with restrictions to only move in certain ways, abides by certain rules. This is the world we live in now, and we can reflect that on our language. You can say the word “Apple” today, and most people will have an image of a red or green apple in their head. The only way we could have done this is over time, defined red, defined green, and defined apple. Back then they might have just said “Fruit” and the person would have numerous images pop into their brain, but they wouldn’t know to focus on simply the apple (or maybe they would!)
Try to understand religion using their consciousness, not our defined way of being.

So what could God be a metaphor for? To me, I look at it as a metaphor for flawless and perfect consciousness. I believe this is how the universe started, with perfect, flawless consciousness. If all things are the same energy (Thanks Einstein!) then energy just transforms over time, but at the big bang, it was 1 thing. 1 source. There was no differentiated energy at that point. This is the nature of the universe in essence still, but obviously there many different kinds of matter now, and energy works differently in different areas of the universe. Why would flawless consciousness become anything less than consciousness? That’s because perfection sees the appeal to simplicity. If you were flawless, the simple things would be most appealing.
This is where most people split on opinions, and you have to decide for yourself. Which came first, matter or consciousness? Keep in mind that everything modern science has been telling us is that the observer (you) is the missing piece to every puzzle. Atomic theory is based off the observer. It wouldn’t work if the observer didn’t exist. You actually influence the world around you just by simply observing, and being conscious. Everything comes back to consciousness, and for some reason it’s barely discussed. When did they ever talk about consciousness in high school? Even when we talked about evolution for gods sake. Personally, I believe they are intertwined. Much like time and space. They call this the law of complexity, which states that everything has the potential for consciousness, or is consciousness, however the more complex the matter is, the more conscious it is. What that really means, is the more transformed or intricate the energy is at a certain point, the more conscious it is. If you take crystals into consideration, they are like living things, contain most ‘hallmarks’ of life, but are still not as conscious as plants and animals. They kind of bridge the gap between matter and animals, crystals are less complex then us and other animals and plants, but are more complex than a lot of other matter you find.
So in a sense what I believe is that at first there was nothingness, and nothingness is perfect, flawless in every ‘way shape and form’. I encourage people to look it up, but this is also a big part of Hinduism too. Nothingness is the source, but because nothing exists, something has to exist. Something can’t exist if nothing didn’t ‘exist’ either. Nothingness is flawless, but something always is flawless in some fashion. Nothing is flawless because it goes on forever, and is perfectly symmetrical no matter what you do to it. I like to think of the two hands drawing each other, they kind of create themselves. God creates us as we create god.
Imagine this, if you have not look up “Imagining the 10th dimension” on Youtube and watch. The 10th dimension is a point which contains all possibilities, probabilities, universe and anything that can ever be. (you can put anything into nothingness, it would ‘fit’ theoretically) It is the most infinite point that you can fathom. Contains all. Is this not god? An idea that contains all things, that can and ever will happen, the most infinite of all things? And are we not created in this image? The 10th dimension is a point, and if you follow this back to the 1st dimension, it is again a point, but it is a very defined and limited point. This is where the term absolute comes in. Because is shows how everything, at every point is just a line drawn from the 10th dimension, down to the first.
Can you at least not see how probable the idea of a higher power is? I’m not saying to accept god, I am however suggesting to be open to the probability.
I can see how this idea will lead people to believe that they have no control over their fate, but I disagree! All things are energy remember? All things are the SAME energy. We are part of this, we ARE the universe. God went from absolute in 10 dimensions, and started back at 1 dimension. It’s still all the same energy though. God was flawless, and say the appeal to simple, so we, as in god, decided to go to the 1st dimension, and we worked our way back up. We find ourselves now stuck somewhere in between the 3rd and 4th dimensions. Wonder why people struggle with time? We’re ascending to the higher dimension. It’s part of evolution. People are too stuck in the material aspect of things when science has specifically showed us that we should be paying attention to our consciousness. It is the missing piece in…everything?
But hey maybe if this is all true, this whole ‘spiritual shift’ or ‘consciousness shift’ could be us entering "Christ Consciousness" Is that like half-way to god consciousness?

"My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind." -Einstein

January 24, 2012 at 12:24 am
Tobias Valdemar Broe Knudsen (92) (@2bias) 10 years ago ago

Turns out hyperbolics are motherflipping interesting. i suggest you guys check them out, it’s fucking trippy to try to wrap your head around! o____O

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bump! :P

Tobias Valdemar Broe Knudsen (92) (@2bias) 10 years ago ago

More bump – this needs so much more attention, it’s just so profoundly catching!

Clare (88) (@mowgli1) 9 years, 11 months ago ago

@warriors41, Thats the Fibonacci sequence(the 1+1+2+3+4…) , which is present in nature

Eric (1,819)M (@blankey) 9 years, 9 months ago ago

@hollowinfinity, COME BACKKKKKK

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@hollowinfinity, aw man i cant read all of this right now but from my scan sounds good i came up with this though and it has given me clarity,

the body of Alex has many bodies within it. Cells in Alex have their own bodies within them. Alex is the supreme Godhead. and we are all little mitochondria and things of that nature. Now do those tiny pieces are they Alex? would they each claim to be Alex

All these tiny pieces move with the gentle nudge of the supreme

Eric (1,819)M (@blankey) 9 years ago ago


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