Has anyone had an enlightened moment, phase, or state ?

 Alex (@imjustdifferent) 7 years, 10 months ago

I have entered this so called state of oneness four times. All of a sudden i understand the world and feel compassionate toward it. I can solve problems with ease. I learn and understand like a genius. Words just flow out of my mouth when i speak. Most importantly i am at one with myself and accept myself and the world around me therefore I feel like the most ecstatic person in the universe. But then when i am around other people i begin to notice how unlike them I am. I notice that i am becoming a leader and how i dominate conversations but for some reason i’d rather be the old me and just shy away from who i really am. So i begin to starting fearing this new me. I start judging people and from there i slowly begin to disconnect from my true original and individual self back and I begin to turn back into my conforming and isolated old self. The comedown from the true self to the old self is pretty crazy. The ego begins to creep up and offer sympathy in the form of pleasure. It starts to take form and manifest in negative emotions. Eventually it takes me over to the point of no return. I get depressed and so the cycle continues. I become extreme darkness and continue looking for the light until i become the light only to reject it once again. This is quite the vicious cycle and I am at a point where i know that i can’t do it all by myself therefore i wanna ask all of you open minded individuals to help me by sharing your own individual experiences on the path to the true self.

However i feel frightened and disconnected because i can’t connect to anyone when i am in that state and that’s what scares me away. After a few days pass i begin to call people stupid or think how stupid people naturally are because i was that way and it goes away, i start to feel bad for myself and then the ego kicks in and offers me its power of isolation, anger, lust, instant gratification, all sorts of pleasure that make me feel right. It’s quite a viscous cycle. Can anyone assist me on how i can maintain the state of joy and freedom of the false self? I’m quite tired of living a lie… How do i maintain it? I feel guilty about it?

November 29, 2013 at 10:27 pm
Nathan (0) (@NoSoulJoel8) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

How exactly did you get to this state?

Anonymous (57) (@) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

May not be personally surrounded by others at your manipulation level, but take no shame in that being who you are. Be honest with it, and keep rolling with it.
Confidence m’boy, you will make it, you will have an interesting story to tell and lessons to give.

In terms of actually channeling the animal ego, get into some kinky shit in the bedroom, and make sure all parties involved are understanding the dynamics of role-plays.
If you think you can dominate conversation, master dominating as a master.
I at least found I loved sex and it went in well for a reset out of the cycle. Partner understands two different me’s inside and outside the bedroom, to the point if it arousing her own animal nature once it’s business time.
Just never force that shit, more evolved than that level of physical dominance shit.

Aaaaaaand, to actually find the right partner, you need to go through the fun of learning love and more importantly, the non-creepy mutual love kind of love. Just involves a full shit-ton of learning, understanding and compassion. In the hopes you make someone else feel good, and that you happen to be the kind of person that in turn feels good seeing your actions make someone else feel good.

Life has a fucking monster learning curve, just flow with it.

Anonymous (57) (@) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

And don’t be scared.

Even of yourself.

Don’t Panic.

i4c1m2b (70) (@i4CiM2B) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

@imjustdifferent, You’re truly enlightened when you feel a deep sense of oneness with all that is, one with the creation, and one with all people. Enlightenment is a conscious awareness, that blends spiritual knowledge with emotional feelings of unconditional love for yourself and others and feelings of appreciation for all things. It also means coming away from judgment and moving into a state of forgiveness for yourself and others.
Enlightenment is an individual and personal experience that occurs to each person when they’re ready. You can’t force it on anyone who is not ready for it. So your friends are not stupid, they are just not ready. Even still, you can consider them to be part of self-examination as to just how “enlightened” you really are. Any knowledge you may have learned should be reserved only for those who inquire, and limited to their questions.
Spiritual superiority is measured by one’s capacity for unconditional love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, and gratitude towards all. Knowledge of this is valuable. Your ego has convinced you that the new knowledge you have discovered is the source of your enlightenment but in reality, even if it helped you along the path to enlightenment it is for the most part irrelevant. An autistic child with Downs Syndrome can be far more advanced spiritually speaking than someone who may have knowledge of spirits and the realities in which they reside.
The practical advice I would offer you is to simply be yourself, both old and new, there’s no one judging you, no one forcing you to do anything you don’t want to do. Keep your enlightened knowledge to yourself our share it with those at your level and those who ask, recognizing and respecting the level they’re at. At the same time, express your enlightened self by showing love, gratitude and forgiveness towards them. That is what will make them respect you and open them up to question why.
Don’t let your ego take control. When you find yourself getting arrogant, feeling superior, becoming judgmental, and treating them poorly as punishment for their “stupidity”, recognize that these are red flags that you’re allowing your ego to rule over you. This also applies to the way you treat yourself. You’re not judging others so don’t judge yourself. You’re forgiving others, so forgive yourself. Stop taking it all so seriously and continue to play as always only now add the elements of your enlightened self so you can enjoy it on a deeper level. Hope this helps!

stephanie (7) (@stephgarcia84) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

Thats insane. I am going through the exact same thing. I felt this oneness with god almost as if I saw through the eyes of god, pure love, compassion, bliss. I remember thinking its almost as if i had been asleep my whole life and i finally woke up and actually lived. I lived without the element of fear just pure love. It was amazing and I experienced it while I was away from home. When I got back and started seeing how everyone else was at such a low state of awareness i distanced myself so that I wouldn’t get dragged back down to such low states of consciousness but it didn’t work there was such bad energy around me that it gradually sucked me back down to their f*cked up reality and im still trying to find away to get back there again. Solitude is not always bad, its where I found myself so im thinking maybe I just need some alone time and shut everything out so I can focus on the soul. I’ll let you know if it works :) but hey you’re definitely not alone.

Alex (14) (@imjustdifferent) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

@stephgarcia84, yes alone time is indeed good but you must find the right balance between the matrix of the narrow minded matrix of the left brain and the all creative right side of the brain. Also you cannot point fingers and blame because since YOU ARE in the matrix of the mind all these friends of yours are actually YOUS that you cannot accept. Acceptance is the MAIN ingredient to enlightenment.

Alex (14) (@imjustdifferent) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

@i4cim2b, hmm i can totally feel that you are coming from the same source as me. How strong is your belief in the eternal?

Alex (14) (@imjustdifferent) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

@lexovix, thanks a lot for the unique perspective Phil. Perhaps a female partner can accelerate true oneness since i’ll have to learn to fully accept someone else. I considered this before i am just afraid of being heartbroken lol because i truly know how to love and i am sure that the average female in the U.S does not and especially in NY. The things is that i believe i never had an authentic relationship with anyone. I never fully accepted a friend and i never fully accepted a girl. No i am not a virgin, and i did have robot sex plenty of times lmao

Alex (63) (@alexsabus) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

Your mind, body and soul need time to cope with the state of pure enlightenment. You will go back to your ego, self many times before you are actually enlightened. What you have experienced are glimpses of enlightenment. You must not get attached to this state, it will just make you more depressed. You must take these states of joy and sadness etc.. as just experiences and let it flow through you.

Anonymous (57) (@) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

A heart break here or there can really help out, allows much easier appreciation of what you have, when you have what it is you want.
Just need to change gears every now and again, slow it down, enjoy moments, if time was to end, immortality ticks over, could you spend that kind of lifetime with just that girl, endlessly sharing the adventure together;
Or would she drive you insane, or would you be looking for more?

All I can really say is, you would surely be switched enough to place yourself in another persons shoes; The above is my mindset for my partner, even whilst still acknowledging that if disease takes her first, or should she choose to move onto another story, I will still be happy enough living with my own thoughts to still survive and finish my lifes story and works without, too much, anguish.

It’s a pretty curious balance of thoughts.
Either way, just smile and let the flow of life show you some cool shit.

LVX (297) (@Vovinawol) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

Maybe this state is a personal thing. Can we really enlighten another?

i4c1m2b (70) (@i4CiM2B) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

@imjustdifferent, How strong is my belief in the eternal? I’d have to say it’s gone beyond belief into the realm of knowing. Of course many would say that it is not possible to know these sorts of things. Now that is a belief, based on another belief that you cannot know something that you can’t provide physical evidence to verify what you claim to know. In essence, they want you to provide physical evidence of a non-physical reality. This is generally not possible. Russian scientists have some developments in this area by using photographic equipment which can photograph energies that appear in all living things and claim to have photograph the soul in an out of body state after the individuals death. Other evidence comes from the reports of people who have had near death experiences. Skeptic will claim these to be hallucinogenic events caused by chemical releases in the brain. Dr. Eben Alexander who has been practicing microsurgery for 25 years and had supported the chemical theory until he had his own near death experience which you can learn more about at the links below.



Adam Reno (11) (@arkretz) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

@imjustdifferent, @stephgarcia84 I feel as though I am in a similar position to the both of you. In general terms I at a certain point became enlightened, during this period of time I seemed to see things quite clearly. I was able to not be bothered or bogged down by things that had once held me back. Examples being nervousness, fear of rejection, fear of mistakes. I became more open minded and aware. I am now in a stage of my life following that enlightenment where I like you find myself falling into cycles that are not helpful that are not beneficial, that are quite vicious. They are brought on often by doubt, anxiety, and negative thinking. (Again I am speaking in general terms as I suppose all of us must in order to not write a novel in the comments.) But I to have fallen into the finding instant gratification to be my only relief. That can take form in any number of ways food, drugs, tv, movies, porn, gambling insightful information, even this posting on this website. I eagerly clicked this link to see if I would find a solution that would solve my predicament as well. One that would click in my head instantly.

Now I ask what are you doing? What are you doing with your time? What does your inner self say you should do? must do? When you indulge and fall into negative behavior what are you not doing? What opportunities are you not seeking out? What avenues have you not gone done? Do you find yourself avoiding things because they are difficult or uncomfortable or seemingly insurmountable?

Words of wisdom are beautiful, but they get nothing done.

I am eager to hear your responses for then maybe we all can benefit. I feel as though action and determination through necessary difficulties is maybe the only way to truly become more.

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