Growing Cannabis to get caught, hypothetically speaking

 Jason (@jasonmctw)8 years ago

I live in a country where cannabis is still currently under prohibition, and we have marches, protests and what not but nothing seems to be changing, im thinking we need a martyr so to say.

I’m assuming more people on here know about Rick Simpson if you dont google it or heres a link, (may save your life someday)

So back to the idea, I believe if someone who was ill say could be cancer, was to be growing cannabis for the THC which has been said to cure cancer. Then get caught by the police ( I imagine they would just try and take it of you, as iv had a friend caught with 5 plants just got it took of him and a small slap on the wrist) but instead of been happy with having the plants taken off of me challenging the police and the courts/law for the fact that it is an unjust law. As what they are doing benefits no one. Maybe even sue for removing ones medicine?

But under what grounds is it an unjust law? What would you say in this situation?

What do you think?

Just a random thought I had to speed up the legalisation process. It will be legalised just a matter of time.

May 31, 2013 at 2:16 pm
Anonymous (2,833) (@) 8 years ago ago

I think you could make a strong case that the law is putting your life in danger at that point.

If you went to court knowing your scientific journals and could reference them on the spot, titles, authors, outcomes, etc while in court I think it may actually be a worthy thing.

There are many papers that claim that “Cannabinoid X reduces tumor growth by X amount of X period of time.” and if you can claim that by making such a compound illegal you are threatening the life of someone, it could eventually make it to the supreme court.

I am not aware (simply because I haven’t looked) of any supreme court cases on this. You may want to look into it. But be warned;

Nobody is going to take a dread-locked, peace-wearing, tie-dye waving person seriously in court. You’d need to work from within the system. You’d need to know your stuff.

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