Happiness by helping others, travelling and achieving freedom

JC2618 (@JC2618) 4 years, 6 months ago

I’m working in an IT company, this is my 2nd company with the same job. The pay is good, I can support myself financially but the problem is I really don’t like my job. I don’t like what I’m doing here.

There is no motivation for me, everytime I wake up, there is no positivity or confidence in me. All that I can think of, from the time I get up to arriving at my workplace, is that I could be somewhere else enjoying my passion, helping others, making my self happy. I have already discovered ever since I was a kid that helping others and living my passion is what keeps me motivated, alive and happy.

But what can I do? If I quit my job, I won’t be able to support myself financially, I can’t pay my rent, I can’t buy my own food, and the thought of going back to my parents’ house and being dependent to them doesn’t seem the kind of life that I want.

I just want to travel and help others, not just people but also animals and every living thing in this world. I believe that when I can help others, I would be happy and have the drive to pursue my other passions. Because, based from my experience, if you spend most of your hours on something you don’t like doing, you’ll end up tired and have no motivation and energy to spend the hours left for the things you want to do.

So, to whoever is reading this. I’d like to say thank you and I’d like to ask you if there’s any way that I can travel and find other people like me who wants to help others and how can I do that? And is there someone who has an experience on being in a different country or somewhere far from their place, living in or knows a community that shares the same goals and  having not to worry about expenses like rent and food?

I really want to do what I believe that would make me happy and set me free from environments that worry a lot about improving technology when there are still a lot to fix in our society and Earth. (I’ve always wondered why I’m in the field that i don’t like, maybe bevause my parents told me to take up engineering so I had no choice but to find a job related to that.)

Thank you for reading. I’m looking forward to your responses. :) 

Enjoy life by doing what you love!

February 5, 2018 at 10:13 pm
Freyzi (4) (@freyzi) 4 years, 6 months ago ago


Thanks for your post.

I actually think I’m in a position that you want to be in. I live a beautiful life and I’m getting more wealthy and free every day.

 I finally started my own business last month still keeping my old job and hiring my self as a contractor. My old job is a family fish farm that I own 24% of and is doing well, growing. My first month I rolled 12.000 dollars with 10.000 in profit, I pay my self minimum wage cos then I pay less taxes 37,5%(every month of my salary) vs 20% (20% I only have to pay once a year so I can invest allot more) I started by hiring a top-lvl tax attorney , accountant and a book keeper to keep track cos I plan on hiring allot of people. I make more money the more people I hire and people make more money by working for me.   

I moved into my storage unit that I decorated to be able to live well in, Im happy there and don’t want more. renting out my fully owned and payed for place for 1200 dollars a month, just bought my second place and made an offer for my 3rd rental property. I live in a small town  that has a growing job marked, we need people. The price of places has not gone up even though demand for people has. I hope to acquire 4-8 places in this town and the once near me this year.
My company pays for housing, internet, phone and most food. It’s actually taken of your salary before tax, so you pay allot less tax. Im looking for people that want to travel to Iceland now and next summer to work for me. Then show you how easily I can create wealth or how we can create even more together. 
Soon Ill be looking overseas to Invest and making connections is very important to me.  

Once my company goes better off the ground, employees wont have to worry about housing or other simple expenses for the rest of their lives. That is basically the purpose of my company, freedom.
 I will have the best Job in the world. My job at it’s core and mostly known with top level investors is cloning. 
So my Job can become yours….    
So basically now I’m looking for people to invest in. I need people in so many fields cos I make more money with every person I hire and rent out.

Little about me, 
I am totally into minimalistic life. I dont have a car (my fish farm work one works fine for me) 
My place I’ve moved into is literally 4,3 square meters, super cosy with a compost toilet and just enough space for my Yoga routine and kitchen area to cook.
So I don’t have allot of things in there and want to go even fewer, with cloths and kitchen appliances and don’t plan on getting more.
I stopped using drugs/alcohol just over 6 years now and started in a self-build program. 
Im fit, handsome and turning 30 this year. 
Iv’e spent allot of my time last 5 years chasing woman literally over the world, tinder, Fb social media I used allot to get in contact with them as there is not allot of them around here.
Last August after yet another break down and set back in that field, breaking yet another heart along with mine. I decided to give up what has bin my  achilles heel over the years. 
I quit all social media traveled to Korea for a month, disconnect. After getting back I had decided fully to stay abstinent until I am super financially free for a few years at least.  I cant do sex with out love and I cant give my love fully to anyone in this world.
Since August I went from having read 2 books in my life to listening to over 30 until January. 
All about Minimalism, self help, stoicism and spiritual and the like.
Last January I started to listen to my first financial book: Rich dad poor dad. During that I thought, shit. I can become rich and its fkn easy. I already had a business formula ready. So right from the start of my business venture its not to think how to make money, rather how much and where. 
I’m all about having fun with this, its the journey and my destination is in space:’D
The more people I grab in for the ride the faster we go. 

I consider on hiring anyone and everyone. But in the beginning there are some traits I value more then others. 

People with knowledge or have interest in:
Webpage design and management
Hard workers
People that are free from most liabilities
People that can take good care of them self’s and can do so well
People that can at least handle their own finances or even have manged to grow well in that area.

If any one is interested in total freedom, travel and adventure in the near future, send me a PM and we can start working together.

The name of my company is Spase-One, 
I already have 2 more company’s in the works to form, just need to set up the teams to manage them. 
There will be allot of them to created, I just need more Clients! 

What has true value to me Is: 
Self Control 

I have abundance of all that and Im going to be rich.


JC2618 (0) (@JC2618) 4 years, 6 months ago ago

Hi there! Thank you for your reply, I’d be willing to go and achieve what I believe is the reason why I was born. I can really feel that my purpose is to go out, have fun while helping others, making every living thing happy. I so badly want to get out of this mess, this money-hungry and ego-boosting society. 

You know what, ever since I was a kid, I can already see myself, somewhere outside of the city, surrounded by trees and grass, good people, healthy animals etc. and I can really see myself smiling, enjoying, it’s like I’m always excited and full of energy, like whenever I get the chance to help, it refills my energy/happiness bar.

I would love to go there but I’ve got one tiny problem…my parents. They won’t even let me travel alone somewhere in our country and I really feel like they want to stick with me even when I get old, it’s not that I don’t them, I just want to know how much I want to break free from this kind of environment I’m in. I really want them to feel that I have a different passion. 

Freyzi (4) (@freyzi) 4 years, 6 months ago ago

How old are you any way and where do you live?

Sounds like your parents have way to much control over your life. If Its having negetive affect on you and you cant even do what you feel like doing, thats not good.
I know how that is as well, my mother was not happy about me traveling alone for a month in Korea and even told me I could not do it.
I told her that its something that I wanted to do and was going to do, giving her a hug.
It took weeks fer her to except it and stop being angry…..
My parents have used many ways to try to control me since I was a child from guilt, gifts and anger. 
Often its even worked perfectly to do so.
Even if I have not lived with them for many years they still live close and still expect to have some control over my life and path.  
If your afraid that you going your own path would be hurting them or make them angry its something you should not let hold you back in my opinion. 
Have a talk with them, explain how you feel and what you want to do. Look at it as a chance for your own personal growth, no matter the outcome.

You have your own life to live and finding your own path is your mission.
How do you expect to grab life by its horns if you cant even get past your own parents?

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